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History Tees: Emperial Nation

The French Revolution, Ottoman Empire, Gangs of New York, Wild West, Harlem Renaissance and Civil War. If you have an interest in any or all of those subjects then you’ll probably love Emperial Nation. They’re a lifestyle streetwear brand that focuses on preserving history in their threads.

And the subject’s above aren’t just cool and interesting, they actually have tees inspired by each of those historical events.

Gangs of New York graphic tee
Paul Kelly Mugshot tee, $38

Harlem Renaissance graphic tee
Alpha Team Tee, $39

William Harris, David Beckham, Curtis “50 cents” Jackson, DeAndre “Souljah Boy” Way, and Jayson “Jadakiss” Phillips are a few of the celebrities that have caught on to the history-driven EN movement. Check out their collection:

B.o.B – Put Me On (Reebok Classic Remix ’09)

When I wake up from a full night of sleep
I put my best foot forward indeed
And as the colors begin to sing
They seem to say to me “Come On”
You gotta put me on (4x)

Ever since I first arrived here
I’ve been on the run like an eye tear
And it took me a while to get my life steered
But now I’m in the moment, while I reside here
Yup, that’s why I coordinate with my gear
So you can feel the feng shui as soon as I’m near
Yeah, and people have the nerve to say that I’m weird
But you just in a box, so get your mind cleared
Yeah, yeah, that good music man we got it here
So we can get the vibe high like a light gear
Or maybe, fly high like five deer
Call me Santa Claus, when I come through I gotta put ’em on

When I wake up from a full night of sleep
I put my best foot forward indeed
And as the colors begin to sing
They seem to say to me “Come On”
You gotta put me on (4x)

Well ever since I was eleven
I have found heaven in my self expression
Huh, no, my childhood I never left it
Yes, I’m still a big kid though I never stress it
Yet, memory is evanescent
So I make moves with a special method
That allow my dreams to be manifested
So you’re past the promised land, no I can’t accept it
This life I live is a very blessed one
So, that’s why fans have many questions
Yet, I still leave many guessing
I’m an artist, so I gotta have a bad collection
I put ’em on

When I wake up from a full night of sleep
I put my best foot forward indeed
And as the colors begin to sing
They seem to say to me “Come On”
You gotta put me on (4x)

Behind the Scenes of the Video:

Reebok did good with this one. Whoever it was that chose to remake A Tribe Called Quest’s Bonita Applebum with B.O.B as the artist should get a raise…. because the video actually makes me want to buy a pair :-) Two Thumbs up Reebok.
Don’t you just love how this song makes you feel so relaxed, great music for a Friday. As I listen to the song I keep thinking “Bonita Applebum you gotta put me on, bonita applebum I said you gotta put me on, Bonita Applebum you gotta put me on, bonita applebum I said you gotta put me on bonita bonita bonita bonita”. lol- gotta love late 80s/early 90s hip hop… and I think A Tribe Called Quest sampled this song from Stevie Wonder, not sure which song though.

For more Bobby Ray aka BoB go here.

G.I Joes Have Style: Marlon Wayans & Channing Tatum

2 weekends ago I had a chance to see G.I Joe… and the beginning was good, I just wasn’t able to finish it. Not because it wasn’t a great film, but because we went to the drive-in theater and had already watched two movies before then, so we fell asleep towards the beginning-middle of G.I Joe. Nevertheless, I enjoyed what I saw mainly because the stars were just so hot…Marlon Wayans has always been cute to me and he added on some muscle for the role (niiiice) and Channing Tatum, well, (sigh) he’s probably one of the hottest guys on earth- yeah I said it- he’s like the equivalent of… hmmm of a Megan Fox to guys but just hotter. Geeez, I’ve had a crush on him since… I guess since Coach Carter, buuuut I digress, I know you guys don’t want hear all that.

Check out a few pictures of the two (and other GI Joe crew members) at interviews and premieres:

I love Channing’s hair here- edgy yet simple and stylish.
And his facial hair- low and perfectly trimmed.
(being well-groomed is SO important guys)

For some reason the first thing that sticks out
in this picture to me is his nails. Weird?
Yeah perhaps, but that’s one of the first things I notice on a guy.
Marlon’s nails are JUST how Urban Gentleman
should have theirs- clean and short.

Channing Tatum, Sienna Miller, and Marlon Wayans

These guys are HILARIOUS
(ps- you KNOW this was Marlon’s idea, darn 7th grade poses)

on another note- I’m really diggin’ the boots, they sort of remind
me of the Jeffery Campbell tattered “war-boots” from last winter.

Lol, I love it.

Gentleman, take a good look at Marlon’s and Channing’s jeans
are you looking? Okay, great.
Now THAT is how your jeans should fit.
It still saddens me when I see guys wearing pants 8x too big
and its getting to be QUITE disturbing to see guys in jeans 8x too small
I really need for you guys to pull a Goldilocks and wear the pair
that fits just right :-)

More of Marlon’s and Channing’s Style:

I’m not too keen on the suit choice, but I think it looks good on Marlon
So this is an example of successfully “doing you”- not everyone
can pull this suit off though.

Rachel Nichols and Channing Tatum

Channing Taylor and wife actress Jenna Dewan

Sienna Miller and Channing Tatum
I love her dress and I love his jacket

Rachel Nichols , Marlon Wayans,
Sienna Miller, and Channing Tatum
Both of the guys are sporting nice simple casual looks.

What do you guys think of their style?
Has anyone seen the whole movie? How is it?

Channing Tatum in GQ August 2009: The ‘Perfect’ Man

Gentleman’s Quarterly August 2009 covers G.I Joe Channing Tatum.

Shirt, $375, and tie, $195, by Prada.
Tie bar, $250, by Thom Browne New York.

Jeans by Dior Homme. Sunglasses by Ralph Lauren.
Necklace by Rogues Gallery. Watch by Rolex.

Cardigan and boxer shorts by Polo Ralph Lauren.
Jeans by Levi’s. Socks by American Apparel.
Watch by Rolex. Hat by Stetson.

Trench coat by Burberry Prorsum.
Tuxedo and shirt by Calvin Klein Collection. Bow tie by Brooks Brothers.
Shoes by Salvatore Ferragamo. Socks by Falke. Watch by Rolex.

Jacket by Versace. Tanktop by Calvin Klein Collection.
Sweatpants by Save Khaki.

Suit, shirt, and tie by Calvin Klein Collection.
Jeans (in hands) by Levi’s American Rag Cie.

Suit, shirt, and tie by Dolce & Gabbana.
Tie bar by Thom Browne New York.
Pocket square by Paul Stuart. Watch by Rolex

(round of applause… for all that hottness)

photos via GQ Magazine.

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