“His Basics” Photo Contest: Which is Your Favorite?

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About a week and a half ago we had post titled His Basics, where we asked you guys to send us pictures of the essentials of your everyday life. Just for the fun of it we want everyone to vote on their favorite “His Basics/Essentials” photo(we’ve narrowed the submissions down to 10, they include the most focused and a more diverse set of countries).*two entries were added.

Some of the photos are simple, while others are more involved. Each tells you a little about the person. So don’t only choose your favorite based upon their designer labels and country,  choose the one that showcase a distinct personality. Let’s peruse their essentials of cool

1. Jason from New York
The essentials from my hotel in Praha, CZ
a trip made with some of my mates from the UK.
2. Abolurin from the USA
My blackberry, G-shock watch, spectacles, money, and my keys

3. Axel from The Netherlands
Casio G-Shock Watch, Iphone, LV Card Holder,
LV Key and Change Holder (letting it hang from my belt loop)
4. Daniel from London
A Sony Minidisc Walkman (had it since 2004), A Chinese good luck bracelet (works for me), A credit card,  An “Oyster” Card (every Londoner needs one of these), A Nokia 3310 (most reliable/only phone I’ve ever had), A pair of Hugo Boss specs, A wallet, A set of keys …and another minidisc because one simply is not enough.
5. Eziq from Gold Coast, Australia
 Shades bought from bluedame, Swatch Secret Agent Light Grey EU Flip 1998 Spring Summer Collectio, LG Shine Mobile Phone, BMW Z4 2004 car key, Business Cards (2-3 of them), Refurbished 2GB ipod, Card Holder for credit card, client’s business card, I.D, Shopping Discount Cards & other cards,  Battle Fuel (Formulated Supplementary Sports Food), AUD 20 notes.
6. Mohamed from Cairo, Egypt
  iPod Touch, DKNY watch, Nokia E7, My keychain, US silver dollar w/ silver frame and chain (it was custom made for me in Egypt, the frame and chain I mean), Egyptian 10-pound and 25-piastre notes.
7.Tayvon from Baltimore, Maryland
 Versace shades, Movado watch, Cuban cigar with cutter,
black ipod, and gold bracelet.
8. Simon from the USA
The first photo displays my current set of “basics” were recently purchased before traveling to the far east with the GF.  The second photo displays my fall essentials when teaching a undergrad course this past fall semester at UConn.
9. Thomas from the USA
LV wallet, mont blanc for notes, cross around my neck,
gold cuffs and my Dad’s watch. 
10. Tommie from The Netherlands
Ralph Lauren Sunglasses, Buddha to Buddha bracelet and ring, Armani watch, Blue Blood brand necklace, Ipod classic, Armani leather gloves, my favorite D&G skinny jeans, Gucci belt (genuine), my favorite Uggs, my favorite DSquareds, and my favorite Dior Homme sneakers. (My kickbox shorts and ajax scarf are items to show what I like and where I come from.)
11. Roderick from Chicago
My Spectalces, House/Car Keys, Piccadilly Journal, Pens, Blackberry Curve, Belt clip watch, Beats by Dr. Dre Solo Headphones, 120 GB iPod, USB Drive, Nautica Wallet, and my Fossil Messenger Bag in the background.

12. Essel from the Philippines
Ray-Ban Aviator shades-for those sunny days, Steel Necklace- liked the vintage look and abstract pendant, Fossil Watch- my ever trusty watch, Keys with Goofy key chain- had the chain for almost 10 years now! Ipod video, and my Witch of Portobello book-to keep me busy.

So…. which “his basics” photo is your favorite?
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  1. #12

    for the simple and classic approach

  2. no 12 is cool!!!

  3. number 12. :)

  4. The man who knows

    Looking through the comments you get the feeling that the guys are voting for themselves…

    here's the opinion for each:

    #1 — This guys a pretentious as hell
    #2 — Nerd
    #3 — One holder is more than enough
    #4 — British eccentric
    #5 — Needs a wallet
    #6 — Egyptian money is the only thing that's interesting
    #7 — Land baron
    #8 — Chuck Bass without the dimes
    #9 — Grandad
    #10 — Brand heavy
    #11 — Cool headphones, ditch the specs
    #12 — Who carries round a USB cable

    love the blog, hate the readers xoxo

  5. #12 !!!
    ditch the USB cable ESSEL!

  6. i think its obvious that number 11 hits it right on the neck

  7. its a tie between 8 and 11.

  8. HMMM, they're all so-so.

    But if I had to choose one… I'd go for 11.

    Maybe 1. But 11, like everyone else

  9. i'll go for 12. he's a late entry right?

  10. 12 and 11. You saved the best for last. Was that corny? Maybe so, maybe no. lol.

  11. womp womp womp for them all. im about to have to show these boys how its done… 11 came the closest. 5 could have been a star, but his camera sux.

    lets do 11.

  12. jsllabore:

    i'll go for #12. what's the USB cable for? 😀

  13. The wrist watch is making a comeback! What would be a good watch to get my brother?

  14. I’ve just had a look at this page and dammmmnn these people do not posses anything decent!

  15. Natalia Amie Marshall

    Hi friend. I am still quite noob at blogging and all things about this field. There are various terms I still don’t understand. I’m not pretty sure I will be able to write half decent to yours. I am gonna browse the entire blog maybe I can feel your blogging style a little.

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