His Basics: Round II

Our original Urban Gentleman His Basics Photo Contest was a big hit. So much so that other websites have been mimicking it. It’s popularity can certainly be attributed to that fact that, simply stated, its interesting to see what the basics or everyday essentials of a person are. And it’s particularly interesting to see the basics of gentlemen worldwide– the similarities and the differences. Round I was cool, you can see it here, and see the winners here. But for round II urban gents seemed to have upped the ante…. So look below, and tell us who you think  has the best basics?

1. Simon from Switzerland
Since I’m traveling a lot these (cold) days, these are my basics: Attiva (by brulé) shoes and a pair of matching gloves. Iphone 16GB wrapped in a beyza case going perfect together with my solo beats by dre. And for carryig the rest of my essentials I got myself a LV Keep all 55 bag by takashi murakami
2. Jack from Bremen, Germany
theeeeese are my basics! YSL parum, my favour watch (Guess), iPhone 3G white edition, my PRL glasses, Thomas Sabo Necklace, Marc´O´Polo wallet, my keys and my 8GB supertalent pico c usb. don´t need anything else.
3. Patrick from Berlin
gloves, chap-stick, lighter, keys, watch, cigarettes, wallet, ipod
4. Justin from Canada
Apple Macbook, Vonzipper Fernstein Aviator, a Wallet/Money, Nail Clippers, an iPod Touch/Bose earbuds, and Leather Driving Gloves (For Cold Winters)
5. Arran from Sheffield, UK
Moleskine Notebook, ABC of Men’s Fashion, Emporio Armani Watch, Paul Smith ‘Naked Lady’ Wallet, iPhone in leather pouch, Jeremy Hackett’s Mr Classic
6. Greg from Cleveland, Ohio
Casio Databank calculator watch, Kenneth Cole cuff links, Kronborg silver tie clip, Sony MDR-NC7 headphones, Nixon Newton watch, Nikon 50-300mm lens for Nikon d50, random wayfarer style glasses, crusty old gateway laptop, hemostat….med student and theyre good for eating fries with. (we’ll have to give Greg an extra point for having The Urban Gentleman up in the background, lol).

7. Andrew from Toronto, Canada
LV bifold wallet, lighter, excel whitening gum, cigarette case, antique agenda, rotofugi keychain, keitai, spare ¥

8. Guapo from Iowa City, LA
Ear pollution head phones, Coach messenger, Coach money clip, apple ipod nano, Blackberry Tour, Joe Rodeo 2.5ct watch, Dior sunglasses, diane hair brush, black jesus piece, and wahl g whiz trimmer

9. Emmanuel from Manhattan
My Blackberry Storm, 80G Ipod, Keys w/ Boarders Rewards Card, Spectacles, Kenneth Cole Money clip, J crew Bow Tie, Timex Watch with Orange J crew Watch Band, J Press tie clip, Usb w/ removable disk drive and always a great book ( The Autobiography of an Ex-Colored Man by James Weldon Johnson )

10. Jon from Rochester NY / Columbus OH
My Blackberry Tour, iPod, Bose Headphones, Polo Wallet, Kenneth Cole Glasses, Cross Pan, Ohio State USB for class, Relic Watch, Yankee WS Hat, ChapStick, Sunglasses, Stride Gum. Everything I need for long walks across campus.
Which is your favorite?
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  1. I would like to vote for Guapo because I can see all the stuff he uses being used everyday vs others. not to take anything from anyone cuz trust and believe it is some nice stuff on here but this goes to GUAPO

  2. I like #5!

  3. Jon from Rochester is my favorite!!

  4. hmm i think i prefer round 1, so much more diversity…


    #1 — That bag is ridiculous, i don't care if your shoes match your gloves
    #2 — I just think prison when i see that photo
    #3 — This made laugh, the cigarettes & leather gloves combo and the german origin, made me think of a german officer in WWII.
    #4 — Dog tags, no thanks
    #5 — Who carries a book about fashion?
    #6 — High quality camera + computer = Stalker
    #7 — Efficient, definition of basics.
    #8 — Portable hair-dressing kit, its a shame as the headphones are really cool.
    #9 — Bow tie is sick.
    #10 — Ditch the hat, u ain't no gangsta…

    It's a tie between #9 and #6 for me. Thank you.

  5. I have honestly never met someone who was reminded of WWII because of a combination of cigarettes and leather gloves. That´s utter bullshit.
    And wearing New Era caps is no privilege of Gangsters, it´s a fashion accessiore for men…
    Portable hair dressing kit?it´s only a brush to keep his style nice and clean.

    For me it´s between #1 and #9

  6. I would like to vote guapo i dont know what i am looking at but any guy that does coach is GOOOOOD in my book

  7. oh ooooh just throw it in the BAG GUAPO coach bag that is. Guapo is my pick Guapulla gone head and bring this home.

  8. Talesha Peterschmidt

    I love Guapo from Iowa City. To me the best on here. #8

  9. I choose Guapo! I love the dior glasses, and most of all the coach messenger obviously that boys got some class and ofcourse you gotta rock the blackberry

  10. I would have to say that this definitely goes to #8 Guapo from Iowa City.

  11. i like the first one…especially da takashi murakami lv bag…fresh

  12. #8 is my pick, thats funny because I didnt know there was anything other than farmers in Iowa haha I swear he got it though.
    I agree with that oe person that said high quality camera plus computer equal stalker lol
    #6 would not be a my pick ever but I like his computer.
    #4 is pretty clean too but I think I'll stick with 8 I guess everyone thought the same thing I did about tha Coach bag WOW and the head phones!

  13. my favorites:


  14. between 1, 2, 5, and 9

    I think #8 has all his friends voting… b/c his is one of my least favorites

  15. Let's go for 9


  16. I'm for 9 too, nice touch with the background

    And yeah, 8 is Wack

  17. #9 or #5

  18. Number 9 all the way, shows a great sense of manhood without the ignornace. Organized, Fresh and great style in pure simplicity!

  19. I say number 9!

  20. Big Sal aka Jefe

    I like "the man who knows" break down. Very good observational skills.

    #9 all the way, like a boss.


  21. 1,3,5 perfectly define URBAN Gentlemen.


  22. 5, 5, 5, 5, 5, aaaaaaaallll day. This most perfectly defines the guys of your site

  23. #9! def hit the nail on the head..

  24. I LIKE NUMB3R 9!!!!! a good book, I couldn't agree more …

  25. I say #9

  26. #9 is the man

  27. lovemehatemeexpress

    #8 or #3. #8 is very street urban not organized at all but I dig his choice of items, the condom is a bit much but I guess you could never be too safe, #3 is very much world war 2, his choice of items reminds me of a book by Micheal Chabon, though the lighter could use a upgrade. I would have went with #9, but his items are very "hipster", if I met him wearing and/or having these items on his person, I would get the impression he was a very young college kid with great style not an urban gentleman whose a style icon in his own right. #5's display is visaully stunning but the items are a bit too elaborate for me.

  28. #9! Def hit the nail on the head.


  29. 8 is DISGUSTING! He has his friends on he himself is voting for 8 over and over again.

    1, 2, and 5.

  30. I agree, 8 is pretty nasty. That's Totally NOT what this website is about. Please everyone stop voting for that crap.

    my vote is 1 and 5.

  31. 5 is exactly what an Urban Gentleman is.

  32. #5— a very easy choice.


  33. Most def #5

  34. #9 for sure love the book

  35. Five, All the way! It's Just classic! Definately the urban gent!

  36. I liked #9. It seemed to be the most well-rounded and complete.

  37. I would to know where Patrick got his gloves from

  38. Number 9 has my vote (has a NY swag to it and I love everything about it)

  39. I am Guapo and I vote 8 which is mine let me break it down starting with the condom. I know this isnt a sex site but as a urban gentleman you are ideal men to others and this shows safe sex face it it happens I do not leave the house without them, have you guys not heard of aids? We know stylish men rack up on admirers hell we are human there are young ladies that are taken up on there offer. as for the beauty kit i am a master barber I am always lining up others and i stay on top of my hair my brush is my bestfriend I have a CRAZY 360 wave pattern, alot of you guys do not use this crap everyday. Whoever say number 9 come on, a bow tie everyday? burnt orange watch as a man with a tiny face not cool where is your taste people.5 is nice but men only need one pen, so you telling me you use 8 plus pens everyday? as for the fashion book homie at what point do you step away from the referance materials? but if i did not vote for mine it would mos def be number 2 which hasnot gotten any love. Your guys taste BLOWS 9 is tacky as hell

  40. #9 ! Love the J Crew watch!

  41. i vote #9.
    Anybody who wears a bow tie means business!
    PLUS i LOVE that book!

  42. guapo hate will get you no where. True gentlmen dont take that road.

  43. Between #5 and #9 but I've gotta vote for #9 because of the bow tie and the Borders rewards card. Love it!

  44. #8 is completely tacky. I live in the city too, DC, and who just walks around everyday carrying scruffled up condoms?? It's disgusting. Are you on the prowl for random hookups around the clock? If so, not only are you not a gentleman, but you are also revealing much more than most people who visit this blog want to know.

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