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Aaannd the summer giveaways continue…

Being that you guys ARE the definition of modern day gents, we’ve teamed up with to give one lucky person the opportunity to choose one or several items that tally up to 100 bucks… and it’s okay if you’re a wee bit over ($104,$110).

The Urban Gent crew has spent some time perusing the site, and, well we likee what we see. The selection is massive, with plenty of cool things to help spruce up your bedroom, upgrade your work area, and add a bit of whimsy or character to your kitchen, bathroom, or living room.

Here’s a few of the cool modern things we found that would be perfect for an Urban Gentleman:

From top to bottom (l-r):

Areaware – Skullrilla ($25), Areaware – Hanno the Gorilla ($75), Areaware – Desk Accessory Set ($75), Areaware – Grab Hand Hook ($75), Blomus – Signo Door Plate “Men’s Room($6)” , ZACK – Piolo Pocket Flask ($49.30), Alessi – Juicy Salif Citrus-Squeezer by Philippe Starck ($90)

(not pictured) Mio Culture – Ripple PaperForms ($35) , (not pictured) BergHOFF – Nova 7 Piece Kitchen and Bar Set ($91)

All Modern has a fantastic selection of modern furniture and home accessories from many leading designers. Part of CSN Stores, All Modern is just one of over 200 retail sites that offer a diverse array of products from office furniture by Herman Miller to wall sconces by Murray Feiss.

Allmodern only ships to the US & Canada for now.

This time you have several ways to enter the contest:

(leave your name and email address)


1. Answer the question: What room/section in your house/living space needs the most help?

2. Subscribe to The Urban Gent (look on right column)
3. Fan us on facebook
(and say hi or answer the question on the wall or via a message)
4. Tweet about the contest (then tell us you did via “comments”)
5. Follow us on blogger

Any one of the above will do, but the more ways you enter the more chances you have to win. So I suggest atleast commenting on this post then choose any of the other entry ways.

Contest ends a week from today.

New Cologne: Lacoste Challenge

I think, still until this day, that Body Kouros by Yves Saint Laurent is my favorite cologne for men. I was quite smitten with the fragrance when I was… I guess “dating” a guy who wore it. I seriously was magnetized by the scent, plus the guy spoke french and he was such a gentleman so he was just an all around good packages… but I digress. Anyway since proclaiming Body Kouros my favorite, the only colognes that have rivaled it upon their release would have to be Gucci by Gucci and Pour Homme by Versace. But today, another cologne makes my “best” list…

Challenge by Lacoste.

I initially figured that it would be okay- sort of plain or overly masculine smelling like many “sports colognes”, but when I received and opened it I realized I was wrong. The cologne is light and refreshing, it’s the type scent that a girl would probably create for a guy if she was hand-picking ingredients to make a cologne from scratch.

The key would be to not wear too much of this (or any cologne in general), 3-4 sprays should be plenty. This fragrance gets 4.5/5- this is hands down my favorite new frangrance.

More Info on the scent, bottle, and inspiration behind Lacoste Challenge:

Challenge is the invigorating new fragrance for men from Lacoste; a positively energizing scent which captures the youthful dynamism of today’s assertive male urbanites. Epitomizing the tenacious attitude and effortless panache of the brand’s founding father, tennis legend René Lacoste, this energetic new scent is aptly named, having been designed to inspire the wearer to confidently embrace whatever challenges or surprises life throws at him – its motto: ‘Never resist the call of the game.’

The Fragrance:

Top Note – THE SERVE
The fragrance opens strongly with fresh and energetic notes of tangerine and lemon, augmented by a burst of aromatic lavender – one of the most classic ingredients in masculine perfumery – which works to sustain the citric zing of the top notes into the heart of the scent.
Middle Accord – THE VOLLEY
The energy of the middle accord is driven by spices including ginger, aptly representing René Lacoste’s formidable skills at the net, which he used sparingly to sting opponents when least expected, bringing an exciting kick to his overall game play.

Just as the legend was renowned for his stamina at the base line; so the base notes are powerful, steady and consistent. Precious rosewood brings a modern edge to the scent, teak has an almost antique quality that reinforces the distinguished heritage of the brand, and the blackness of ebony corresponds to the slick modern design of the flacon. Together they create a sustained strength, giving the fragrance its solid foundation.

The bottle:

Emulating the shape of a tennis racket handle, the solid glass bottle is encased in a lustrous black ‘soft touch’ grip emblazoned with the iconic Lacoste crocodile logo, while the juice is a bright, eye-catching yellow. The color scheme is also a direct reference to the world of tennis in general, with its classic bright yellow balls and black racket grips.

To Purchase Lacoste Challenge and any of
my other favorite men’s colognes, HERE.
Canadian actor Hayden Christensen is the face of the new fragrance.

Local Urban Gentleman: Jamie Ryan McFarland

I’m super excited to introduce our newest local urban gentleman. His name is Jamie McFarland and he hails from England, United Kingdom! Yesss, finally, the FIRST non-American local gent (round of applause)… I heart it. His style game is sick, and he’s definitely one of my favorites thus far- you’ll know why after you see his pictures. Oh, and did I mention he’s from England, that’s right I did :) Without further adieu…

Presenting, Jamie Ryan McFarland…
someone’s been paying attention, Jamie exhibits the hautest trends
of this year… rolled cardigan, skinny jeans, gold chains,
heart brooch, all seamlessly combined in a subtle way.
My favorite part of this look? the gold chains.
why? well because its the little things that go a long way,
Jamie wears 2 different sized chains- a thin herringbone and medium cuban
He chooses to wear them under his shirt.
This helps to focus and fine-tune the look.
If he had worn them over the shirt it would take away from the
red brooch and the chains would perhaps appear too “blingy”.
Name: Jamie Ryan McFarland
Age: 20
Location: England, UK
Occupation: Student
Style Icons: Taz Arnold, Gok Wan, Kayne West
Favorite Quote: It is better to regret something that you’ve done, rather than something you haven’t.
Favorite Brands: Its not about the brand, its how you rock it! :)
Favorite Store: Topman
Favorite Piece of clothing: Denim Jacket
Bow tie or tie: Bow Tie all the way!
Flat front or pleated: Flat
Shades, hat, or scarf: Shades!
Ultimate goal: To become recognised for something I am good at and enjoy…
Favorite Books: Twilight
Hobbies: Shopping, Swimming, Raving (Clubbing/Partying), Drinking 😀
Grooming product of choice: Hair Gel

simple summer dandy.
the blazer. the shorts. the white boat shoes. the brown braided belt.
everything gets a check mark
in my book.
jamie made these perfect summer jean shorts by cutting a pair
of jeans and rolling the edges- very clever.

1. How would you describe your style?
I would say my style is eclectic, I like taking different styles and merging them together then adding my own touch.

2. How did you become so stylish?
Ever since I was young, I had always went with the fashion, but in the past 3-4 years I have purposely tried to achieve a specific style of my own and one that suits me.

3. What advice would you give someone trying to find their personal style?
Wear what you like, as long as you feel comfortable. Try to make a statement, however keep in mind that some times less is more! – but that doesnt mean less clothes and walk around naked lol!

4. What’s the best clothing advice you ever received?
“Wear clothes that bloody fit!!”

What I like most about Jamie’s style is the versatility. One minute he looks like a polished hipster, the next a traditional dandy, then a trendy urbanite. He even changes the style of his hair…. seriously they’re different in every picture- who does that? I’ll tell you who- cool people, lol. One of my best friends gets his hair a tad different every time he cuts it… he has 3 main looks – caesar, high-top fade, and tapered. (His hair texture is similar to Jamies, but a bit thicker)… Hmmm this inspires me to do some hair articles for you guys…

Get Mr.McFarland’s Look….

Dee & Ricky Heart Badge
, $60, click here.

Levi’s Jeans Jacket, $68, click here.

I think I’d go as far as saying these two items or similar items are essentials in an urban gentleman’s wardrobe these days. I’ve been getting alot of emails about jean jackets, so I searched some online stores and placed a few in The Urban Gent Store, check them out here.

Are you the next Local Urban Gentleman?
Answer the questions above and submit them to
urbangentblog @ gmail . com
along with 4 or more stylish pictures.

Now that Jamie has broken the ice for the non-Americans I expect to see more entries from you guys… so Canada, South America, all the guys who email me from Japan, China, Australia, etc, yes all of you- I hope to be featuring you soon :)

If If Had to Shop for You, Online, Today… this is what I’d buy: Urban Gentleman BACK TO SCHOOL SHOPPING GUIDE PT.1

Everyday for the past month I’ve received several emails from urban gents around the world seeking advice on “back to school clothing”. Some of you are going back to high school, others college, and some may just be returning from a summer long vacation and want to purchase a few things for casual days at work.
Let’s be upfront about things- this recession is a b*tch… especially for us Americans. Now my readers from Europe, Asia, Australia, etc you guys probably have a bit more money to spend. So I’m going to mainly shop according to the current budgets of many people who reside in the U S of A, but of course I’ll also shop for the readers who are banked and happily unaffected by the recession (sitting pretty on those trust funds).
Okay, lets get started.

I will choose items and place them in 3 or so self-explanatory categories: pocket-friendly (less expensive), i gotta trust fund (more expensive), and my favorite (items that I just personally like in addition to the other choices) or etc.

So here’s your very basic back to school check list:

2 pair of jeans
4 or more graphic tees (or a polo/tee combo)
2 pair of shoes
1 outwear piece (cardigan, jacket)
accessory of choice

The trends you want to keep in mind are the same, but basically at the end of the day you should “do you” just in a really polished way.

First Up: Jeans.
(perfect sexy jeans)

POCKET FRIENDLY: Express. Great fit, nice quality, and you really can’t beat their buy one get one half off sale. A pair of their jeans ranges from $50-$90… meaning on the light side you could get 2 pair for $75 (that’s $37.50 each) or at max $135 for 2 pair…. basically its a great deal that I wouldn’t pass up. Plus its tax free weekend for some of you,

I GOTTA TRUST-FUND: Levis. Oh no, not just any Levi’s the oldest pair of Levi’s 501 jeans known- Vintage XX First Blue Rigid Jeans. At 407 bucks and 1 cent, these jeans are probably the purest ode to the classics you can find. If you have the cash, by all means spend away because if it wasn’t for Levis we wouldn’t have the jeans we know and love today.

MY FAVORITE: Nom De Guerre Classic Fit. These jeans are Super sexy, seriously I might melt if I see a guy in these- okay maybe that’s a bit extreme, but you get my drift. They look to be the perfect fit, they’re un-embellished, and they’re dark- so basically they’re a classic pair of designer jeans that are on sale from $250 to $148, niiiice…. and for you lucky brits that’s only £90.

ETC: If you want to choose from a huge variety of denim- ever color, every style, all the fits you can imagine visit Karmaloop.

(bookbag tee from Karmaloop)

POCKET FRIENDLY: As always Dr.Jays, KarmaLoop, and EastWest Worldwide reign supreme on selection. If you want, let’s say, a more subtle selection choice, opt for Express or Armani.

I GOTTA TRUST FUND: To be honest as far as tees, no one entirely fits this category, but if I had to choose a store I’d say Oki-Ni. But they actually do have a quite a few pocket-friendly choices as well. I like their t-shirts because they’re extremely different and I doubt you’ll see someone else rocking it, so if originality is what you seek- choose Oki-Ni.


FRED PERRY. enough said…. Okay, well maybe not, but everyone knows Fred Perry has some of the best polos. You can even catch guys wearing them on the red carpet.

POCKET FRIENDLY: If you want a larger selection of polos with a variety of colors, again I’d opt for Express… because their deals are just really on-point at the moment- 40% off…. only 20 bucks each.

ETC: Diddy actually has a nice selection of polos for Sean John, alot of great neutrals.


For this category, there’s just too many to name. So I’ll give you 3 of my favorite shoes now then I’ll come back later (after I take a nap, I’ve been up for almost 24 hours, crazy I know) and add on a bunch more.

– Converse, well they… hmmm, how can I put this- they’re just really awesome. They have a new make your own shoe feature, and it only cost $62… that’s not much for a custom designed shoe, actually that’s VERY inexpensive.

– There’s nothing, like a nice fresh pair of Vans to start the school year with.

– Okay, maybe I fibbed, maybe there’s nothing like a new pair of Creative Recreations to start the school year with. And ummm, the selection of styles and colors at is vast.

Accessories, Outerwear, and more shoes in Part II

Part II- customized shoes for school.
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