2009 MTV Movie Awards: Photos, Clips, Best-Dressed

Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson

A few photos from last night’s MTV Movies Awards
at the Gibson Amphitheatre in Universal City, California.
Before checking out the red carpet photos, watch the clip of the
“2009 MTV Movie Awards Most Talked About Moments”

Urban Gent

JC Chasez
very dapper, i love the shoes

Bentley Fonzworth and girlfriend/actress Fuane Chambers
perfectly dressed as usual

Ed Helms, Justin Bartha, Bradley Cooper
a very neat trio
this is a great example of how your pants should fit

Danny McBride and Will Ferrell
the funny guys keep is casual

Tyrese and Souljah Boy Tell Em
nice… minus Tyrese’s shoes

I think this is the best I’ve ever seen Souljah Boy
though he’s unnecessarily blinged out, I like it

Zachary Quinto

Brody Jenner
he’s always so flawlessly groomed- hair, face, everything

Zachary Levi

Zac Efron
this is my first time, since… i dont know when
that i actually don’t like the way he looks
he’s ALWAYS look perfect, but we all have our days…
he just looks like he got dressed in a hurry

Taylor Lautner
one of the perfect looking Twilight guys
(nice creative recs)

gotta love it, lol…

King of Leon

Quest Crew
very edgy and casual, interesting mix

Jonah Hill
though i like him, i must say, this is sloppy
to my husky readers, this isn’t how you want to end up
he has some great pieces, but just failed in execution
(to fix it: jacket should have been tailored/fitted to him, slightly larger pants maybe one size up, tailored fit shirt preferably in a complementing bold color)


Cam Gingandet
i love it, he looks great
this style isn’t for everyone, but he pulls it off well
(another one of the perfect looking Twilight guys)

Rick Foxx

Aziz Ansari

MTV Canada host
Jessi Crickshank and Dan Levy
I admire Dan’s Thom Browne inspired look

Lil Wayne

(shake head), weezy looks rough…

Peter Facinelli

fashion designer Christian Siriano
the watch is rockin sockin

Channing Tatum

Twilight wins for best movie.

My favorite….
hmmmm, it’s a toss up between:

– Mr.Fonzworth
– Cam Gingandet
– Souljah Boy (minus the chain)
– Dan Levy (mtv canada)

Who Do You Think Had the Best Look?

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  1. I am really surprised. Soulja boy had a good stylist that day. His cltohes fit and he looks very put together. He should look at Tyrese though you don’t need all the jewelry to look fresh, but maybe that will be him in a few years. He is still young.

  2. gotta say soulja boy…hes wearing the air yeezy’s they are so nice i want a pair

  3. Dan Levy should take off the socks if he wants to reference Thom Browne. Cam’s look is nice. Bentley always impeccable. Soulja Boy no.

    In other news, not impressed with the ladies’ either. Overall, the clothes were an lackluster and immature as the rest of the show.

  4. I’m a canadian i choose Dan!

  5. Cam all the way.

    That’s my style.

  6. Cam and Brody were perfect pieces of fashion art. Soulja Boy was very different from his usual but that chain is a dead piece.

  7. Trashy Witch, some one tell Lil wayne to cut that nappy nest off his head.

  8. No Homo but I'd say Soulja boi, becuzz the pink he had on flared out but he was still mathing.

  9. anyone know where I can buy the leather jacket taylor lautner is wearing?

  10. I love Dan Levy's style, always impeccable. He has been rocking a "vacation-in-Spain" inspired look — well, since his vacation in Spain (as featured on MTV Canada's the After Show as a special).

    He and Jessi are such style icons. <3

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