Ungentlemanly Behavior: Kanye West

Sooo, where do I start?

Okay, I had a reader who sent me an email about 4 weeks ago, discussing Kanye West. Michael (the reader who wrote in), basically touched on that fact that his semi-style icon Sir Kanye had been disappointing him as of late… not really with his style so much, but with his “extracurriculars” with a certain girl. I asked Michael to do an article on the topic which I was going to post last week, but was saving for this week. Annnnd, after Kanye’s tom-foolery last night it seems like all the blogs will be writing posts about him and his behavior. Which is cool, but now I’m sort of wishing we had made our post last week so it could have been pre “it’s official kanye’s a douche” buuut, it is what it is so we’ll just combine it all.

Here’s the original piece, by Michael:

This is Louis Vuitton Don night So we gonna do everything that Kan like Heard they’d do anything for a Klondike Well I’d do anything for a blonde-dike And she’ll do anything for the limelight And we’ll do anything when the time’s right

These lyrics from Kanye West’s Stronger have been re-posted and re-posted on many blogs and websites since Mr. West went public with dating stripper and lesbian Amber Rose. (I literally cringe when saying her name.) I, like most other Kanye West fans and admirers, gave him a bypass when he began toting Amber around like a personal dress up doll– besides, her body is nice. I had the pleasure of chatting with Urban Gent’s editor to get her opinion on this topic:

“I really like Kanye, so I honestly wasn’t that surprised or upset when he first started dating Amber Rose” says Cindy “… he had just lost his mom, broken up with his longtime girlfriend and fiance Alexis. I know everyone grieves differently and this was his way, I mean, alot of guys have flings when losing the love of their life or someone special. Kanye seemed lost, and still does on some fronts and this is how he’s choosing to display his pain. I just thought that this ‘stripper situation’ would have been over by now.”

“Touche’ Miss”, is how I responded to her words. And after reading many small to large sized websites/blogsites it’s obvious many people feel the same way we do.

Kanye West with indecently dressed girlfriend Amber Rose at 2009 MTV VMAs
Kanye was said to be “drinking and kissing on girlfriend” all night.

Pretty Woman. It’s the movie with Julia Roberts and Richard Gere. The basic summary of the movie is: A rich man (Richard Gere) needs an escort for some social events and hires a prostitute he meets (Julia Roberts). He takes her in off the streets, buys her expensive clothes, and basically changes her life. And of course, he ends up falling for her (big surprise). Like many people in our wretched society, it seems like Mr. West is trying to re-create Pretty Woman: takes a prostitute/stripper off the streets and turns her into an entertainment household name, a fashion icon to young unknowing girls, and sex symbol to men. Some people may be okay with all this, but I never have had a taste for random slutty people becoming famous for nothing, then getting their own shows and magazine covers… Tila Tequila, Kim Kardashian… there’s so many of these people and Amber Rose is the latest induction to the crew. Sex tapes, stripping, and just being a downright freak does not give merit to being on covers or on the inside pages of legitimate magazines… GQ, Vogue, even Ebony. It takes down their credibility and we as a society have to stop giving them so much shine. But then again sex sells and magazines do what they need to do, websites do what they need to do to get hits, but there has to be a limit.

I had a conversation with a few of my buddies about this whole ‘stripper situation’ (as some call it) and everyone responded with the same head-shaking, shoulder shrugging “man, I don’t know what’s going on with Ye”. And quite frankly, I don’t know what’s going on with him either. I, as a man, take pride in my appearance and my actions, I try to make sure I’m as much as a gentleman I can be. Haircut every Thursday, clothes perfectly ironed, class and work before time, open doors and pull out chairs for all women, exercise daily, read the Times and Journal everyday, always have an interesting book I’m reading, spend QT with friends and family, savings and investments in order, weekly shoe shine (my nephew does it and I tip him very well- you have to teach young kids how to save), practice my second language weekly, volunteer atleast once a month, keep my car and house clean, wardrobe immaculate… and no turning hoes into housewives. My list of some of my personal gentleman behaviors may be too much for some guys and too little for others, but that’s besides the point. The point is that a gentleman, whatever kind you may be, takes pride in not only his appearance, but his actions and lifestyle as well. And that means that no gentleman, especially one who knows he’s a role model, has a lady who’s a prostitute/stripper. Sometimes, at his low moments, he may have a weekend rendezvous with one or maybe even a month fling, but to turn her into a girlfriend is inappropriate, and it’s clear Ungentleman-like behavior.

So, basically, I just want to say to Kanye if you’re reading this, “Kanye, I honestly do appreciate your music and your style, your cockiness is a little much at times, but I understand it’s apart of the persona you want to portray. I know you’ve been going through a rough time since your mom passed away and since Alexis left you, but bruh– it’s time to get it back together. Man up and gain some poise and self-respect. Your image is tarnishing, and I would hate to see your potential for more greatness go to waste.”


So that was Michael’s piece on Kanye’s ungentlemanly behavior, aaaand after last night- his ungentlemanly behavior has risen to douche-bag behavior. Coming on stage and interrupting Taylor Swift’s speech was just- ridiculous… it made him look horrible (and it indirectly made Beyonce look bad too, but she made up for it at the end of the night). If you don’t know what happened, you can get the scoop here . As Michael mentioned in his article above I really do like Kanye, but his behavior is getting out of control these days. It’s not just him though, even state representatives seem to be exuding rudeness (Joe Wilson, interrupting President Obama). (sigh) People have lost all decency these days. Anyway guys, just be sure to not only look like a gentleman, but to act like one too.

Kanye West’s apology to Taylor Swift

Oh, and check out this youtube video that combines both the President’s and Taylor Swifts interruption, it was made last night… people waste no time creating these funny videos now-a-days.
UPDATE: Many people are trying to make this into a race thing, but it’s not, its not even in the least bit. Kanye West just has serious issues and he was drunk the whole night. But this situation, this whole kanye/taylor thing is dead and I hope everyone moves on because after all- it really isn’t that big of a deal. What was a big deal was Joe Wilson interrupting President Obama- that was totally out of order and disrespectful and that actually is a race issue… it’s 2009 we have to do better. Anyway, join the “movement” to ensure Rep.Wilson get’s formally reprimanded/punished, sign one or all of the petitions: go here or the one’s below.

1. Joe Wilson should be censured petition
2. Joe Wilson should step down petition
3. Letter to House Leader Pelosi to censure Joe Wilson

(There’s alot of petitions out there- just find one and sign it or sign them all.)

Article I, Section 5 of the United States Constitution states that “Each House may … punish its Members for disorderly Behavior.”

George Bush was probably the worst President in United States history, but democrats never openly disrespected him in front of his fellow countrymen for the world to see. So this Joe guy has to be dealt with.

And here’s another funny youtube video I found on this whole kanye thing- this one really will make you laugh.

UPDATE II: So Kanye went on the Jay Leno Show and apologized (click here to watch, and fast forward to 29:13). And anyone who has any type of empathy can see that Kanye is hurting, and he really is sorry for what he did and I forgive him and I think everyone else should too. His last album, 808s and Heartbreak, was hot and very emotional because he was expressing his hurt from his breakup with Alexis. His next album? It should be a beast because Mr.West is hurt, he’s in pain, and you can tell… you really can. It’s like he’s living this flashy life to cover up the hurt… I know some of you are like “flashy? He was always flashy”… and yes that is true, but idk this year Kanye has been on some other stuff. He needs to mourn his mother’s death. Then come back with the best album ever (and a real girlfriend, lol).

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  1. Well, at least his jeans are Balmain. LOL

  2. i just feel sorry for dude. he looks like he's going through serious emotional problems- dating prostitutes, drinking at the vmas, he just looks pathetic. everybody should lay off and pray for him, cuz he needs help, he needs a role model.

  3. lol @ RJ. He did look nice, the haircut was off, and his barbie slut looked trashy.

    ditto @ Llyod. I feel sorry for him too.




  5. Umm are you trying to be like Kanye with caps?

    Anyway, good article Mike, I never cared for random ppl being famous either, but thats what mtv and all these pop channels do.

    Kanye style game is sick, but he's been a mental case ever since his mom died.


  6. yeezy is on a downroll spiral. anytime guys start to seriously date platinum blondes- they're on a downward spiral.

  7. lmao- KWEST IS CRAZY. And what was up with the spirals in his head- NO.


  8. his jeans were okay, but his shirt was nice


  9. What kind of wack ass apology is that- he's being sarcastic and still didnt really apologize. DOUCHE. South Park lets do a Gay Fish Part 2.

  10. I think people are making a big deal out of this… this IS what kanye does. THIS is nothing new. He just wants attention. And like someone else said, I think he needs a role model, lol… but who doesnt?



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