OVERDUE: 3 Ways To Wear Your Scarf

Many guys have asked me how to wear their scarf, and I’m finally displaying 3 options.

First start off by folding your scarf from a square to a triangle, then choose from one the styles below:

The Basic.
To achieve this look simply drape the scarf around your neck and tie in the back.

The Side Knot.
To achieve this look, drape the scarf around your neck and the tie the scarf in the back, but as you’re tying the scarf bring the knot to the front of your shoulder, then loosely tie it again. At this point you can arrange the scarf to look similar to the picture above.

The Modified Basic.

Tie this scarf like you tie “The Basic”, but much looser. And after its tied fold the pointed end under, then slightly mold the scarf to look like the picture above.

There are other ways to tie a scarf, but these are 3 easy to do options. You can purchase a scarf here. *Special thanks to my friend Julian who got dragged into this spur of the moment quicky “photoshoot” in midtown Atlanta.

*The “scarf” above is not meant to reflect any religion, race, or creed. It’s called “scarf” and is used as a “scarf” in fashion worldwide and in most english-speaking countries. The Urban Gentleman apologizes if this offends you, please feel free to look away or scroll down if these photos are unbecoming to you.
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  1. Great blog, loving all the posts. But in actuality these are called “shemags” and are worn for a reason. My advice to all the men out there is to KNOW WHAT YOU’RE WEARING!

  2. nice blog!

  3. FINALLY, thanks Jacinda- I asked you about this about 2 months ago.. better late than never.

  4. How do you feel about dudes that wear them on their heads. I live in DC and I see a lot guys out here who where them on their heads.

    And umm. How I can become an urban gentleman model? lol

  5. Im with antonio- HOW CAN I BE A URBAN GENT MODEL? lol.

  6. What about “real” scarfs? You know the long rectangular shaped ones?

  7. robotsandskateboards

    Hmm I wish you posted up some more ways to tie a scarf.

    Hit me up if you can so you can help me with more imaginative ways =]

  8. this dude looks familiar…. Cool pics. I REALLY like the one in the middle, the best. Thanks, great Jacinda!


  10. thank you, this was very helpful indeed

  11. I love this blog. The photos, the people, the topics, i love it. haha. this is an awesome accessory, and it does make you a true UrbanGent. Thanks guys, i look forward to your next post

  12. The first one is the best

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