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Thomas Robinson (aka the guy with two last names).

Take a look at Thomas’s answer on what he does to make it to school, work, or general engagements on time:

to get places on time and to be on time in general i:

1. set all clocks about 12 1/2 minutes fast, which usually gets rounded to 10 minutes when im thinking about it being fast.

2. take the train generally, since i live right next to a station. and i give myself cushion time or the train or shuttle to mess up

3. i prepare everything i need the night before- ironing clothes, lunch, everything… this saves me alot of time in the morning- so all i have to do is get ready and im out the door.

4. eat and exercise daily. this may seem random, but what your health plays a big role in your body functions and its easier for me to wake up now than back in the day 3 or 4 years ago when i would eat pizza chips and soda for dinner. now my dinners are usually fish or turkey, with fruit smoothies and/or huge salads.

5. i make sure my car is always filled up. i fill up my car when its on 1/2 tank- sometimes 3/4th just so i wont ever have to worry. my mom would always be running late when i was young, then shed have to stop and put in gas making her more late- so you can say i learned from her, but i just learned to do the opposite.

6. keep my house, office, car clean and organized. be organized saves time. i know where everything is so im never searching for “my blue and white tie” or “my cologne” etc.

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