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“Fan Mail”: Prom

Hey J(acinda),

Thanks for writing an in depth guide on prom. Thank you so much. I appreciate it. I wore a white suit with a pink vest and a zebra tie. I even won best dressed thanks to your advice! I just want to thank you again. As long as you keep writing blog. I will keep on reading them and spreading the word about your blog. Thanks again!

your Louisiana friend,



I’m always delighted when I get these type emails– its very cool, and it makes my day. As long as I can help one person look a lil‘ bit flyer, I’m happy. Geeeez tho *blush* he won best dressed- love it! Lol. (everybody may not be able to pull off a white suit, pink vest, and zebra tie though :-)

So, if you need prom help check out the guide.

If you need funds for to help buy a suit/tux enter the contest. (I’ve gotten alot of cool ones via email- keep them coming)

Check out Men’s Wearhouse Prom Website.

The Fray Covers Heartless by. Kanye West

Check out this video I stumbled upon.

Is it just me or does this possibly (just possibly) sound better than the original. Well, it just really works- very smooth.

Inspire Me: Black & White Flashbacks

click to enlarge, drag to desktop, and make it your new screensaver.

Prom Giveway: $100 Men’s Wearhouse Giftcard

We’re in a recession. Enough said.

Ok ok okay, back up, so we’re in a recession and many people are struggling a bit more than usual, so for YOUR convenience The Urban Gentleman is going to giveaway a $100 Men’s Wearhouse Giftcard just to make life a tad easier for those young gents preparing for prom and other special occassions. (Dads and older brothers- this would be great to win for your son, or little bro or even nephew. )

To enter to win, simply…

1. reply to this posting by telling me what you think is the perfect male prom attire
2. if you haven’t already, subscribe to The Urban Gentleman
3. and visit

(when leaving comment, be sure to enter a valid email address in the slot, if you don’t feel safe leaving it there then email me the address and a copy of your comment-

A friend of mine went to and created a prom, and he invited me!– join us as we swag surf at The Urban Gentleman Prom :-)

Need some Prom/Special Occassion help? Check out The Prom Guide.

Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens

I had plans on this being a 2 week giveaway, but that seems a bit excessive since a good portion of you younger gents have prom in about 2-4 weeks. So let’s make this a one week thing- so it ends next Saturday, April 18th. 7 days to enter to win $100 Giftcard to Men’s Wearhouse. Winner will be announced Monday morning- you’ll have, hmmm… 48hrs to claim the prize, then after that I’m giving it to my little sisters prom date, naw I’m kiddin- I’ll give it to the next person, then the next… oh, and basically whoever has the best answer wins. I was just going to have about 5-9 fashion-forward associates choose their favorite, but I’m thinking it’ll be more fun if I (with the help of associates/friends) choose my favorite 3 answers. Then on Sunday or Monday I’ll post them and you all choose your favorite one- and by 12:01 whoever has the most votes wins. Am I doing too much, hmmmm, idk… but let’s just see how this goes.

The Men’s Wearhouse is not a sponsor or co-sponsor of any contest on this site involving gift cards. Please refer to reverse of gift card for terms and conditions of use.

Don’t Drop the Soap: Best Soap Bars for Men (Top 10 List)

Some people just like good ole’ fashion soap bars… and here’s the best…
Tom Ford, $18

This cleansing bar seems to be making its way to every gentleman’s shower- the soap smells great, lasts, and has been highly rated since its release.

Bliss Mammoth Minty Scrub Soap, $18
Supposedly the currently most wanted big bar soap, mainly b/c of its ability to scrub.

Anthony Logistics For Men Glycerin Cleansing Bar, $8.50
100% vegetable-based with natural ingredients to
promote healthy skin.

Dove Beauty Bar, $1.35
Nope, it’s not just for women. Many men swear by Dove

The Art of Shaving Tangerine Body Soap, $18
Cleans, purifies and moisturizes with Tangerine essential oil, high in Vitamin C from California, and Kokum butter to nourish and revitalize the skin

Musgo Real Men’s Body Soap, $6.00
Developed for the aristocracy, this men’s soaps has been handmade and stamped in Portugal since 1887. One of the most popular soap amongst real men.

Sexy For Men Soap Bar, $5.00
A new vegan soap to try.

Molton Brown Moisture Rich Aloe & Palm Body Bar, $22
The “multi-tasker soap”- perfect for face, body, and creates the the perfect foam for a great shave. Contains shea butter, aloe vera, palm oil and pure essential oils.

Zest, $1.99 (3 bars)
There’s nothing like being zestfully clean.

Anthony Logistics For Men Mud Scrub Exfoliating Bar, $12.50
Deep Cleansing. A portion of the proceeds from the sale of this product is donated to prostate cancer research.

Other Good Brands: Old Spice, Sharps Happy Me All Over (sold out everywhere though), Irish Green, Palms Cocoa Butter Soap (and Shea Butter Soap).
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