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Michael Jackson : THE American Idol

Certain events in life happen so expeditiously that they seem, fake. You actually, like actually, have to pinch yourself and confirm it with the people around you to make sure its real. It happened once this year when Barack Obama became our greatest President and it happened to me, again…. a few minutes ago.

Michael Jackson at the (young) age of 50 is no longer living.

Even as I type that, I don’t believe it. To be honest I haven’t even accepted the fact that Bernie Mac has passed- I know that’s random, but I seriously have not– because I see him everyday on tvs and in movies and… idk, it just doesn’t seem real, but back to Michael.

Though he has been controversial in the media within the past decade- I still reverenced him as the king. The king of music, the king of dance, the king of pop. There is no one on Earth who is more well-known than Michael. There is no one on Earth that has had a greater influence on this century than Michael Jackson. Some may laugh at that truth, but its real… My mother is one of his biggest fans and I’ve always loved MJ. His slow destruction began with the bantering of his father, he would constantly poke fun at his appearance and say that Michael had, “a big nose, and bad skin,” not to mention the unintended pressures of a few big brothers here and there. Words are powerful- they can (for some) cut deep and they can linger in one’s mind causing a person to change overtime… so for our beloved MJ that meant a nose job, some facial restructuring, and then because no doctor would turn down the king of pop his need for plastic surgery became over indulgent and I know that that, even if not specifically, played a role in his death. Oooo death- that word hurts… Michael Jackson and death… they just don’t belong in the same sentence. Oh, but don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying they (his family) caused his death, but that stuff crossed my mind and I just think that’s where the psychological issues stemmed from thus causing Michael to often act bizarre and what not. (Most people’s psychological issues stem from childhood). (He specifically died from cardiac arrest)

Anyway…. I just want to say that Micheal, I LOVE you, no matter what anyone says, no matter what anyone will say- you will ALWAYS be number 1.

A tribute to the King of the World

Some of my favorite MJ. Rest In Peace.

My FAVORITE Jackson Song

MJ Greatest Dance Moves

I wish there was an official video for PYT- Pretty Young Thang… looooooove that song.

Comic Relief: Video Games Drive Kids Crazy

a young boys mom cancelled his world of warcraft account…

probably the most hilarious thing ive see in awhile
( i just wonder if its real… )

The Latest: Lupe Fiasco

In ode to Lupe Fiasco very indirectly adding to the success of my blog, I feel it’s very appropriate to write a new Lupe article or update… I haven’t written one in awhile.

There’s not Too much to say, everything is pretty straightforward… he has a clothing line called Trilly & Truly (video below) and he’s working on new music for his upcoming album (“Fire” is dope).

And that concludes the latest… of the greatest…
lupe THE fiasco :)

fan art from

for more info on Lupe, check out The Lupe Fiasco Show.
(top photo from 944 magazine)

One Year Ago…

It’s been a year since The Urban Gentleman first hit the scene… and I honestly can’t believe it, time really does fly! I put out my first article on June 10th, but I got my first “big break” (well it was more of a little break) on June 23rd when I got a shout-out on They mentioned my “Lupe Style: The Style of Lupe Fiasco” article… and that’s when the buzz slowly started to grow.

Then about a month or so after that my blog slowly began to rise as one of the top male fashion blogs… its hard to believe that I went from having 4 or 5 random readers to thousands each day– that’s alot of pressure. But you all have supported me the whole way and I adore you for it. I wanted to go through all the old emails to give specific names of people who have supported since the beginning, but I realized that would take forever and I have a ton of emails that I haven’t even read and need to reply back to… the few I can think of of the top of my head- Alija Harrison (one of the original die hard fans, he even wrote a couple articles), Leslie Garry, Andre Tisch, Ashley Lee, my avid young urban gent readers like Herbert Murray, my newer hardcore fans like Antonio, and of course all the editors of magazines who have sent me stuff (GQ, Details, Men’s Vogue, etc)… I just want to send out my sincerest gratitude to each person who has supported and told others about The Urban Gentleman- you’re really awesome! Oh and I can’t forget to thank those who have done articles about me or The Urban Gentleman (like this one).

The Urban Gentleman is continually growing, we’ll remix some things this year, and maybe introduce some new features (who knows)… there’s just sooooo much more to come (eventually) and I just hope you guys stick around to see :)

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