Mini Urban Gentlemen: Daniel Julez Smith-Knowles and Kingston James McGregor Rossdale-Stefani

Good Afternoon Gentlemen,

Allow me to introduce myself, my name is Racheal and I’m going to be doing a weekly “blurb” on the mini urban gentleman, basically all the young guys 12 and under (and the Young Urban Gentleman: teens 13-15). I’m a mom, but a fashionable one who tends to dress her kiddo to the hilt no matter the occasion. I’m a graduate of THE Ohio State University with a degree in textiles and clothing. I worked for a major fashion retailer before moving to Atlanta to take a position in an executive management program for another major high-end retailer (which is where I met the creator of this blog (kisses to my girl).) I have a knack for style and an itch to be a stylist, but I currently teach to give back to my community. Alright, that’s enough about me!

To jumpstart our new section on Mini Urban Gentlemen I’d like to showcase a couple of the moms and kids with style that I admire, check them out:
Solange & Juelz. I love these two because they seem to be very stylish in their own individualized way. They always exude confidence and happiness when caught out and about.

he’s a rockstar.

With mom in France, sporting multi-colored Dunks

If you notice Solange keeps little Julez sort of dressed within the same
color scheme as her most of the time.

Out and about with auntie Beyonce’ and grandma Tina

This probably one of coolest pics of Solange’s Julez.
It’s like he’s saying “I’m cool and I know it and you know it too”
but he’s just not saying it… and I really like the colorful Oakley shades on the little guy.

4 year old Daniel Julez Smith, Jr. out with mom singer Solange,
aunt singer Beyonce, and grandma designer Tina as they visit the
Andy Warhol exhibition at the Grand Palais in Paris.
Solange has dressed young Daniel in a more high-fashion type ensemble…
very appropriate for Paris.

He sports a graphic print scarf and tee (which really just looks like a cow-neck t-shirt), MJ-ish black jacket, and his black wayfarers- a staple in most of his day to day looks.

Gwen and Kingston. From birth this kid has been a maven of fashion and he hasn’t stopped since. I guess it helps that his mom is also pretty darn fashionable and owns a line of AMAZING clothes for the whole family… he and his brother are just two lucky kids.

yet again, another rockstar kid.

I love seeing little kids in studded belts, it’s like a mini-style statement

Young Kingston giving a very pregnant Gwen Stefani a back rub in London Park. All I can say is “niiiiiice.” This little guy gets alot of points for this act, every woman wants a son this thoughtful. I really like his jeans, the big cuffs complete the casual look.

Kingston well-layered for winter.

Kingston laying out at Long Beach in California with mum Gwen Stefani
and 8 month old little bro Zuma. You can’t really see it in this picture, but they all have on a type of seer-sucker denim… it’s nice when parents and kids very subtly match.

We’re sure Zuma will grow up to be cool like big bro Kingston

And of course I had to throw in atleast one of Kingston and dad rock star Gavin Rossdale since, after all, this is a man’s blog.

3 year old Kingston James McGregor debuting a blonde side-swept mohawk… I’m not too sure about dying your kids hair, but you must admit that he looks pretty rad


As Gwen and Solange show it’s easy to keep your little guy stylish. Cool graphic tee, quality denim, his favorite sneakers, and a complimenting accessory- be it a studded belt or colorful shades.

These are just two of my favorite young gents. PLEASE leave any comments and suggestions for posts! Whether you have your own little gentleman (like me) or need to buy your nephews, cousins, or friend’s kids a gift- I’ll be more than happy to answer any questions and give my opinion and suggestions.

Happy Friday Guys, Ciao!

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  1. can i send in pics of my style –i'm 13

  2. Intresting post.

    I kinda fit in the young teens and I would just like to suggest posting about why everyone wears abercrombie,ae,hollister etc.

    They do have some nice clothing but it is ridiculous how so many people wear it. They dont even care if they wear the same thing that 7 other people are wearing.

    What happened to being unique?

    and Welcome Racheal!

  3. How about the Beckham boys and Diddy's boys, those would be good topics .


  4. How about accessories for young guys? What looks good and what works and is appropriate?

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