SKater STyle: Jereme Rogers and Terry Kennedy, Guide to Dressing like a Skater King

First, let me start out by saying I think skaters are cool– they just are. I had a friend who dated a skater once… a few times last year we went to Union Square (New York) and watched her bf and his friends skate (in this randomly blocked off area). It was fun and the guys were really chill. It seems to me that skaters are the new “rockstars” of sorts… they’re cool, get loads of cash from sponsors, everyone wants to be like them, and the list goes on. There are alot of great skaters out there: Jereme Rogers, Terry Kennedy, Paul Rodriguez, Stevie Williams, Ryan Sheckler, etc etc. But today I will only focus on two of the “skater kings”: Terry Kennedy and Jereme Rogers.
For those who aren’t versed on the skater world- you may know Terry Kennedy from his dramas with ex girlfriend Angela Simmons- yeah Rev Run’s daughter. And Jereme Rogers well his recent mushroom shenanigans has lot of people shaking their heads laughing, but you also may have seen have him hanging with rockstars like Travis Barker on occasion.

Quicky Bios:
Name: Jereme Rogers
Hometown: Boston
Years in the game: Four (pro)
Signature trick: Backside flip

Name: Terry Kennedy
Hometown:Long Beach, California
Years in the game: Seven (pro)
Signature trick: Fakey stuff down handrails

I think it goes without saying that the typical skater style is… the stereotypical hip-hop style. I say stereotypical because these days most categorical “hip-hop” artist dress preppy or “urban prep” or they just do their own thing- which could mean wearing suits or dressing like a nerd. The baggy jeans, graphic tees, fitted hat, and bling bling can truly only be seen in movies or tv shows, on certain rappers, and on skaters kings.
Up first…. Jereme Rodgers:

Jereme reminds me of some of the guys I went to high school with. He just seems like he’s really laid back and always up to have a good time.

Terry Kennedy

Terry is seemingly one of the freshest skaters alive with his blinged out grills, chains, and he even has his own line of shoes and apparel- TK Fly Society by Supra. His shoes have been worn by the Fall Out Boys, Lil Wayne, Heidi Klum, and Souljah Boy just to name a few.

Overall, to get their looks it doesn’t take too much:

graphic tee + baggy jeans + fitted hat + fresh kicks (Supra) + blinged out necklace = The Pro Skater Look

Popular brands among pro skaters range, but they usually wear the threads of their endorsers plus whatever they feel is hot: DVS Shoes and apparel, Supras, Fly Society, KR3W clothing, Famous Stars and Straps, BBC, Nike SB, Nixon watches, RS by Sheckler, New Era fitted hats

Where to buy these brands? … they all have a website.

Both guys along with buddy Paul Rodriguez have a website called SK8SITE (go figure). And on it it has everything a skater fan could possibly want… videos, photos, event info, etc etc.

So what’s your take on skater style?

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  1. I love this look. Great post, keep em coming!

  2. I love this look as well, TK CANT rap, but his shoes are fly.

  3. I agree skaters are the ones who wear "hip hop" clothes. because people in hiphop wear preppy clothes. matter of fact i havent seen any black people in baggy pants for about 6 months now, lol, im serious, but I catch them on guys like this.

  4. Jereme is the man!

  5. Nice stuff by the way! i was a skater for 5 years kinda sponsored by reef and i use to dress up like that almost 5 years ago!its quite weird that the style hasn't changed that much, i love it tho its awesome!

  6. About Time! All hail Terry Kennedy lol. you're all saw it, she said the Freshest. Him and Stevie are my heroes. I use TK's myspace pix to get his look. Shop Krew,Supra,LRG, and Orisue to get his look.

    -Will 😛

  7. Both of them have sick style, I'm diggin it alot, gotta cop that style,
    I'm working on my skate game, hoping to get signed in the next 2 years :)

  8. can u do an article on jerkin colthing (sorry for the slang)

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  14. need some photos of Dylan Rieder!

  15. the belt buckle is very cool.


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