Father’s Day: What Do You Really Want?

Father’s Day is around the corner and I know alot of ladies come here when trying to figure out what to get you guys, so I figured instead of me making a random list of potential Father’s Day gifts it’d be better if you guys just gave suggestions, sooooo…

What Would You Guys Like to Receive for Father’s Day?

(all ideas are welcome, even from future fathers)

Do you really like receiving tools and ties, or would you prefer an ipod or a few of your favorite dvds? Maybe a great home cooked meal with all your favorite dishes?

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  1. Bottle of Bond no. 9 always works for me.

  2. A quality piece of luggage, preferably a rolling garment bag. Its something that I would probably never purchase for myself, but could really put to good use considering the amount of traveling I do. Does anyone have any recommendations?

  3. I suggest a thoughtful gift: if he downloads lots of music- maybe a new seagate hard drive to store it on. If he's really into suits and clothing- maybe a pair of cufflinks and a great silk tie.

    (I'm not a dad, but I'm just throwing out a few ideas)/

  4. A good grooming set. And a quality shaver. Most men have to shave and as you get older alot of men want a practicle gift.

    I shop for my uncle on fathers day. He has a super old mp3 player so I bought him an ipod shuffle. Its simple and serves its purpose it plays music.

  5. I'm not a father but Father's Day wouldn't be about the gift for me. It would be about the appreciation and the understanding of what I'm doing for the family. The love of my family would be a million times better than a gift.

    But if I did want a gift I would probably like a DVD set of one of my favorite tv shows.

  6. Cologne.

    You can never go wrong with cologne.

    Either his favorite cologne or a new one that you know he'll like.

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