Fossilized in Time: Our Favorite Fossil Watches

A watch. It’s something so basic, so standard, and according to our latest urban gentleman survey- so necessary. The results of the survey (on the right sidebar) made me once again realize that watches are truly an essential. I must admit once I got my first cell phone back in 1999 my love and want for a new watch each year declined. But I’m a singular case and most people, especially men, make having a watch a priority.

When purchasing a watch was priority on my list, there was one main place my parents took my siblings and I– Fossil. I have a relatively large family so buying watches for the whole bunch was quite an expensive task. Therefore, it was important that we purchased watches that were 1.) stylish 2.) quality and 3.) priced right. Fossil always delivered. And according to my friend, who’s obsessed with Fossils traditionally vintage inspired watches, they still do.

So he and I spent time perusing Fossil’s large selection of quality gentlemen timepieces, this is what we found:

Analog Silver Dial watch, $95

Vintage inspired. This is one of several watches Fossil has introduced or re-introduced as they celebrate their 25th anniversary. With a unique roulette dial and classy brown leather band, this is must for any vintage lover.

Twist Black Dial watch, $125

I keep it basic. That’s simply what this is- a basic beautifully designed aviation inspired watch. No extra fancy frills, just stunning details that will make this watch standout on any wrist.

black Twist Black Dial watch, $125

“Games? I don’t play them”. This timepiece is meant for those who take themselves and everything they do very serious. They’re business men, and to be honest their isn’t enough time in the day for them to contently complete their tasks, nevertheless, they try. Their style is immaculate and their timepiece (they call it a timepiece, not a watch) has to go along with their serious, yet elegant, and powerful lifestyle.

green S+ark O-Ring, $110

Higher thinking. The owner of this watch thinks beyond 2009, he’s not into being trendy or extra fashionable, but he always wants the sleekest and cleanest designs when it comes to anything he owns. He always has the latest and greatest- new macbook pro? (check), blackberry tour? (check), new 50′ Sony Bravia? (check). Next on his list, Stark O-ring…. check.

silver S+arck Veiled, $150

There are guys who love to accessorize. No, I’m not talking about matching your murse or messenger to your shoes. I’m saying you like to coordinate your cuff-links, and you regularly purchase tie clips or pocket squares. If that’s you then this watch is you. Beautifully disguised as a bracelet this will flawlessly match with your Thursday night jazz attire, Friday evening baseball game outfit, Saturday night club threads, and your Sunday’s best.

brown S+arck Starckore, $175

Suit Up. This watch is perfect for those who have a modern contemporary yet timeless style. I can easily see this paired with an Armani suit or with a Ralph Lauren polo, cords, and boat shoes.

None of these quite fit you?
Check out their complete collection of watches HERE.

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  1. Man I like all of them. They each have their own cool look. Id get all of them if I could..haha

    I cant choose a favorite but great post

  2. my fav is: black Twist Black Dial watch

    but its not fair to say that its better than the rest. the others would go better with different outfit. great picks!

  3. I have a unique black tungsten ceramic inlay ring that would go great with the Twist Black Dial watch! I got it from Tungsten World, check them out…perfect accessories to go with these sick watches!

  4. If you could have any antique timepiece, which would it be.

  5. The first one is my personal favorite, very stylish yet practical brown in color. Would probably wear all of them though, great selection.

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