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kanye’s best picture

An associate of mine, Paris, told me she thought this was the best picture Kanye has ever taken. So I looked at the picture for awhile, then silently agreed. Then I had to ask- I wonder what makes this picture of Kanye a favorite to her and I?

Well, I think it catches him at an authentic moment, a happy moment, he seems content and satisfied. His style is impeccable and easy opposed to his usual overly thought out looks. His mannerisms makes him seem a bit easygoing, and most of all he just looks like a good person- which to some is an oxymoron.

The Sartorialist Does Brooklyn

What do you think?

Fulton Street

S.Portland Street

Worn by All: Carrera Sunglasses, Since 1956

It’s hard to see a celebrity these days without them wearing one of two type of shades: Rayban or Carrera. We all know and love Raybans, but many of you are a tad unfamiliar with Carrera…

Quick History:
Carrera was established in 1956 and produces high-performance sports eye wear, ski helmets, and goggles for a wide range of extreme sports. The name itself is taken from an extreme sport – the Carrera Panamericana, an auto race that used to cross the entire country of Mexico.

Carrera sunglasses are available in several categories: Hi-Performance, Sport-Fashion, Everyday, Junior, and Adapters— the ones we see David B, Kanye, and Jay-Z wearing would obviously be the sports-fashion or everyday.

Kanye West

Check out a few of their most popular styles:




they’re all so subtly different.

Purchase these at Bloomingdales for $120-150.

Want the Carrera look, but can’t quite afford to spend $150?
Get the coveted Carrera look-alike-style for $10, here.

Tyson Beckford

Trend Report: 06/08/2009

Ray-ban Retro Super Future Wayfarers

This is your official public service announcement of the latest trends. If you’re a regular here at The Urban Gentleman, then you may already know most of these.

As of Monday June 8, 2009:

1. Summer time equals sockless. No need to worry about matching your socks with your t-shirt or blazer anymore, just dont wear socks at all! Oh, but don’t forget to lotion your ankles- ashiness is never in vogue.

2. When I go to lunch or tea with a well-dressed gentleman its hard to not notice his pants are cuffed or that his shirt sleeves are rolled up. Interchangeably during the warmer months try either rolling the sleeves on your plaid shirt or cuffing the pants on your dark denim jeans.

3. Canvas shoes keep the feet cool… I think. Whether in boot, boat, or skipper format canvas shoes are an easy must.

4. The sun must be blocked and “modified wayfarers” are what should be worn to block it… there are so many styles- rectangular, oval, classic, flat, retro… wear what looks best on you.

more trends to come…

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