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Summer Jams: Vampire Weekend, yes them again…

Certain songs remind me of summer time, and sometimes on very rare occasions there are entire albums that do the same… yanno the type of music that just makes you feel good, the type of music you’d listen to when going a road trip whether it’s across America or a few European countries…

for me Vampire Weekend Vampire Weekend is one of those albums. Yes I know, I’ve mentioned this before, but I liked the album so much I played it out then had to retire it for a few months, and I’m just now listening to it again… here’s two of my favorite songs:

One Photo, What Do You Think: Pharrell @ Serpentine Gallery Summer Party

Everyone’s being inspired by old country style these days and that includes BBC Man Pharrell Williams. I appreciate his ode to gentleman gear, buuuut I don’t think he quite pulled it off, like maybe Andre Benjamin would have. It just seems like he paired a random blazer, driving cap, and knee- high riding boots with his favorite jeans and white polo (two of his wardrobe staples). Fantastic individual pieces, but when paired my eyes move all other place… whoever dressed him probably thought the light blue piping on the khaki blazer would match the jeans and that the olive corduroy suede cap would match the sides of his riding boots… but I think a darker denim, and better jacket would have saved this ensemble… with all that said, he still looks quite dashing. And the boot go hard. What do you think?

Fashion Week RTW Spring 2010 (Milan): D&G, Dolce & Gabanna, Etro, Dsquared2

Okay, so I haven’t gone through all the new collections from the Spring 2010 RTW Fashion Shows (Milan and Paris), but I’ve scanned a few and I like what I see so far (oh and thanks to all the designers, magazines/newspapers, etc who sent images, samples, etc).


Spring 2010

>>>>>>>>>>>> You sexy rugged bastards.

D&G was a direct ode to westerners. Deeply cut and torn jeans, cowboy boots, scarves, studs, aviators, (western shirts), and a color palette of dirt brown and jean blue. As usual, I really enjoyed it. It seems like they’re trying to move the “country look” out west… So no more farmer gear, you need to saddle up. There were moments of the collection that became too much… like the heavily studded jacket and a few of the combinations were a bit uncomplimentary. But overall, I rocks wit D&G… I deeply appreciate any designers that ‘s bringing back the masculinity into male fashions.

For more of their collection, click here.

And I can’t do D&G without touching on Dolce and Gabanna. Their collection? Sexy, sexy, sexy all in black and white (with a bit of blue). Fancy-smancy, arrogant, and elegant; a stark contrast to the cool-headed ruggedness of D&G, except for the insertions of severely ripped jeans. The highlights of the collection would undoubtedly be the well-tailored suits- the cut, the fit, the decor-ed simplicity… rocks my world.

Spring 2010

>>>>>>>>>>> Savannah boy meets the Cali sun.

I am an avid fan of Etro. No one quite does patterns and colors like them. And as far as Spring 2010 goes… they absolutely did not disappoint. Think 70s beach bum with alot of money and great taste- and he, the lavish beach bum that is, wears ensembles that only he can get away with. The phrase “often imitated, but never duplicated” comes to mind, lol. The collection is engulfed with varying shades of ocean blues, while other bright “psychedelic” hues are used as accents. I see a sort of story when viewing Etro’s Spring collection, “In 1978, A man from the South, perhaps Savannah, Georgia decides he wants to move to California. He wants to adapt to their style, but keep his own style at the same time, so he decides to mix a little of his southern dandiness with california fun. He finds himself mingling with local residents, and people instantly like him, his southern charm has made the transition from east coast to west coast rather easy. The southerner in Cali soon becomes consumed with life being synonymous with bon-fires at the beach. And his new style depicts his latest philosophy, “look good, be easy, have fun”. The end, lol.

(I love that they used the Andre Benjamin look-a-like/ Benjamin Bixby model
he’s really cute ( I know you guys don’t want to hear that, lol)
designers, puh-leez, lets put him in more shows)

For more of their collection, click here.

Let me just point out once again that I LOVE the models they used… seriously, they’re all sort of like that really attractive guy you know, who’s incredibly handsome, well-mannered, and just has that intrinsic style (and swag- sorry for using the “banned” word, lol). And most of all he has that type of aura that make all the girls want to date him and all the guys want to be his best friends… I know that’s a really vivid long-winded description, but hey I had to say something about it.

Spring 2010

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> “On my honor, I will do my best…”

Boy Scout Boy Scout do your duty… lol. That childhood song came to mind when I first flipped through Dsqaured’s Spring Collection. And guys, let me just go on record as saying, “Dsquared never disappoints.” It’s like they have people from every background (street wear, high fashion, etc) thinking up what to do for the next season. Which allows them to always cohesively incorporate several of the current and upcoming trends into their collection, making the ownership of one of their pieces an absolute must.

I mean, omg (sorry had a girl moment), they hit it right on the head… this is EXACTLY next spring… the patches, the water gear, the camping, the buttons, the colors- still bright but a bit more subdued. And they still managed to embed that nerd, Steve Urkle element – with the glasses, pocket protectors, and unintentional messiness, but now the nerd is just swagged out. Definitely one of my favorite collections so far, the only way it could have been better is if they picked better models (the guys were good, but they kind of looked the same- next time borrow Etro’s models).

For more of their collection, click here.

(sidenote: i also like this collection because I had an impromptu girl scout inspired photoshoot back in February with the same overall theme, so I find this “male version” oh-so-cool)

Okay boys, that’s all for now, I’ll have more reviews later.

Photos courtesy of WWD (click links above to view more of the collections)

Free Remington Groomer

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It’s a couple of posts down the page now, but don’t forget to sign up to win the free Remington Groomer. Click here to win and check out details.

Grooming Corner: 91X Rocawear Gold Limited Edition

I haven’t written a cologne review in ages, so this weekend (or next) I’ll have to have a sit-down at a department store cologne counter… to give you guys the latest of the greatest colognes in my humble opinion. Nevertheless, I have had a chance to review Rocawear’s newest fragrance, 91X Rocawear Gold Limited Edition.
“The fragrance is inspirational, street savvy, authentic, and sexy masculine. Rocawear has now taken the fragrance to a new level by making the bottle a cool and sharp accessory. The fresh, woody, aromatic scent of 91X Rocawear Gold came from the infusion of mix of Asian Coriander, Mandarin Zest, and Living Cantaloupe with the spike Lavender, Geranium Leaf, and suede accord.
I must admit, I had my doubts about this fragrance, but it smelled pretty good. It indeed had that traditional masculine cologne smell with a mix of something extra- perhaps the asian coriander and mandarin zest. I liked the initial smell (first few seconds) better than the ending initial smell (starting at about 15/30 seconds), but then the final/lingering scent is nice. (I hope that made sense). My favorite aspect of 91X Rocawear Gold would have to be the bottle- when laying flat it looks like a bar of gold, very fitting to Jay-Z’s image. Overall, its a nice masculine cologne, and I’ll give it a 3/5. Definitely a solid gift choice for guys that want to smell “like a man”.

SWANK or DANK: Keep Canvas Shoes

Feels like forever since we’ve done a swank or dank… let’s try to make this a weekly thing. Okay, so this weeks item….

When I look at this shoe, I think summer time… perhaps a nice stroll through the park on a sunday afternoon, maybe grab a bit of italian-ice to keep you cool as you walk hand and hand with your signifcant other or maybe even as you people watch on a comfortable park bench.

Keep Gingham & Stripe Canvas Footwear, $66

So what do you think?


(for the urban gent newbies, “swank” is good and “dank” is bad)

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