Black & White: Dolce & Gabbana ‘Vintage’ Bags

And the manbag still rocks on… :-).

professional D&G, $725
casually cool D&G, $1140

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  1. I still am NOT a fan of manbags. I think they’re for…

  2. I like the black one.

  3. I like the black one. I am a fan of the man bag if it looks good. You want something that is stylish and professional.
    But it looks like it serves a purpose besides being fashionable.

  4. Manbags are not a luxury these days but rather a necessity. Men carry a LOT of stuff besides wallets. Phones, ipods, books, and a few other things should not be jammed down in pockets. Viva La Murse!

  5. SkippyPeanutButterinDC

    I like the white one and I’m definitely a manbag fan…Why do some people think that men don’t need bags? Like we don’t have things to carry.

  6. JUst silly cultural bias, Skippy. The bible says Jesus disciples carried a purse. Ha Ha!

  7. I just bought that manbag today ( the white one)
    and i really love it, a man needs a bag these days,
    cause we take a lot with us , iphone/sidekick,ipod,cigarettes,drinks,etc.

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