The Man and His Oversized Boots: Can Men Wear Uggs and Moon Boots?

Fall Out Boy guitarist, Pete Wentz was seen wearing Tecnica Moon Boots ($158) as he made his Starbucks coffee run. He also sports a pair of Von Zipper Giggle wayfarers ($90).
A recent photo of rockstar Pete Wentz wearing Moon Boots has caused me to ponder upon the age old riddle of ‘the man and his oversized boots’. The riddle has yet to be completely figured out by all. Some understand it, while man others scratch their head in pure perplexity. 
Leonardo DiCaprio, Brad Pitt, Justin Timberlake, and Orlando Bloom seemed to have solved the conudrum, yet many men are still pondering… so let’s try to figure it.

The History: Austrailian Uggs were orginally worn by Aussie sheep-shearers. They created these boots from the skin of the sheep, and realized that the boots were not only simple for them to create, but were practical in that they kept their feet warm. The word of these practical boots soon spread to Aviators, who used them in both World War I and II to keep their feet warm in their unpressurized ice-cold cockpits when flying in high-altitudes. Then by the 1960s competitive Australian swimmers and surfers were using them to warm their feet after leaving the water.

Tecnica Moon Boots were created in the 70s when the world was infatuated with Astronauts and outerspace. They’re a weatherproof boot that was made to resemble the boots worn by Astronauts. Napoleon Dynamite is said to have brought these bad boys back to life when he rocked them out in his movie, I’d have to concur. It’s also pretty easy to see that Moon Boots meant for extremely cold temperatures– comfort and warmness is what everyone wants in the depths of winter.
So what’s the beef with Uggs and Moon Boots on men… why is it that the boots have become synonymous with words like sissy if worn by a man? They were, afterall created by men, and initally worn by men. But the popularity of Uggs and Moon Boots in the 2000’s were definitely brought on by  fashonistas and model types.  The revitalization of the shoes and the brands (mainly Uggs) is all thanks to the ladies, so the feminine stigma that these oversized boots carry does make sense.

Brad Pitt and Justin Timberlake in UGGs
But now, in 2010, is it okay for men to wear Uggs? Well for me its like this, as the popularity of the brand has decreased for women it has become more acceptable for men to wear them. A great deal of women haven’t worn the basic/classic Uggs since Winter 2007, maybe 2008. That disinterest in the shoe by women is great for any guy wanting to expand their boot collection. 

In the end, trends like these always go back to the comfort level a man has. How comfortable is he in his own skin? I still feel its hard for the average man to pull off wearing Uggs, but a stylish one or one with a stylist certainly can. If you’re worried about your masculinity in these boots, then don’t purchase them in bright colors like pink, purple, or even white. Only buy black, brown, maybe gray or navy blue. Also, keep in mind your geographical location; I highly doubt any man would get scorned for wearing these boots in traditionally cold countries and states like the Netherlands, Switzerland, Chicago, or New York. But if you’re located in cities like Los Angeles or Atlanta then many brows may be raised when you wear them, it’s just something you have to take in consideration.

 To many people, men and women, these shoes are just downright ugly, in general, no matter who wears them. And if that’s the case with you, then stick with boots that you like. But if you have been curious about wearing Uggs or Moon Boots, don’t be too self-conscious, the boots were afterall created by men for men (atleast initially).  I just think its imperative to note than when men wear them it’s not to be overly stylish… its for comfort and practicality.  Male celebrities don’t show up at events in these boots, they’re only seen wearing them when running errands, relaxing on their day off, etc. As long as you aren’t trying to sport these down the red carpet, I don’t think there’s a problem with having a pair by the door when going out to run basic errands on cold winter days.
Celebrities in UGG Boots: 
 Orlando Bloom rocks his Uggs while still looking
more masculine than the average man.
Bruce Willis and Ronnie Woods
Moon Boots and UGG Boots for Men:

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  1. not being rude here, just my opinion – i cant even stand the look of uggs anymore. Guy, girl, whoever.. I never liked the look when they first came out, and then they swept accross the nation like a tsunami, and i hated them even more. Pet peave – when i see girls who have worn the shit out of their uggs to the point where the sides are collasping in on the sides. like really???
    for all the dudes out there, dont follow the "trend" youre a man, i dont care what actor is wearing them.. get your self a pair of timberlands, or red wings. Man up! one, out.

  2. hmm,..still not a big fan of the Uggs.

  3. noooooooo, say no to uggs, in all shapes and forms!

  4. WRONG WRONG WRONG. I don't care. Mama mia

  5. anyone can wear uggs as long as they're on the beach in australia and have just come in from the surf. plain and simple. if you really need to have ugly shoes, just go buy a pair of crocs.

    as for moon boots, they look stupid no matter who you are or where you wear them. they are not a fashion forward accessory and they're lack of arch support (a fault moon boots share with uggs) has an entire generation of young girls walking knock kneed. really, walking out of the house with those things on just looks like your dressing poorly on purpose.

  6. Wath do you think about the possibility of buy woman combat boots and use???. I thougth that is a gay way (thats not my way), but at last I tried. I bougth a pair of Dr. Martens boots (lece up, flat, 13 eye, Reboot, black leather), they are sold for woman only but they show to be very confortable.
    I had to a pair of boots made for men only, i used not to much because they are heavy weigth and not look well, they are not flexible and hard to wear.
    Instead, the woman`s boot wear like a glove, they are confortable and weather resistance, and my girlfriend tell my that they make me look strong and nice (sexy too, ejem). Its funny but many friends tell my that the boots like to them (they dont know that the boots are for women, ja ja).
    Wath do you think about that???

  7. I like to wear Moon Boots. I was using Sorel boots eaelier.
    These are much more comfy. They look comic.
    Very practical snow boots.

  8. I’m a straight male and own a pair of Black Tecnica Moon Boots, and they’re super comfy and warm. When I wear them no one gives me grief, ever. Every girl loves them too. Regarding Ugg’s, they’re so many different styles that saying you will-never-wear-them is BS (male or female). I think people here mean they hate ‘Classic’ Uggs. In terms of masculine boots, the Ugg Beacon’s for instance, are not only 100x more comfortable then Timberland, Merrell, Red Wings, etc but they look better to.

  9. I have bought myself a pair of Uggs as I was fed up with having cold feet every time it was freezing. I agree with those who say they are kind a ugly, but believe me, they are so comfy. And I haven’t got any bad comment about wearing them. Of course my friends made jokes. That was to expect. Still, not in a bad way. So for everyone having enough confidence to stand off, wear them. Even though they might not be considered masculine.

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