Sagging Pants? So Unsexy. The Woes of Two Extremes- Saggy Baggy vs Saggy Skinny.

On Friday, when I was on the way to my local park for my daily jog, I was met with a few very disturbing sites… So I'm driving along and was stopped at the intersection because of a red light, so I'm sitting there, waiting, then looked around and noticed two, seemingly high school aged, young guys sort of joking around with each other. This was normal- I know guys can be goofy, especially in high school. What was abnormal though were the clothes they wore… tightly fitted jeans that hugged their lower thighs, knees, and calves; their undergarments were fully exposed as their belts were strategically tightened below their buttocks.
I sat there.
in my car.
highly perturbed.
at what I was seeing.

Two FULL grown boys wearing jeans that were not only ill-fitting, but quite frankly made them look foolish. They paired these atrocious jeans with white v-necks, studded belts, and sneakers- now those things were okay and actually coordinated with their brightly colored extra saggy skinny jeans… but I… I was just upset. I just couldn't understand how these, probably intelligent young men of color, could not just look in the mirror and see that their ensembles were absurd.

The light turned green, so I moved on, I couldn't wait to jog now- to ease my temporary frustration.

So I'm driving along and then I am met again with yet another crazy siting. This time I had the displeasure of seeing two young guys wearing extra baggy jeans that could literally fit two average size humans in them. But that's not the worst of it, the worst of it is that they were actually holding their books in one hand and in the other- their jeans.… (sigh).

I thought to myself "this is amazing, this foolishness still floods the streets and it's 2009"… you guys just don't understand how truly perturbed I was. The neighborhood I was in was a nice one- one of the wealthiest in America even. I KNOW that these kids can afford a belt, but yet and still their pants were hanging off them as if, well I hate to be cliche', buuut as if they were members of a chain gang.

soccer (football) stars David Beckham and Thierry Henry

At this point I was in d e s p e r a t e need of a jog. I spent the last few minutes of my short drive thinking about men with style and trying to figure out who these young guys were trying to appeal to. It's an obvious and a mute point that the men with the most style wear pants that actually fit them: David Beckham, Kanye West, Tom Ford, Ralph Lauren, Thierry Henry, and the list goes on. I thought about the best-dressed men in my life… none of them have ever worn baggy/saggy jeans (including my brothers). So it is clear that stylish men do not wear clothing that expose their briefs, that means these young high-schoolers are obviously not trying to be stylish… so maybe they're trying to impress someone?

I do know that most of what young men do between the ages of 12 and 18 is in an attempt to impress girls. So this led me to quickly bbm (black berry messenger) a nice sampling of females- ranging in age 15-27, european-american, african-american, hispanic, and asian about 9 girls total. I simply asked them "what's your take on guys sagging- do you like, dislike, and why?" The results were unanimous and two of my friends actually answered with the same phrase "sagging pants? so unsexy." All of these girls are gorgeous with alot style, their backgrounds vary: 2 professionals, 1 married, 3 of them my mentees (in high school), 3 college girls… and every last one of them prefers a male who wears his pants on his waist with a belt rather than hanging below his derriere.

Alright, so now there's two things that are clear, guys who wear sagging/baggy jeans are:
1. Not stylish
2. Not Attractive to (attractive) women.

Sooooo? ? ? What the heck is going on?

Music legend Tupac Shakur

Firstly, from about 1989-2005 there was an overwhelming issue of guys wearing quadruple X clothing and sagging like belts were taboo. We all know that this trend was inspired by "gangster rap" and music icons like Tupac. And their original inspiration was from experience in state penitentiaries. And you know what, I'm not even going to knock that because trends stem from many places and they come and go- that's life. But then thanks to guys like Pharrell and Kanye most guys started wearing jeans that properly fit them. This started around 2003, but has heavily caught on over the past 3 years. But now, noooow, somehow guys are wearing jeans that are tooooooooooooo small and they're STILL sagging. Okay, now let me be very clear- I don't dislike skinny jeans, I even love them on certain guys- usually slim built artistic types and rock stars. I just have a MAJOR issue, a m a j o r issue, with guys going from a dramatic 5XL to a dramatic XS… the extremes are so very unnecessary.

Skinny jeans have been a topic on this blog several times… first, last summer discussing 'can men wear them', then a look back on skinny jeans, Lil Wayne in skinny jeans, Jay-Z's take on skinny jeans, etc.

What you young guys must realize is that females may like stars like Lil Wayne and think he's the sexiest thing in the world, but that's just it- it's because he's a star. Every star, male or female, has their groupies. Mr.Belding from Saved by the Bell has his groupies… girls don't like these guys because of their clothes per se, they like them because they're famous… famous people, especially male celebrities, can unfortunately get away with wearing foolishness like this. Plus this look goes along with Wayne's demeanor and image- lackadaisical, marijuana lover, "don't care" type personality, etc. Unless you plan to be exactly like him (i pray you don't) then you can't dress like this without someone getting the wrong impression. I'm not saying everyone has to wear button-ups and oxfords, I'm not saying that in the least bit. I'm just saying pull your damn pants up, please :-)

I still stand by who I think can and can't wear them, but I don't think I was clear on what kind to wear or how to wear them. There are several types of skinny jeans and the type that I think is appropriate for most guys (even heavyset/husky men) are the kind that are skinny but a little baggy- meaning they don't tightly hug your thighs, they technically are not even skinny jeans, but they're skinny in comparison to the over-sized pants a good number of guys were wearing before.

I know that in the past I said Lil Wayne has style in his own way, but that's where that ends- he has style in his own way. His individualized "I get high every single day, I let little girls dance on stage with grown men" rapper type way— this is NOT an example of how you should dress or even of how you should want to be (no offense to Mr. Carter). Realize that there are some people who you must only admire as artist and for their works not necessarily for who they are or how they dress- you can't emulate all of your favorite people even if you think their lyrics or words changed your life.

Okay, I don't want to drag this out any longer than I have to, but I just had, just HAD to write about this. Urban Gentlemen wear jeans that fit them, they do not wear jeans that expose their undergarments as they walk or that are 3xs their proper size. Guys, especially my young readers, understand that people do judge you by your appearance, this may not be fair, but it's life.

The moment you walk into the room people are trying to figure you out: how you look, how you dress, how firm your handshake is- these are queues people use to evaluate you. Leave a bad impression and it may last forever. You never have a second opportunity to leave a first impression. And these days with this tough economy, and with opportunities not being as vast, you really want to paint yourself in the best light- that includes wearing clothes that properly fit you.

I really really want you guys' feedback on this topic-
why do you or your friends wear sagging pants?

These days alot of skater kids wear sagging pants too… like I mentioned in the skater king article, skater style has grown to be the stereotypical hip-hop style (a style that can only really be seen on tv and in movies since most rappers dress preppy these days).

I would fully appreciate everyone's candidness about this, be honest and open and I promise not to judge. If you want, be anonymous, but just honestly and straightforwardly think about why you wear jeans that expose your underwear or why your friends or associates do, then post a comment.

*I know some of you are thinking, "what the heck, you know I don't sag my jeans!!" so I'm sorry if I've insulted any of my readers with this, I know the majority of you do not wear derriere exposing jeans, but I'm thinking some of the youngsters do and that's mainly who this article is for. I know no educated man over 25 would be wearing sagging jeans even if Weezy is his favorite rapper.


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  1. Im a young man [19 years old] and for the past 2 years i've worn skinny jeans. . or skinnyier jeans rather and at first i did sag them, but honestly it was because after sagging for so long its becomes like a second nature TOO sag. Also seeing Pop icons such as Lil Wayne sag his skinny jeans made it more acceptable in my mind "then". Now iv'e matured a bit and rarely sag my jeans if so its not intentionally and they're quickly pulled up. The reason i feel sagging has continued is because in "urban" communities guys dont want to lose there "hoodness" so they sagg their jeans to still try and be edgy and tuff. Plus most young men between 14-18 sometimes even nto their early 20's imulate Lil Wayne. . So until they get to the point of their own fashion sense and fashion choices i think they'll continue to sagg their skinnies.

  2. I also sometimes sag my pants but only to show off my LV belt and coin purses. Both Kanye West and Chris Brown sag there pants from time to time it looks ok only if u dnt see underwear. (i.e wearing a shirt that covers it up) ~ LeVar 20yrs old

  3. Great post. I never worn sagging pants at all. I've known plenty of guys though who have. I think it looks ridiculous and tacky.

  4. I sag when I wear shorts, to acquire a length that would other wise not be attained (even if I'm wearing the proper size). Specifically, when I wear Cargo shorts like the 2 dudez in the last picture.

    A lot of cargo shorts (not to be confused with regular khaki shorts) don't even go below the knee, regardless of the brand. Therefore, I sag because it looks like I bought my shorts too small otherwise.

    It wouldn't be a problem if I were trying to be on my preppy ish, but that's not what cargos are for, to me anyway.

  5. I have to agree with my man LP. I do (this may be shameful) base what I wear off the artist I most like… I didn't have a older brother, my dad hasn't played a huge role in my life, so that could be why. But I think its just that guys and girls wear what celebrities wear.

    Is is comfortable- not always but you just get used to it. It just becomes apart of life I guess

  6. Thank you for this one. I can't stand when I see men sagging I don't know who they're trying to impress because it's not me or any of my girls. I think they're trying to impress each other.

  7. Icant agree wit any of it…im from the hood and wearin' jeans…i can't get down wit it. men shouldnt wear things that are similar to women's clothing. I can even say for myself…a person who wears jeans that fit me…even the jeans I wear today would have got clowned on when I was in HS because they fit too well. Everybody wore baggy jeans that were two sizes too big. And even though I don't support that either at least your jeans give you eough room to brathe. So no…and I dont judge anyone who does…skinny jeans are not hot. I'm not goin anywhere dressed like the female I'm with. It's not happenin…

  8. no offense on the comment but i disagree that it is comfortable.

    Me and my brother always joke around at home and purposely sag are jeans and we laugh and my parents laugh and to me its funny.
    My dad asks me all the time, "why do all these kids show their boxers"

    Alot of people in my high school do it for no good reason. its definatly not to impress because i have heard a lot of girls be like "why are you sagging your shorts" in my opionion its just that
    they think their cool cause it use to be cool but not anymore. Its a trend that will never die

  9. I am 19 years old and I never sagged. I have the type of mother when I was growing up made sure that I look in the mirror before I leave or she look at me. I think it is really tacky and no where close to stylish. Why would you want everybody to see your butt? I don't want anybody looking at mines. (lol) I asked one of my friends that and his response was because everybody else was doing it… (smh) not a good answer.

  10. i definately understand waht you mean. i never saged but tat the same tim ei would move my jeans down a little. but not to the point of where you can see my underwear. some jeans in my opinion look a certain way when u sag them just a little. i definately think overdoing itwhere your boxers show is too much but just a little will be ok

  11. Im 31, and I never sagged. Back in the 90s when Karl Kani, PhatFarm and Cross Colors were the thing to wear in the urban community, I wore really baggy clothes, BUT I still didnt sag.

    Today I would not be caught dead in sagging clothes. BUT I do understand those that do. Do I find it attractive, not in the least, Do I find it stylish, not in any way, but I do think the younger generation should not be given so much flack for wearing it. All younger generation uses fashion as a way to rebel against their parents and the older generation. On average(im not saying all, but on average)a 16yo boy from the hood is not looking to david beckham or even will smith as a fashion role model, they are looking to people who they can relate to, and relate to them. I.E chris brown, lil wayne, Pharrell, who all sag big or skinny jeans and have exposed their underwear at one point. The kids will eventually grow out of this, so i dont see the big deal. their style will mature with them and so will their style role models.

    Lil wayne is definitely not my ideal of any type of role model, but I see why he is to the younger generation. Girls/Women love him(just look at the women he got pregnant). So boys want to look like him, copy his "swag" in hopes of living at least a piece of his life.

    Thats my two cents anyway.

  12. Jacinda :: The Urban Gentleman Blog

    first off- very nice feedback guys… giving me paragraphs! i like :-)

    But I can totally see where each of you is coming from:

    LP- I can see that, so some guys still do it because its grown to be second nature, valid point. And yeah I think guys do it to try to get across their "street cred" or toughness or even hoodness– which would technically mean they're doing it for other guys. And even though that' not good, I do understand that people don't become true individuals until mid 20s, some later than that, and most never at all.

    Anonymous (LaVar)- lol at doing it to show your LV coin purse. And you're Kanye used to do it some when he first album came out, but you could never see his underwear. The troubled Chris Brown does a great job at not sagging (showing his underwear) at Award shows and on red carpet, he just fails sometimes when he's on stage or when he's out and about. And though I don't like it, I actually do think its okay to sag a little as long as your underwear is not showing. And to be honest it's natural that your jeans aren't going to be perfectly fit on your waist… suits, slacks, khakis are the only ones that really will fit you on the waist and give you room… jeans on men should come down a little on the waist, usually exposing the very top of his boxers. But once he puts the belt on and shirt then you can't tell.

    Nick- i think thats a really good point, most guys with great male role models in their lives- father, uncle, older brother usually copying their style. So if dad dresses preppy son will too, etc.

    B easy- lol at "skinny jeans are not hot" i know ALOT of guys that feel that way.

    Anonymous- yeah I also cannot comprehend how it could be comfortable…it even looks uncomfortable, many guys can't even walk… its like a workout… its looks like they're in the ocean and they're going against the wave so they're struggling to move forward.

    mrcloset- i agree with that, certain jeans do look better with a slight sag, but that problem can usually be solved if you buy one size up or buy a different fit.. instead of buying skinny in a size 32, but skinny in a 34 or buy straight leg in a 32… i think most guys just dont want to go through the trouble of trying on too many jeans so they just pick some and go with it.

    Andre- true true… and I understand all that, and that's pretty much why I wrote the article. I know guys from the hood aren't going to think "man how can i get that beckham look", lol… they can relate to weezy so they're going to copy him… and so thats what i want to break down- girls like them because they're famous, famous ppl are going to be liked and thought to be sexy etc etc… weezy got those two hot chicks pregnant b/c he's lil'wayne the mega rapper… if his was lil wayne just another hood dude from new orleans he wouldn't have gotten them pregnant… his ex wife Toya is very hot and attractive as well, but they go back and that's different.

    I guess I just want the young guys to realize that it really is no point- girls don't like it, they may still like you and date you, but they'll always want you to pull up your pants b/c you barely being able to walk is embarrassing… Have I dated dudes that sagged, hmm probably yes. But at 21 I seriously would not take any guy who's sagging their pants seriously.

    All that said- I know for a good proportion of guys this is just a phase… I just wish they would grown out of it sooner :-)

  13. Blank Label (

    this is an epic post. HATE saggy pants.
    it's forced and sloppy. and they definitely are not comfortable.
    wear your pants right, or stay home. no one wants to see your dirty draws

  14. had a good read…big ups

  15. I used to wear baggy clothes when I was in high school. But as I grew up, my style grew up with me. Back when I was in high school you could sag your pants without people seeing your boxers because we were wearing XL shirts too. Now it seems people sag their pants but are wearing XS shirts, hence no boxer coverage! I think learning how to dress yourself is a part of growing up, so in that sense I think its hard to try and advise a highschooler how to dress.

  16. The real question is what kind of man can you be if your pants are falling down? Can you earn a living? Can you defend your kids, wife, girlfriend, or family? Can you defend your country if you are walking like a penguin with stuff falling out of your wallet?

    Whether or not its tacky, others can debate. I just don't think you can be a real man when you constantly have to pull your pants up. It's pathetic.

  17. Sagging is a personal statement – a kind of implied radicalism and rebellion against social norms. I don't think that sagging is "good" or "bad," but that there are situations where it is and is not appropriate.

    When I'm wearing slim fits, skinnies, or dress pants, I don't sag. Slim fits and skinnies are designed to show off your leg shape, so they hug your thighs pretty tightly. Sagging then only puts an unnecessary strain on my button and zipper and makes turfing/jerking difficult(those are dances, to those who don't know difficult.) For dress pants, it's simple: they're supposed to be fitted and to reflect a "clean cut" look – sagging them distorts their straight cut shape along with your image as a whole.

    However, when I wear loose-fits, sweats, or even traditional cuts, i usually pull off a slight sag. Not to the extreme as the skaters above, though, it's more like 1-2 inches. Without sagging, baggy jeans resemble parachute pants and, like PP's, are generally unsightly (think about that overweight old guy on the bus rockin' those Levi's 526. Nasty…) A slight sag here adds personality that, to me at least, says, "I'm not a hoodrat or a chankster, but i know what I'm doing." Also, because the jeans are baggy, I don't feel my movement to be constricted as it is with other kinds of clothing.

    Most girls I know agree that full-on "waistline-below-butt" sagging isn't attractive, but the also agree that a slight sag (waistline at butt-level or higher) isn't detrimental to one's image.

    I'm comfortable with my identity expression, and my peers are too. In the end, I guess it all comes down to who you associate with and who you are.

  18. its indirectly attractive. girls (especially highschool girls) like "the bad boy" so a dude who walks around with his ass hanging out as if hes throwing the bird to society is thought of as rebelious, mysterious, and a non- conformist. ie. a bad boy.

  19. im 15 and i always sag my pants. Most ladies like it and its comfortable. I don't care what other people say its great. My girlfriend loves it too.

  20. interesting post. a couple of things. what is and is not sexy is completely subjective and it is also rare that you can boil down sexy to one particular fashion trait.

    it all comes down to personal taste. by your own posts and the trends which you personally feel are attractive and those people whose style u idolize, you prefer a more proper and preppy look. thus saggy pants would not fit with that and would not be something you would be drawn to. but this is more about image than anything else and saggy pants is not apart of the image you find attractive.

    take the trends in style that are burgeoning at the moment. things like the extremely rolled up pant leg. i know not one woman who finds that particular thing sexy. not one. unless u have plans to frolic in the ocean. im sure there are a couple out there, but in general that one attritube is not sexy. the same can be said for the most part of oversized eye glasses and a few other of the ever so popular trends that permeate ur blog. now coupled with nice slacks, a nice suit jacket, and tie combination, an image can be presented that can be appealing. this can also be said of sagging pants.

    but sagging, unlike most of these things, has an inherent stigma attached to it for numerous reasons, some addressed in ur article as to the origin of the trend itself. because of that sagging catches more flack by the public in general. and it does impact a first impression because of it's stigma, but not because of it's validity as a fashion trend.

    sagging is used, like any other fashion trend, to create an image. it is one part of a whole. boiled down to its bare parts, very few things are inherently 'sexy'. sagging just holds a negative stigma to it which is a part its contribution to the image that some people look to create. and sadly that image, if not the sagging specifically, is sexy to more than a few women.

    but also understand that to some, and this may be radical to people, that stigma isnt neccesarily there. sagging below the waist line but above the crux of the buttox is actually rather comfortable. which may be appealing to the wearer and sadly means that it may not be being done for other men. since the introduction of jeans (before the introduction of the more radical below the butt sag became a trend) men have sagged due that comfort, hence the origin of the long running comical image of middle aged men with their butt cracks showing.

    sagging is sagging. nothing more nothing less. i could argue it has more inherent appeal to the wearer than rolling up ur pant leg, oversized eye glasses, etc. now as a fashion trend, it is used as apart of an image. even with its stigma, though it the image may not be appealing to you and society in general, it is to some. it is appealing to many because of the stigma itself. unless you want to now argue that women don't like bad boys and/or rebellion.

  21. there is nothing wrong with sagging your jeans, personally i think it looks good however they shouldn't be to low so your boxers are constantly showing then it just looks stupid

  22. My boyfriend wears his pants low and I think it looks so hot on him. But only because it is part of his whole image. He is a BMXer "bad boy" type I guess you could say. And honestly if he pulled his pants up I don't think I would look at him the same way. haha

  23. I'm a girl, and personally I find sagging sexy. It's just a trend that will possibly go away after some time. However, it's only sexy if the guy has a cut butt and is fit. Fat people or very skinny people who sag are really not sexy. However, I just like a slight sag, not an extremely low. I just like seeing a little bit of their boxers hanging out.
    Also, if I know the guy's personality to be bad, I don't get turned on, because I know their personality is bad, but if they're a nice person, then it's good.

  24. Im 16, and when I sag i have creases in my jeans so that it makes my pants have a nice clean baggy look and I wear them below my butt with a shirt long enough to cover it, i sag just enough that you could see my metal studded belt.

    I do not wear skinny jeans because (no offence) I think it look kinda homo, especcialy when they wear the skinny short shirt to go with it and sagging just makes that worse.

    I also do not wear really baggy pants and sag because it is out of style and it just looks tacky.

  25. I'm 59 and sag when I get the chance. Not too much though – I like to think that I show my boxers waistband and an inch or so below that. Added to that, jeans are so much more comfy when worn on the hips and not the waist. I keep looking around for jeans with a low rise, say 8 inch , so they still show but not hang off my bakside.

  26. Hi, my name is Fede, and i go 2 middle school in Chapel Hill, North Carolina. I wear colorful skinny jeans, a graphic tee, some supras or classic vans to school every day, and i was really interested in wat u had 2 say on skinny jeans. I think you have a point, but i also noticed that at my school, boxers are used to add color to an outfit. as i read back over that sentence i see how funny that sounds. but i also see that boys dont do it for girls, it simply becuz that is the "cool" thing to do. i doubt, as they get older, that they will continue to do so.

  27. I am thirteen. I sag all the time. Although in different circumstances I sag different amounts. At home, with the family etc. only 2 inches, at school 5 + inches, 'hanging out' 8 + icnhes. I wear a belt and tightly hold up my sagging. When I wear shorts (about half the time) they are baggy and go way past the knee, because they sag so much. Even when I swim with boardshorts on I sag about 5 inches showing my boxers as I have no shirt on. When I bend over or sit down people can easily see my boxers, and only sometimes when I walk. Often people in the street tell me to pull my pants up. I think it's comfortable to sag and also everyone else my age sags. I am only just thirteen. Please tell me if you think I sag too much.

  28. Corey Jake Morris

    I am 13 from England. So here's what I typically wear:
    Cool Weather – Jeans, an awesome really clunky black studded belt with keeps my jeans really tight just underneath my b*tt. Some really cool yet really worn skating shoes (about six times too big), some low-show socks, t-shirt (both my shirt and jeans about three sizes too big, but not much), a zip-up hoodie (the hood always up in Winter), a new era cap tilted up, kind of half way between my front and side (under my hoodie)
    In warmer weather – EXACTLY like the two skater kids above (I mean, I am a skater kid too, huh?)
    At school we have to where a school uniform but I still untuck my shirt hanging out over my jumper, wear a tilted new era cap, and sag just past my b*tt (all not allowed). I've been on detention a few times, but I don't care, usually the teachers just complain.
    Now first on to skinny jeans:
    Yest sometimes I wear black ones only, but I still sag them about seven inches.
    Now sagging
    I sag because it's comfortable and also my friends do it. We just walk around in our gang hanging out and sagging heaps. But with me you can only see my sag when I sit down, run, jump, bend over, or skate (which is almost always:-)

  29. I'm fifteen and I like the sagging look. It gives a person personality and I think it looks cool. I would personally love to sagg my pants, but my family is really against it so I don't. Although occasionally when Im at school I sagg about three inches and when I'm at home by myself I sagg just below my bottom

  30. I am 21 years old and I used to sag when I was 17 or 18. I wear regular white underpants with my shirt tucked inside and when I sagged all of my underpants were exposed. Now I find belting my pants around my knees to be a little ridiculous. I wear regular rise jeans now and dress pants and only the waistband of my underpants shows.

  31. I am 21 years old and I used to sag my jeans all the time when I was younger.I wear regular white underpants and I always have my shirt tucked inside. It makes me cringe when I think that 100% of my underpants were exposed when I sagged. My taste in clothing has changed since then and I wear regular rise jeans and dress pants.The most of my underpants that shows now is the waistband.

  32. I am not keen on sagging, but my bf tucks his shirt inside his knickers so on occasions his waistband shows, which I think is both acceptable and sexy!

  33. I am 16 and recently received my first detention at school because my shirt tail was hanging outside my trousers. A number of my friends have solved this by tucking their shirt inside their underpants, but I had shunned this as our uniform is a grey shirt and grey trousers and i always wear regular white underpants. However, I switched to this methos, and whilst my underpants probably show about 1 or 2 inches above my trousers, I have had no adverse comments, or any further detentions. Whatsmore, I do find it very comfortable not to have the elastic of my drawers against my skin, so do not knock sagging too much!

  34. I'm 40 and I love to sag my shorts/jeans to show my funky Top Man trunks

  35. It will "sag away"
    I'm in my 50's. We wore: HIP HUGGERS, ELEPHANT PANT LEGS, PULLED-UP JACKET SLEEVE, PLATFORM SHOES, THE MINI SKIRT… Generations need to establish their identities. Just accept this and it will look cool. I watch SOUL TRAIN on YOU TUBE for a reality check on the stuff I wore. These sagging pant wearers today look much better
    than we did in our everyday GET-UPS back then

  36. it doesn't look good..that it!

  37. I wear an onion on my belt.

  38. I don’t sag, but sagging is very sexy on guys…to me.

  39. Kendrick Ferrall

    Thanks very much for your great article. I have been looking for such content for a very long time. Not all your content is completely clear to me, but it is definitely interesting and worth reading.

  40. In my opinion, sagging pants is allright as long as boxers are covered, and as long as you keep them above your but cheeks. I sag my pants occasionally, but I try my best to cover up my underwear. Why would I do it though? Well, there are a few reasons, first being I find it comfortable (I don’t use a belt, having a belt strapped around a pair of shorts or jeans that are at the “wrong height” is just really uncomfortable) because you don’t have to use a belt to keep them up. As soon as they fall below my but cheeks I pull them up again. Second reason: It’s roomy, and as long as you keep them above your cheeks walking isn’t an obstacle.
    I also think it actually looks good. Really, I do. When I don’t exposed my boxers, or keep them too low, it looks better than when I wear them properly.


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