Courtside Cool: 2009 NBA Playoffs, Lil Wayne, Jay Z, Seal

I’m curious to see who’s going to win the championship…. I’m guessing LeBron and the Cavaliers. Yes I’m a Hawks fan, buuut I’m not in denial, lol, LeBron is pretty unstoppable. I’m just hoping we can win atleast one game against them (crossing my fingers for tonight’s game). Last year I was for the Celtics (after the Hawks of course), they won, and I’m pretty sure this is the Cavaliers year to win it all….

Check out some of the photos from the last few games,
who do you think has the best court side style?

Luke Wilson and Pete Sampras

Steph Jones and Jordin Sparks

David Arquette
Nice touch with the purple and yellow shoes.

Leonardo DiCaprio and Anthony Kiedis

Jeezy, T.I., and Nelly

Diddy, Jay-Z’s nephew, Jay-Z

Lil Wayne

Luis Scola#4 shoots the ball over Derek Fisher #2,
Lamar Odom #7, and Pau Gasol #16

Hmmm, perhaps this is how an urban gentleman should dress at all times, even at sporting events, lol… but seriously he looks very simplistically dapper.

Nelly and Jermaine Dupri

Maurice Evans #1 dunking.

Jay-Z and Diddy
They both actually look a bit sloppy to me, but I do like both their jackets and shades.

My pick… Steph Jones.
Very casual yet stylish.

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  1. David Arquette and Seal are my pick

    Steph Jones is good too tho.

  2. Seal and Steph Jones

  3. I like the stylings of Steph, Nelly (sans the fatigue shorts), and T.I.

  4. Seal

  5. What is Jay doin wit his hair these days. What happen? Get a shape up or something.

    I like Seal, but Steph Jones I like the shirt, classic books. And i am a big fan of fedora’s

  6. Jacinda Thomas

    lol antonio! i was thinking the SAME thing… i have no idea what jay is doing with his hair, but i do know he needs to get it cut. he doesnt have the face or style to do the unkempt kanye west 808s and heartbreak thing.

    he needs to stick to the lowcut ceasers…

  7. i thought arquette was pretty clean…

  8. love this post. keep it going

  9. Jacinda Thomas

    i think arquette is clean too.

    he looks very david beckham-ish to me in this photo b/c i can definitely see david in those clothes.

  10. Anthony and flea, that’s my favorite pic. So random.

  11. i like Leonardo DiCaprio cause he has a University of Rhode Island hat on lol

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