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Courtside Cool: 2009 NBA Playoffs, Lil Wayne, Jay Z, Seal

I’m curious to see who’s going to win the championship…. I’m guessing LeBron and the Cavaliers. Yes I’m a Hawks fan, buuut I’m not in denial, lol, LeBron is pretty unstoppable. I’m just hoping we can win atleast one game against them (crossing my fingers for tonight’s game). Last year I was for the Celtics (after the Hawks of course), they won, and I’m pretty sure this is the Cavaliers year to win it all….

Check out some of the photos from the last few games,
who do you think has the best court side style?

Luke Wilson and Pete Sampras

Steph Jones and Jordin Sparks

David Arquette
Nice touch with the purple and yellow shoes.

Leonardo DiCaprio and Anthony Kiedis

Jeezy, T.I., and Nelly

Diddy, Jay-Z’s nephew, Jay-Z

Lil Wayne

Luis Scola#4 shoots the ball over Derek Fisher #2,
Lamar Odom #7, and Pau Gasol #16

Hmmm, perhaps this is how an urban gentleman should dress at all times, even at sporting events, lol… but seriously he looks very simplistically dapper.

Nelly and Jermaine Dupri

Maurice Evans #1 dunking.

Jay-Z and Diddy
They both actually look a bit sloppy to me, but I do like both their jackets and shades.

My pick… Steph Jones.
Very casual yet stylish.

Men’s Style: 2009 Men’s Spring Summer Fashion Guide

Long time overdue. I’ve probably gotten an email a day asking me to post up information on what I think you guys should wear for the spring and summer… this should have been posted in late February/ early March, buuut its cool because global warming has many of us still feeling winter on certain days… spring on others… there have been days in Atlanta and NYC in which I felt like I experienced every season and type of of weather within ONE week…. But anyway, we have about another 5 (maybe 6) warm months to look forward to and my list of spring/summer looks will have you guys fully prepared. (<—- I wrote that in April, geeez I really don’t why I procrastinated with this article, lol… anyway its here, yay!)

2009 Men’s Spring Summer Fashion Trends

*Clodhopper: Farmer’s Delight

There’s nothing more refreshing than seeing Americans go back to the basics. Focusing on simplicity and ease, the “Farmer’s Delight” look is the spring version of the blue-collar worker... but instead of dressing like you’re working in factories and coal mines you dress like you’re about to plow the cornfields.

Get the Look: Plaids, gingham, stripes. plain tanks, suspenders, rolled up jeans and sleeves, khakis and cords, fedoras, grandpa reader glasses… combining rustic colors and bold solids work best.

Designers for this look: Paul Smith, Junya Watanabe, Z Zegna

*Retro Bandstand

Wayfarers, band jackets, and ripped jeans- its time to party, let’s Rock n Roll! Retro Bandstand is a mixture of the 50s/60s and 80s… think James Dean “Rebel without a Cause” meets Michael Jackson “Thriller” plus a bit more… let’s add The Beatles in the mix too.

Get the Look: Alot of denim- ripped and worn, retro glasses, basic shirts and basic color combinations mixed with overly glamed or basic band jackets. Everything you wear should be well fitted.

Designers for this look: Gucci, True Religion, BBC

*Pale Ambitions: Spring’s Monochromatic

Earlier this year I wrote about the monochromatic trend that has been showing up in many designer collections over the past 3 seasons -and- upon trendsetting stars. Well, Spring’s Monochromatic seems to revolve around 3 main colors: khaki, grey, and white. Keeping it clean and simple for spring is the high-fashion thing to do.

Get the Look: Flat front pants, light blazers, windbreakers that look like baseball jackets, basic tees, man capris (lol, sounds sort of funny to say that), and skinny ties. To take this look to another level pair your khaki/grey/white with a pastel sorbet color (ex. pink, green, yellow.)

Designers: Calvin Klein, Alexander McQueen, Lacoste

Lackadaisical Fella+

“You look like you don’t care, yet your work is impeccable.” That’s what people will say when you rock this look. This is the new-baggy… no it’s not gangsterish instead it’s care-free and beggarly. It’s all about seemingly oversized clothes that may leave some mistaking you for being destitute (but don’t worry it’s only a mistake).

Get the Look: Harem pants, exaggerated cardigans, loose fitting button-ups, and wide leg trousers. This trend can be best accomplished with visiting your local thrift store- just one visit to a Salvation Army and you’ll atleast have 2 articles of clothing to rock.

Designers: Junya Watanabe, Bottega Veneta, Burberry Prorsum

Mr. America+

Barack Obama has inspired us all. He has even inspired people who have, well, completely hated America for atleast 8 odd years to have hope in the US of A once again. Many designers have candidly said that Mr.President has had alot to do with their design choices these days, some even creating logos based upon their renewed since of patriotism (i.e Justin Timberlake/William Rast). The point is– we’re proud. So rockin‘ red, white, and blue has Neeever felt sooo good.

Get the Look: loafers with no-socks, ray-ban clubmasters, polos, leather goods (belts, shoes, watches, murses/manbags ), canvas shoes, khakis, baseball jackets, you should always look like you’re about to go sailing or to a barbecue.

Designers: Ralph Lauren, Marc Jacobs, Michael Kors

Technically Polished

Some people are tired of the bold bright colors and seemingly random pairing of styles from opposing decades. Their answer: Technically Polished. This look is Exactly how it sounds… hair should be perfect, facial hair well-groomed, suits perfectly fitted, obvious matching, and very clean straight-line silhouettes.

Get the Look: Keep it simple. Nicely fitted blazers and suits, satin ties, loafers and lace-ups, light colored button-ups, and white pocket squares. Combine black with a light neutral color.

Designers: Tommy Hilfiger, Louis Vuitton

* original Urban Gentleman trends inspired.

Best Designer for this Seasons Trends:
Band of Outsiders

They cleverly combined many of this seasons freshest looks: Mr. America, Clodhopper, Retro Bandstand all covered, and they even used Charles Hamilton in their ads to boot!
(DSqaured came in a close second, followed by Gucci.)

Best Star to watch for this seasons Trends:
I Hate to be soo cliche, but Kanye West.
Well, no I can’t say him because it’s way to cliche’ so I’ll say,
Zac Efron.
(And to be honest they’re both neck and neck…
with a slight edge to Zac because he just seems so amazingly cool.)

Whether he’s premiering a movie or cruising around Hollywood with girlfriend Vanessa Hugdens, Zac Efron is always sporting the latest trends.

Must-haves for the Spring/Summer:

– plaid shirt
– wayfarers or the modified wayfarer (aka “the lady gaga glasses)
– jean jacket or light weight baseball jacket
– canvas shoes
– worn or ripped jeans
– a pack of quality white tees
– gold jewelry is still hot on the scene
– consider putting a “ring on it” with a silver knuckle ring

The thing I love most about these trends- they’re RECESSION PROOF. Over half of these trends can easily be created by simply taking a trip to your own closet… perhaps depending on your closet. Everything else can be found at a variety of stores– from Target to Bloomingdales, Salvation Army to TJ Maxx or Filene’s Basement.

More Spring/Summer trendy pictures,
from the designers mentioned above:

fashion photos via

Get the Look: Aussie Swag

I visited the Satorialist for the first time in awhile and found a very laid back cool look, worn by no other than an Australian…

… the gently styled mohawk, the black skinny jeans, layered tees, aviators, and the canvas lace-up (an essential for the spring… yess yess I’m going to do a spring article…). The thing I like most about the outfit? The camel colored belt. It gives the look an edge, and takes it from just being cool, to being stylish…. and I’m just really feelin‘ the understated confidence.

Get the Look
click to enlarge.

American Apparel Tailored Fitted Tee, $5.99; Fossil Scarf, $29.99;
Volcom Skinny Jeans, $64; Fossil Belt, $30
Black Canvas Converse, $45; Black Common Projects, $335;
Classic RayBan Aviator, $129;

Local Urban Gentleman: Steven Powell

This weeks featured Local Urban Gentleman is Steven Powell. Now this guy… well he first captured my attention late last summer during New School Orientation, all the Parsons “fashion grad-students” were in a meeting and of course we were all, yanno, scoping each other out- (checking out our future competition, lol.) Throughout the semester we would chat, maybe do lunch, and every time I ran into him, he always, I mean a l w a y s looked fly. I like people who always look fly.

Presenting Steven Powell

Name: Steven Hugo Powell

Age: 30

Location: Fabric District NYC, and Chicago IL.

Occupation: Parsons Fashion Design Student/Store Visual at DSW/Creative Director for SHUGOP
Favorite Quote: “I’m far from being God, but I work god damn hard” -Big Homie aka Shawn Carter
Style Icons: Duke of Windsor, Beau Brummell, Valentino, Tom Ford, Oswald Boateng, James Dean, Robert Redford, Ralph Lauren, Yves Saint Laurent, Lagerfield, Thom Browne, Andre 3000, Bentley Fonzworth,Sean Combs, Kanye West, Shawn Carter (Big Homie) and Marc Jacobs
Favorite Brands: Tom Ford, Ralph Lauren, Oswald Boateng, and Dior.
Favorite Store: The Mansion (Ralph Lauren) NYC, LAVIN Paris, Billionaire Boys Clubs NYC, Any store on Savile Row (London)
Favorite Piece of clothing: My Louis Vuitton Messager Bag, Dior Hommes Hedi Slimane Skinny Necktie, Ralph Lauren Suit and bow-tie, My Purple Label Tuxs, Yves Saint Laurent jeans, my Marc Jacob sunglasses, Ray Bans Glasses and Lavin Sneakers!
Bow-Tie or Tie: Bow-Tie
Flat front or pleated pants:Flat Front
Shades, hat, or scarf: Scarf (Hermes)
Favorite Accessory: Betsey Johnson and Ralph Lauren pocket-square! Oh my Special made tie-clip! My girlfriend gave them to me!!! Thanks pum-pum! lol
Ultimate Career/Life Goal: Creative Director for Tom Ford Mens, Stylist for Barack Obama or Jay-Z and Fashion Designer and owner of SHUGOP Bespoke Couturier.
Favorite Book: Tom Ford by Tom Ford, The little train that could, The Ralph Lauren Book, 7 Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen R. Covey
Hobbies: Being a Stylist for myself, researching the history of fashion, Studying how to develop a tailored/polished look to the American man, especially my generation!!!!
Favorite Grooming Product:DDF and my Shea Butter from the corner of 125th (Harlem) :)

Always daring with his combinations…

1. How would you describe your style?
My style is a little of everything! My style is the sexy edge of Tom Ford, the rough versatility of James Dean, the elegance of Sidney Poitier, the flamboyant edge of Robert Redford, the confidence of the Duke of Windsor, the color pattern edge of Andre 3000 and B. Fonzworth, the swagger like Big Homie (Jay-Z)and a the classic presentation of Frank Sinatra.

(Brief interruption… ummm… how fly is that?!… did he really just say all those things… makes you want to quote it, hmmm, maybe that is the formula to being the perfect Urban Gentleman… okay, okay, back to the interview…)

2. How did you become so stylish? Where did it come from or who inspired it?

It started from reading, music, album covers, watching people and dreaming… I remember exactly what inspired my fashion passion, it was the 1983 NBA All-Star game, the late great Marvin Gaye came out to do the National Anthem in LA, with so much style and swagger! Bespoke Couturier is the words to describe Marvin Gaye that night… He gracefully blessed that game in so many ways. That’s was when I was said to myself, “I have to become a Mogul in the Fashion Industry!

3. What advice would you give someone trying to find their personal style?

The best personal advice I can give someone trying to find their personal style is to explore it!!! Explore a side of fashion that helps you develop a better you, and building a stronger character each time you upgrade! Don’t Be Afraid!!!!

4. What’s the best clothing advice you ever received?
Let Energy+Vibrancy be the inspiration! Nana Boateng for Akua Adoma!

Steve on the Brooklyn Bridge

*Want a piece of Steven’s look:*

Ralph Lauren Rugby, on sale $54.99

The American Necktie, on sale $16.95
spring plaid or traditional plaid

If you have serious style with a bit of swag send an email to, expressing your interest. Send about 3 pictures of your style and answer the questions below.

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