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80s Baby: Reebok Reborn

I got word of Reebok’s Spring 2009 collection months ago. I heard it was cool, but never really got around to seeing what it was about– how the shoes looked and so on. Today, I aimlessly discovered the photos of their collection that until today- had just been taking up space on my hard drive.
And to Reebok I say- Bravo, way to take today’s fashion culture by the reigns and completely upgrade. There collection is what alot of big shoe brands should do– modernize. Creative Recs sort of have a monopoly on this certain market niche and I’m sure they’re loving it, but there’s nothing wrong with good ole competition– it keeps fresh ideas-a-coming. Now, don’t get me wrong- I don’t think everyone should suddenly began to make boldly patterned and brightly colored shoes, by all means stay true to your brand. BUT, there’s nothing wrong with introducing one collection, or atleast a few kicks that will leave the M.I.A and Kanye West of the world wanting more.

Unfortunately many of these were/are limited editions that have already sold out, but you can still find many of the main styles… oh, and did I mention… these are women’s shoes. Usually, I would never prompt a male to purchase shoes designed for a woman, buuuuuut these are kinda fly and I think guys can certaintly pull them off. (just don’t buy the pink ones).


Simply stated, these kicks are fly.

PF Flyers SportsShu.
The reissue style from the 1940s.

retails at $160.

“Fan Mail”: Prom

Hey J(acinda),

Thanks for writing an in depth guide on prom. Thank you so much. I appreciate it. I wore a white suit with a pink vest and a zebra tie. I even won best dressed thanks to your advice! I just want to thank you again. As long as you keep writing blog. I will keep on reading them and spreading the word about your blog. Thanks again!

your Louisiana friend,



I’m always delighted when I get these type emails– its very cool, and it makes my day. As long as I can help one person look a lil‘ bit flyer, I’m happy. Geeeez tho *blush* he won best dressed- love it! Lol. (everybody may not be able to pull off a white suit, pink vest, and zebra tie though :-)

So, if you need prom help check out the guide.

If you need funds for to help buy a suit/tux enter the contest. (I’ve gotten alot of cool ones via email- keep them coming)

Check out Men’s Wearhouse Prom Website.

The Fray Covers Heartless by. Kanye West

Check out this video I stumbled upon.

Is it just me or does this possibly (just possibly) sound better than the original. Well, it just really works- very smooth.

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