Seeing Double: Kanye’s Black Blazer…. and possible Timberland Comeback?

When I first saw Kanye’s picture from the Serpentine Party, I immediately thought about his ensemble from the Vanity Fair Party earlier this year… so I checked the Urban Gentleman Archives and voila- Kanye’s rockin’ the same perfectly fitting shawl collar jacket. And I must say Ye’ I ever so do approve. If you look at the ensemble it looks almost exactly the same- black pants, black on black herringbone blazer w/ the slanted pocket, and solid shirt. Why do I like the fact that it’s a repeat? Well because a repeat is so un-kanye, as he’s admitted he’s innately flashy and always raps about designer duds. So for him to repeat a distinctive jacket at an event, well that’s cool, practical, and it shows that Mr. West is growing up a bit. But I guess the real question is, will he wear it again, when or if he ever gets words of this post- who knows. But nevertheless I’m digging it… his style is progressing quite nicely, now if he could just relax with parading around with the chick that he sung about in “Stronger”… (because Ye’ the time is No longer right, lol).

On another note, he’s been rockin’ the Timbs pretty heavy. And, maybe its just me, but I actually think it’s the appropriate time for a Timberland comeback… I remember rockin them hard as a freshman in high school back around 2002) my boyfriend and I had matching pairs… he played football I was a cheerleader, so we’d wear them with jeans and our varsity jackets- it was cute stuff, lol.

Besides, a few designers had timberland-esque boots in their winter and spring collections (including Dean and Dan Caten of Dsqaured2). So maybe it’s time to dust off your old Timberlands…

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  1. Creative Silence

    Kanye's blazer is indeed a good look. As far as the Timbs…well let's just say they never left my wardrobe. I'm a New Yorker at heart and we always keep a pair on stash, lol.


  2. I like what Kanye is wearing. Cool photos of him. I do hope that Timbs are on the way back in. I always loved wearing them.

  3. He is definitely killin' the Tim game!

  4. The Urban Gentleman

    Creative Silence- yeah you're right Timbs stay in a northerners wardrobe, they're almost a staple. But down south it was sort of a trend that came and left but I think it's coming back :-)

  5. keith in england

    timbs are awesome, just cleaned mine up ready to wear this week!!

  6. Oh Skittles… you’re adorable.

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