kanye’s best picture

An associate of mine, Paris, told me she thought this was the best picture Kanye has ever taken. So I looked at the picture for awhile, then silently agreed. Then I had to ask- I wonder what makes this picture of Kanye a favorite to her and I?

Well, I think it catches him at an authentic moment, a happy moment, he seems content and satisfied. His style is impeccable and easy opposed to his usual overly thought out looks. His mannerisms makes him seem a bit easygoing, and most of all he just looks like a good person- which to some is an oxymoron.

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  1. Creative Silence

    Beautiful capture and vibe of Mr. West. I agree, his styling is impeccable.

  2. I agree… he doesnt look like an asshole. He actually looks like a decent person

  3. That's funny, I had come across this pic awhile ago, and I always thought he looked the best here…great blend of class/tradition in a modern way-

  4. No. He still looks like an asshole. I feel like I can read his mind.

    He's FRE$H

  5. That is a great photo of Kanye.

  6. I'm loving Kanyes style – found an awsum brand called Werth, by Peter Werth (check out their website) they are spot on for sharp looks and great tayloring. Think it's free delivery at the moment toooooo

  7. I think what makes the picture look so great is he look simple. He doesn't have the loud mono chromatic look going. He looks like the Kayne West we all grew to love and related to through the wire.

    And this is a style that any man can wear. A nice fitted one button (thats key) blazer. Nice white shirt and dark denim jeans. With a few accessories. Simple scarf and watch.

  8. His blazer is on point, does anybody know where it is from?

  9. Loved reading this. I hope you won’t mind if I look around your website a bit more.

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