Prom Giveway: $100 Men’s Wearhouse Giftcard

We’re in a recession. Enough said.

Ok ok okay, back up, so we’re in a recession and many people are struggling a bit more than usual, so for YOUR convenience The Urban Gentleman is going to giveaway a $100 Men’s Wearhouse Giftcard just to make life a tad easier for those young gents preparing for prom and other special occassions. (Dads and older brothers- this would be great to win for your son, or little bro or even nephew. )

To enter to win, simply…

1. reply to this posting by telling me what you think is the perfect male prom attire
2. if you haven’t already, subscribe to The Urban Gentleman
3. and visit

(when leaving comment, be sure to enter a valid email address in the slot, if you don’t feel safe leaving it there then email me the address and a copy of your comment-

A friend of mine went to and created a prom, and he invited me!– join us as we swag surf at The Urban Gentleman Prom :-)

Need some Prom/Special Occassion help? Check out The Prom Guide.

Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens

I had plans on this being a 2 week giveaway, but that seems a bit excessive since a good portion of you younger gents have prom in about 2-4 weeks. So let’s make this a one week thing- so it ends next Saturday, April 18th. 7 days to enter to win $100 Giftcard to Men’s Wearhouse. Winner will be announced Monday morning- you’ll have, hmmm… 48hrs to claim the prize, then after that I’m giving it to my little sisters prom date, naw I’m kiddin- I’ll give it to the next person, then the next… oh, and basically whoever has the best answer wins. I was just going to have about 5-9 fashion-forward associates choose their favorite, but I’m thinking it’ll be more fun if I (with the help of associates/friends) choose my favorite 3 answers. Then on Sunday or Monday I’ll post them and you all choose your favorite one- and by 12:01 whoever has the most votes wins. Am I doing too much, hmmmm, idk… but let’s just see how this goes.

The Men’s Wearhouse is not a sponsor or co-sponsor of any contest on this site involving gift cards. Please refer to reverse of gift card for terms and conditions of use.

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  1. The perfect prom attire is simple.

    It’s all about keeping it simple.
    Black and white. Black Ralph Lauren purple label suit, white shirt, black euro tie. Ferragomo or Stacy Adam black and white wing tip shoes.

  2. Joseph and Feiss white dinner jacket, black pleated dress slacks from brooks brothers, white shirt, black bow tie, black and white spectator shoes,wear a belt (pull your pants up!!!) reader glasses, gold watch, a nice shape up or hair cut and some cologne.

  3. Can’t go wrong with black and white..
    White Joseph and Feiss dinner jacket, White Wing collar shirt, black cuff links, black bow tie, black pleated dress pants from brooks brothers, BLACK BELT(PULL YOUR PANTS UP…) black and white spectator shoes. gold watch, reader glasses, shape up, or hair cut, little spray of cologne.

  4. black tux, white tie, black bow or necktie, black patent leathers…maybe a red pocket square

  5. One word: Canali.

    From head to toe.

  6. (i’ll resend to your email).

    You’re from the south right? So you’ll understand.

    Take it back- mid 90s. Zoot zuit. pinstripe, black and white, black and white shoes, black shirt, white tie, and a red pocket square to boot.

    My date will be rocking a bad ass red dress, 80s/9os inspired to match me.

    Hands down i have the flyest submission yet.

  7. cant go wrong with the skinny tie…
    a nice gray suit that fits and a black skinny tie to go with it… also black shoes

  8. I say Be you.

    That’s the correct attire.

    So whether its a tuxedo, a designer pinstripe suit, or bright skinny jeans, blazer, and fly kicks.

    Be comfortable and have fun- these memories will be with you always.






  10. THE PERFECT MALE PROM ATTIRE should (for the most part) abide with formal black tie rules. Nobody wants to wear an outfit that they will regret years later. So let’s keep it classy and fresh.

    -Christian Dior Shawl Lapel White Dinner Jacket (tailored!)
    -Tailored black tuxedo pants (should be hemmed to perfection–with a slight break at the shoe)
    -Tuxedo Shirt: 1/2″ pleats with Laydown Collar and French Cuffs.
    – Black freestyle (self-tie) bowtie (when prom’s coming to a close, the urban gent ALWAYS wants to be the one with his bowtie undone; looking fresh to death like George Clooney in Ocean’s 11)
    – Black patent leather formal oxford lace-ups
    – Black cummerbund
    – Black suspenders (in accordance with black tie rules)
    -White mother of pearl or diamond studs and cufflinks (the urban gentleman stands out from the rest with these little subtleties).
    -Pocket Square: this is where the urban gent adds some flair–go black for a classic look or match your date if you feel like bending the rules!
    -Red Boutonniere (something about the red flower with the white dinner jacket makes it oh-so classy; don’t include this if you have a colorful pocket square!)
    -Thin, streamlined, classic black timepiece

    I believe this outfit allows you to stand out, look classy and fresh, and abide to black-tie rules all at the same time!

  11. Stephen Williams

    damn, to the guy above- he's in it to win it.

    i know alot of dudes are probably sending this to your email, i'll do both (just for emphasis).

    this is how im gonna do it, url links:

    classic 100%:
    armani suit
    ferragamo shoes


  12. This is the perfect example of how one could confuse fashion and style…. on a recession budget, keep it clean, simple and elegant. There’s no need to go after labels.

    I’d keep costs down and wear a simple black tux, black shirt, cheap vintage 70s big black bowtie, vintage (aka used,battered, sexy) snakeskin loafers.

    any kind of urban gentleman would stand out distinguishably in all black.

  13. Sean "Mr.LA" Srdeski

    i have one that trumps all this- i’ll send it to you. too cool to be seen by everyone, i dont want people stealing my ideas. the cat is in the bag, you might as well send that right on to cali. (to me).

  14. I’ll send mine via email.

    Basically Ralph Lauren.

  15. I agree with the guy who said we’re in a recession. I would honestly, take it to a vintage store and thrift store and have at it. How “vogue” would it be to make it completely classic and do american vintage.

    coolest thing ever.

    Let me think about the specifics, but that would be best for this year.

  16. I’m in college and I know that not I nor other guys my age would want to wear a tux if we could go back to our prom night.

    I think a perfect prom male attire consists of:

    – a solid black or thin-pinstriped black single breasted two-buttoned coat because we all want to look slimmer and more fit. A problem with most guys and their prom suit is that they always buy one or two sizes too large so the coat should be tight but not bursting. I would probably get it double vented since a prom night entails a lot of sitting up and down and possibly driving. The fabric should be something light and breathable like linen or cotton

    – a white slim shirt, no pockets, nothing shiny(preferably something light- piqué cotton), freshly pressed so that it’s clean and crisp, pointed collar but not too big. Sleeves should be long enough that they reach the narrowest point of the hand(base of the thumb. Depending on the guy either cuff links or regular buttons

    – vest…now I’m not a big fan but for some guys it may keep the slim appearance even when sitting down at the table or if the temperature is too hot for the coat. Vest should of course match the blazer and pants(never button the top button since it mess up the tie)

    – the pants should be slim but that does not mean skinny as with jeans. Lengthwise they should have one break right on the shoe and should just be a little longer than your leg when barefoot.

    – I would definitely go with a black skinny tie or be more obnoxious and match my tie/pocket square with my date’s dress. What I always see is short guys wearing these humongously wide ties that just accentuate their height. everyone should stay away from flashy colours but that doesn’t mean stick to the boring average joe tie

    – regarding shoes it should definitely be a black shoe, nothing pointy or with a big sole.

    probably the closest to what I would like to wear to a prom is

  17. I’m emailing…

  18. In my opinion the perfect prom tux is one that would look good on anyone who wore it. Keep it simple and classic. Prom is basically like a black tie affair, Its not a quinceanera* wearing a lot of colors is tacky. In my opinion this is my ideal prom tuxedo.

    Wear a White wide collared french cuffed dress shirt and get it tailored to fit your own unique body type.

    Use a self tie black velvet bow tie. wear one thats slightly bigger than normal but not too big, from what i understand big bow ties are whats “in” again but I don’t believe it should be worn for prom. And wear a black cummerbund.

    Get a simple black stone or mother of pearl cuff links. Try not to get anything to fancy, the cuff link is supposed to be something that compliments your out fit not its main focus.

    Wear black hemmed dress pants and wear black dress socks.

    Your shoes should be black oxford style polished leather dress shoes.

    The pocket square should be white or if you really think you can pull it off a black with white polka dot pocket square would compliment your outfit perfectly

    Should you wear a boutonniere make sure it matches your dates dress. If you have no date a white or red one would like nice.

    You should wear a simple regular faced( Im not sure of the technical term) watch with a leather band not metal! your not going deep sea diving.

    And as for the jacket, I would wear a Black shawl lapelled one button tuxedo. Get it tailored to fit and make sure the sleeves are tailored to just barely show a half of an inch of your cuff.

  19. I had both my little brothers and cousin send submissions, they have prom at the end of May. Be on the look out for a sudden influx, and I think they told their friends so you’ll get about 15 emails by the end of the day.

    Thanks Jacinda, this giveaway is really nice.

  20. hey jacinda, i just wanted to let you know that my entire class sent in submissions, my teacher Mr.Casey actually reads your blog (he’s about 26) ad he had us all enter ( he even gave us extra credit!)

    some of the guys may be late, but you should get atleast 30 emails.

    also, you think you can come to our class and give us guys some pointers.. I don’t know how often your in Georgia, but we’d love to have you. I think Mr.Casey is suppose to send you an email.

  21. Best thing to do is go with a either gray or black colored tux with a little luster, and a matching bowtie or tie that matches with your dates dress (if you have one).

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