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Put a Ring On it: Rings for Men

Rings- the one men’s accessory that continues to go in and out and in and out of style– except for wedding rings (band) or superbowl rings- those will NEVER be out.

Let’s see I would guess pre the 70s the were mostly out, in the 70s they were sorta in if you were a wanna be pimp of sorts or a hippie, early 80s out, mid to late 80s all the way to the early 90s very very in, in the mid to late 90s it was all about bling, so things like blinged out pinky rings were in, then once 2000 came around less became more… theeen a very tad in 2007, bit more in 2008, and now in 2009 rings have become cool again due to the incredible 80s/90s hiphop inspiration that seems to be influencing everyone from couture designers to mainstream retailers.

Personally, with the exception of wedding bands, championship rings, and maybe a ring that has a specific meaning (ex: it was your dads or grandpas, or it symbolizes something etc) , I don’t like rings on men… just like I don’t like loop earrings on men- its unnecessary and too feminine. But obviously there are exceptions to every rule, and if you can pull it off then by all means- rock on.

I did a very quick search of rings for men, and I found a few rings that are sorta rad and I think the right guy can easily pull these off:

(Surface to air ring) Three finger ring, $98 (oaknyc)

(Surface to air ring) Graduate/helmut ring, $236 (oaknyc)

Steel ring with spinning chain, $21.99 (justmensrings)

Horseshoe ring, $33.44 (justmensrings)

Steel recesses ring, $21.99 (justmensrings)

(Vane NY) 2-finger brass knuckle ring, $80

Sterling Silver 2 ring finger, $40.99 (vistabella)

The main thing that men should remember when wearing a ring– less is more. You know how some girls may have four or five rings on at a time (depending on the look they’re going for)? yeah, well guys shouldn’t do it… One ring at a time unless for some reason 2 in necessary. Usually, in my opinion, a man should never wear more than 2 rings. (but there obviously are exceptions to the rule :-)

Vintage Kicks: Airwalk 540 PROTOTYPE

Skater kids, look up… the old school 540s are back.

Airwalk has 4 styles being re-released this year, January- Desert Boots, April- 540 Prototype, and 2 more on the way… I’m thinking you may want to try to cop atleast one pair.

And the winner is….

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We had just about 100 submissions to the Men’s Wearhouse Give-a-way, via email and post comments.

At first I was going to let you all vote on the top three, then I realized its very easy to continue to vote for the same person over and over, soooo I chose 3 (listed below) and then I had 7 associates vote on their favorite.

Okay, well actually the top 3 submissions are pretty long… so, if you’re really interested to know just ask and I’ll tell, but all 4 of the guys wrote below the contest post, but I think 2 of them sent me emails to expound upon what they had written.

Ricky, Fiyero, MichaelSkye, and Bobby (top 4).

And when it came down to it- Michael Skye won with his recession friendly wardrobe choice… it basically focused around classic vintage pieces -or- if you had the budget well-fitted designer suit (and he even gave examples of what his date would wear). (he’s a graduating senior from Georgia). Congratulations :-)

Visit for more prom help. They even have a section in which you can build a tuxedo.

80s Baby: Reebok Reborn

I got word of Reebok’s Spring 2009 collection months ago. I heard it was cool, but never really got around to seeing what it was about– how the shoes looked and so on. Today, I aimlessly discovered the photos of their collection that until today- had just been taking up space on my hard drive.
And to Reebok I say- Bravo, way to take today’s fashion culture by the reigns and completely upgrade. There collection is what alot of big shoe brands should do– modernize. Creative Recs sort of have a monopoly on this certain market niche and I’m sure they’re loving it, but there’s nothing wrong with good ole competition– it keeps fresh ideas-a-coming. Now, don’t get me wrong- I don’t think everyone should suddenly began to make boldly patterned and brightly colored shoes, by all means stay true to your brand. BUT, there’s nothing wrong with introducing one collection, or atleast a few kicks that will leave the M.I.A and Kanye West of the world wanting more.

Unfortunately many of these were/are limited editions that have already sold out, but you can still find many of the main styles… oh, and did I mention… these are women’s shoes. Usually, I would never prompt a male to purchase shoes designed for a woman, buuuuuut these are kinda fly and I think guys can certaintly pull them off. (just don’t buy the pink ones).


Simply stated, these kicks are fly.

PF Flyers SportsShu.
The reissue style from the 1940s.

retails at $160.

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