Simple Revolutionary Shaving: The HeadBlade Giveaway

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Not too long ago, we did a post on Fresh Cuts and Stylings that featured a variety of hairstyles for every type of guy. A day or so after that article went up we received a few emails from guys praising the article, but wanting us to show a little more love to the men that prefer to be hairless up top. Well,  before we could cater to your concerns the kind folks at HeadBlade came to us and would like to present The Urban Gentleman readers with a chance to win some of their great products.
Taking simplistic functionality to fun and award-winning levels HeadBlade razors are designed to give those desiring a smooth dome the best results…
HeadBlade’s pride and joy, the Limited Edition gun metal S4 Shadow

Who says a straight razor is always best, the human head is round right? So why shouldn’t there be a razor designed to match the contour of the human head.  HeadBlade’s clever razor seamlessly hooks around your middle finger, creating a secure grip while you shave. Did I mention it has wheels? Yes actual mini wheels, that will make on-head shaving navigation a breeze, while seriously decreasing your chances of any accidents– just one smooth ride (i.e no nicks and bumps).

Guys you know you love your gadgets, the HeadBlade razor is sort of like a toy with a purpose, a purpose that focuses on you looking good. But their products aren’t just for hairless urban gents, they also have the FaceBlade which makes shaving your facial hair easy.

A ton of bald celebrities use HeadBlade– ranging from MMA fighters to retired NBA stars, some choose to go hairless while the rest would rather have no hair their some hair. Check out the celebs who enjoy HeadBlade products Here.

If you need more details on how their products work, get schooled in a little  HeadBlade 101 at You can buy their products at Amazon,  Headblade, or at your local drugstore.

Alrighty, lets get down to the good stuff, we will be giving away 5 items:
1 Executive S4 Shadow Kit
The new Executive S4 Shadow Kit is the most prestigious kit HeadBlade has to offer. It includes a padded TravelShell, Limited Edition gun metal S4 Shadow, TripleBlade replacement kit, Groomster (manicure kit),  and 2 oz. Travel Kit, which includes the famous HeadSlick shave cream, HeadShed exfoliator, HeadLube Glossy, and HeadLube Matte. Try to win this top of the line kit below, or buy it for $116.
1 Combo Travel Kit
The Combo kit is the best introductory kit for those looking to dive into the world of HeadBlade.  It comes complete with the new FaceBlade, HeadBlade Sport, and the most popular creams in convenient travel sized 2 oz. bottles: HeadSlick shave cream, HeadShed exfoliator, HeadLube Glossy, and HeadLube Matte moisturizing lotion.
1 FaceBlade Travel Kit
The FaceBlade Travel Kit is designed for the non-headshaver and contains all the essentials for a non-headshaver to be part of the HeadBlade family. The FaceBlade travel razor is designed for the face or legs, or anywhere else (other than your head) you shave. The travel kit includes a nice TravelShell and a line up of creams: the wildly famous HeadSlick shave cream, HeadShed exfoliator, HeadLube Glossy, and HeadLube Matte. The creams come in convenient travel ready 2 oz. bottles and a nice zippered travel bag.

1 HeadBlade Sport (with the 2oz samples in the zipper travel pouch)

1 FaceBlade (with the 2oz samples in the zipper travel pouch)

You guys know the drill…

1. Leave your name and email address

2. Answer the question: Do you want to be considered for a headblade product, a faceblade product, or both?

If you want to have a higher chance of winnings you can also:

– Subscribe to The Urban Gent (look on right column)
Fan us on facebook
– Tweet about the contest (then tell us you did via “comments”)
–  Follow us on blogger

The more ways you enter the more chances you have to win. So I suggest atleast commenting on this post then choose any of the other entry ways.

Contest ends next Friday.

Fun Fact: HeadBlade Classic is actually a part of the permanent collection at the Museum of Modern Art– for its design. Just another reason why you should enter to win.

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  1. dope giveaway.
    i want the executive kit.

  2. forgot the email… mikebrenton39 (at)

  3. Hey, I use this shaver now. It works great, my girlfriend bought it for me for Christmas. I definitely wouldnt mind having an extra set for traveling.


  4. leonard.marcus at yahoo dot com
    face only

    great blog

  5. Xavier- The new Urban Gent

    Xavier here!

    First time reader, this is definitely my favorite new blog! I can't believe I'm new to this.

    i want the executive set!

  6. I havent tried the headblade, but the faceblade works well

  7. As soon as I'm finished with a shower, I grab a towel to wear…
    Next I'll remove my facial hair..

    Compile some lather in a soap bowl..
    so my appearance won't hint of a troll..

    It will surely add a lot of refined flare and grace..
    I'd like to inherent my very own FaceBlade Travel Kit case..

    Urban Gent : Pat Wolinski

  8. Great Razors!

  9. Chris McCoulgin

    chrismcg at yahoo dot com


  10. I've always wanted to try this.

    HeadBlade. I'm bald and beautiful LOL!

  11. mgmatt@tmail

  12. JAMUP writeup. I want to be entered into both.


  13. Urban Gent: Robert Dillon
    Email: robert.dillon at gmail dot com

    FaceBlade and HeadBlade please.

  14. Love your blog here in Liberia!
    I can't enter, b/c I'm sure yo dont ship, but this is good stuff!





  16. What's up everybody, I just saw this in the store not too long ago. Looks like a race car.

    Im thinking about shaving it all off, so I'll go for the headblade. blueman7_0 at hotmail dot com

  17. What's up everybody, I just saw this in the store not too long ago. Looks like a race car.

    Im thinking about shaving it all off, so I'll go for the headblade. blueman7_0 at hotmail dot com

  18. What's up everybody, I just saw this in the store not too long ago. Looks like a race car.

    Im thinking about shaving it all off, so I'll go for the headblade. blueman7_0 at hotmail dot com

  19. Great Blog! Faceblade. A.South anthonysmall at


  20. I really want the face kit!

    -Adrian (

  21. I think I want this just to compare it to the average razor. I just hope my kid brother doesnt come over and mistake it for a toy

  22. Ok, sign me up… robbiebatyahoodotcom
    top notch blog btw

  23. fyi faceblade and headblade

  24. I feel lucky

  25. dont forget me robbiebatyahoodotcom

  26. brandonmithcell at gmail dot com

  27. This is perfect, I'm thinkin about cuttin my hair off. New look for a new year. I'd like to be entered for both.

    Christopher B.

  28. mattsullivan521atgmaildotcom

    definitely the headblade!!

  29. Mike Fitt


  30. mikefittenatyahoodotcom

  31. great blog, great prize

    the gold coast here! headblade

  32. did i mention great blog!

  33. HeadBlade works!!!


  35. Ronald
    I want the Exec kit.

    ronaldallen (at) gmail (dot) com

  36. How many can we win?

  37. That looks like a toy car, I want one for my husband!

  38. lisa091210 at yahoo dot com

  39. oh and I want to enter to win both faceblade and headblade

  40. It's a new year!
    Have no fear!
    A new look is here!
    No more leer it's a clean frontier!
    Blessed by both a face and headblade gear!
    Thanks for being so premier!


  41. Face, Head or Executive is fine.


    By the way, I don't comment often, but I've been following this blog a couple months and appreciate the good work.

  42. Both…I would like both, please.


  43. Emmanuel Lepnice Fleurinord

    I whole kitten kaboodle well be great!!!

    great blog

  44. Devell King

    A faceblade please

  45. Okim

    I want to enter to win both

  46. please and thank you.

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