Comme Des Garcons PLAY Cardigan, Dee & Ricky Alternative

This is the sweater that is increasingly worn by celebrities and fashinstos everywhere, and it’s one of the popular items for the this Fall and Winter.

Comme Des Garcons PLAY cardigan, $300
purchase at Colette, Saks Fifth Avenue, Nomads

I understand that we’re in a recession, therefore, I’ll say that you can achieve the same look by buying a cardigan from a more price-friendly store (Gap, Macys, etc). Then just go to your local craft store to buy a heart patch and just sew or iron it on. This method will probably cost you $45-$85 (which saves you $200 or so bucks to buy those school books and other necessities).

An even better, and perhaps classier alternative would be to buy a Dee and Ricky heart brooch they’re only $60 (they were $75) and you can wear them over and over again on different cardigans. The first diy option isn’t for everyone, just for those who are on a strict budget, and are willing to go the extra mile to get a particular look, the second option is what you really should do because it’s hella stylish and versatile.

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  1. I like that. I had an uncle who always wore cardigans. I'd love to have one of these. Your idea about how to diy a sweater like this is very cool.

  2. im so getting one of these. drake was wearing this at the awards. thanks

  3. The black heart is Tough.

  4. lol, that guy looks like spencer pratt.

  5. Expensive, much?

  6. I love cardigans especially the vintage ones, by lacoste. I have 4 and counting.

    I like these. If I was going to do a DIY i would choose a different color for the heart and have either my tie or my shirt match the heart.

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