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The William Malcolm Collection

“Classic Menswear with a modern twist” is how one would describe The William Malcolm Collection. Created by, well, William Malcolm, the collection focuses on custom suits, tuxedos, overcoats, and accessories. Every garment is designed and hand-crafted for each individual client based on their specifications.

Upon entering his website, its feels like you’re stepping into the lobby of a luxury hotel or high end boutique– the jazz puts you in quite the relaxing, luxe, and ready to shop mood.

But before you begin shopping, stop by the museum, yeah that’s right– the museum, lol. It’s filled with custom William Malcolm suits (that may give you an idea of what you want) and inspirational quotes. After you have perused the gallery for awhile, you’re ready to design…

You’re able to create a custom suit from his Black Label, WM Monogram, and Formal Wear Collections; you feel like a designer as you pick and choose between the hundreds of fine fabrics that are offered. Once you’re done creating, lounge around the website to learn more about designer William Malcolm.

William Malcolm doesn’t just stop at designing modernly classic suits, he’s also a guy that’s working to uplift young American men. He’s the founder of The Suit Project, a program that focuses on self empowerment, educational advancement, presentation skills, and entrepreneurship, among other things for young men that are 18-22 years of age. Many mentoring programs tend to focus on teenagers and young kids, but most people can admit that ages 18-22 are crucial development years for those preparing to enter the “real world”. It’s great to see someone recognizing that there is a need and is poignantly responding to that need. Learn more about The Suit Project here.

Be sure to support Urban Gent William Malcolm as he continues to design elegant suits and works to change young lives. See more of The William Malcolm Collection here.

Spring/Summer Workout Tips: Celebrity Trainer Dolvett Quince

Spring is almost here, so that means Summer is almost here, lol, and that’s when the world gets a little, well, skimpy. So its vital that we all look our best during months where more of the body will be exposed, and of course around here we want you guys to be, well, the sh*t in every area. So we spoke with Celebrity Fitness Trainer Dolvett Quince, and he was able to give us a few tips on how to get your body right– Urban Gentleman style.

1. Best workout to get fit and in shape quickly?

Do a combination of weight training and cardio, and even mix in some calisthenics (push-ups pull-ups, sit-ups, etc.). Have a “get it done” approach and you can finish this in 30 minutes. (just mix and match, maybe 10 minutes of each). This is the perfect workout to define muscles and get ready for the spring and summer!!

2. Advice on how to integrate fitness into a busy schedule?

Simply find time, better yet make time! Set your alarm clock an hour earlier than normal for this month, give yourself a monthly goal! Wake up and hit the gym early, you’ll be surprised how much energy and focus you have throughout your day! Nothing less than 30 minutes, nothing more than an hour for us busy guys!

3. Foods that will aid in slimming down -and- foods that help when wanting to bulk up?

Slimming down: Try increasing your fiber intake, fiber assist in flushing the body, and usually connected to high vitamin intake. A great example, oatmeal in the morning or FiberOne cereal! Also coconut water and oil have tremendous benefits in reducing water retention! I recommend Zico Pure Premium Coconut Water as a refreshing alternative for the upcoming spring and summer heat.

If you’re looking to gain mass: increase your lean protein intake– chicken breast baked (not fried)! Fish and turkey are great foods to increase and sustain muscle mass!

4. What are some of the benefits of your Special “Me & My Chair: The No Excuses Workout” workouts?

A huge benefit: You only need a chair to get through this workout, and trust me you have a chair… you’re probably on one right now as you read this! If you find yourself away on business, or stuck in a hotel, or even at home and wanna burn off those calories, this DVD is for YOU. It’s a great way to speed up and maintain your metabolism! THE Best way to “maintain your sexy”!

5. Let’s say an urban gentleman only has 10 minutes to workout per day, he wants to slim down a little and tone his muscles,what should he do?

Jump outta bed and do 30 push ups, 30 crunches, 30 sit ups, 30 squats, 30 lunges per leg! REPEAT until the 10 minutes are up! Watch what you eat.. that means make clean quality choices when eating! As your body gets use to this workout increase your reps and speed!

6. Top 5 singular workouts? Top 5 foods to eat?

Push ups, squats, sit ups, dips, pull ups!
Turkey, Oatmeal, Eggs, Chicken, Spinach!

7. Anything extra you want to add?

Drink water. Why? It flushes your body and reduces water retention by flushing the system continuously! Enjoy this spring and summer gentlemen, and “be better than yesterday”.

Celebrity Trainer Dolvett Quince

Want to hear more from Dolvett? Check him out Here.
Get the Me & My Chair Workout Here.
Check out the Urban Gentleman Health Corner Here.

More about the Me & My Chair workout:

“Me and My Chair” is an extension of Dolvett’s commitment to help people change their lives “one rep at a time.” “Me and My Chair” is a no excuses workout that can be done anytime, anywhere. Suited for those whose demanding schedules keep them out of the gym, this workout is intended to be a personal trainer on the go. “Me and My Chair” is a low-impact, high intensity workout system that helps you tone up and slim down using only a household chair as equipment. With a Beginner and Advanced workout on the same DVD, you’ll be able to see yourself improve as you move between these two calorie-burning workouts!

NOVERO TheTalkyOne Bluetooth Speakerphone: Stylish Hands-free Living

Last year we reviewed Novero’s TheFirstOne as one of the most stylish bluetooth headsets on the market. This year Novero is unveiling yet another stylish solution for hands-free living– TheTalkyOne. Yeah, their product names are a little quirky, but TheTalkyOne’s feature are far from it.

package contents

TheTalkyOne is a minimally-designed Bluetooth speakerphone, about the size of an iPhone that lets you make calls and stream music anywhere that you are – in the car, home or office. It is ideal for anybody that needs the added flexibility in their digital life, but doesn’t want to settle for the usual unattractive (or just down right ugly) digital products.

perfect for car use, especially with the many
“no cell-phone while driving” laws

F E A T U R E S:
Crystal Clear Sound: TheTalkyOne uses best-in-class DSP, and the latest in noise reduction and echo cancellation technology

Bring Your Music with You: TheTalkyOne streams music in multiple file formats from your phone or Bluetooth enabled MP3 player, through stereo music streaming (A2DP 1.2)

Text-to-speech functionality allows TheTalkyOne to distinctly read text messages and announces the names of callers, if supported by your phone

Simple Pairing with Multipoint technology: Connect easily with 2 mobile phones. If traveling with a passenger, calls can be taken from either handset

Go Anywhere: TheTalkyOne is compatible with all major Bluetooth phones, and can be effortlessly mounted in any car, home or office interior with its versatile clip

It’s only $139, and you can get it here.

m o r e i n f o r m a t i o n:
You can read the guide for TheTalkyOne by going to, click on service, click on manual, and choose TheTalkyOne from the drop down menu.

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