Local Gentleman: Rashon Carraway

This weeks featured Local Urban Gentleman is Rashon Carraway. With his bow-ties and well-fitted ensembles, I’d say he fits the bill of a modern day dandy… maybe the ever-so-slightly flamboyant kind :)

Presenting Rashon Carraway

Name: Rashon Carraway
Age: 25
Location: Rock Hill, SC
Occupation: Health Benefits Educator for a major Healthcare Provider
Style Icons: Fonzworth Bentley and Andre 3000
Favorite Quote: n/a
Favorite Brands: Polo Ralph Lauren, Banana Republic and Nezlan
Favorite Store: Nordstrom
Favorite Piece of clothing: Vintage Leather Jacket
Bow tie or tie: bow tie
Flat front or pleated: Flat front
Shades, hat, or scarf: hat
Ultimate goal: To have lived the life required when I see Jesus.
Favorite Books: It’s actually a short story by a Russian writer called, “The Bet” by Anton Checkov
Hobbies: Reading, Shopping, and Sleeping
Grooming product of choice: Portable Shaver.

Rashon gives us a close-up of his combination skills, very dapper indeed

1. How would you describe your style? Traditional mixed with edgy contemporary.

2. How did you become so stylish? I was in middle school and became frustrated because my parents could not afford the latest brands and styles my cohorts were wearing. So I caught a glimpse of some of my cohorts wearing khakis and polo shirts. Since then, my style has evolved. I am an avid shopper of Goodwill, Thrift Stores, Vintage Stores and the Salvation Army. At least one piece of garment I’m wearing is vintage.

3. What advice would you give someone trying to find their personal style? My advice is the advice I give when I consider outfitting a home. Clip magazine articles of the style you like and the people wearing it…look at them…you clipped them for a reason. Now go buy what you like and put it on. Its personal…Its your style.

4. What’s the best clothing advice you ever received? Try to find what no one else is wearing…

Want to see more of Rashon’s dandy style?… check out him out HERE.

Are you the next Local Urban Gentleman?
Answer the questions above and submit them to
along with 3 or more stylish pictures.

***And, umm, well thus far it seems as if all the stylish gents are southern bred- Atlanta, Texas, North Carolina, now South Carolina…. I get emails from people all over the world- so I want you guys to send in your photos too!

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  1. Nice… Paisely is a favorite of mine.

  2. Buddy looks dope… vest, colorful shirt, fancy ties, and is he carrying a pocket watch? If very dapper, I'd say he's a dandy too.

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