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Throwback: OUTKAST, ROSA PARKS… “ahh-haa hush that fuss…”

Remember this video, aww the memories, gotta love it…

Urban Gent Health Corner: Morning Boost, Bolthouse Farm Drinks

in my refrigerator, Green Goodness and Berry Boost

One of my friends has the hardest time getting up in the mornings, he noticed that I have alot of energy and wanted to know what my “secret” was– I told him there was no real secret, but I do have a few things I drink or take to make getting up less of a task…

To have more energy….

– take Vitamin C each morning (taking the Gummy kind makes this really easy:-)
– take a Centrum Multi-Vitamin
– drink tea, green tea is usually best
– try your hardest to get 8 hours of sleep, obviously this is easier said than done

Also, when I find myself feeling groggy I drink Bolthouse Farms Berry Boost, this drink is packed with nutrients and antioxidants so after drinking it, you will almost instantly feel more energized and healthy.

Bolthouse Farms has a series of drinks that I love- my favorites Berry Boost, Green Goodness, Perfectly Protein (Mocha Cappuccino), and C-Boost. Green Goodness is just a really healthy drink, good to just drink throughout the week. C-Boost is another drink that gives you a boost, it contains lots of Vitamin C. Perfectly Protein is packed with protein and is very tasty, but it’s not a good morning drink because it weighs you down some– it’s actually a good drink for guys before or after workouts since it has whey protein (helps you to gain healthy weight). The Bolthouse Farms drinks are usually found on the fruit/vegetable aisle, they’re all natural with no sugar added. And different stores will have different varieties, to see the complete list go to their website.

Also, alot of my friends and family use the following to maintain healthy energized lives:

Garlic Supplements
Omega 3

Check out the Health Corner for more information and to order these vitamins.

This morning routine has helped a few of my friends both male and female, so try it out. And feel free to give your advice on overcoming “morning grogginess”.

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