Extra Credit

Local Urban Gentleman Josh Savage, gives us a little something more for the schoolyard wardrobe.


Your seasonal staple fitted.
It doesn't hurt to have one favorite fitted hat each season. And for the guys who don't wear fitted hats– you may not have any in your closet now, but there will probably be atleast one weekend, or rainy afternoon, where you wish you had a nice fitted to just switch it up a little bit. Check out Fitted Hats.


One can never have too many cardigans, so it's okay to slightly stock up. They take you from Fall to Spring without a hitch, while making cameos during the Summer season.

T.U.G Idea: When buying a "varsity" type sweater, get one that doesn't boldly sport the designer's logo so that you can customize and authenticate it. Go to your campus bookstore and purchase a custom embroidered patch of your university's emblem. Then iron and sew it onto the sweater. Some of you are probably like, "what, sew!", lol. Well, if you don't want to sew it yourself then most dry cleaners (with tailoring services) will sew in on for a few bucks.

The Urban Gentleman

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  1. The Urban Gentleman Blog

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    The Best Fashion, Style, and Grooming Blog or Website for men.


  2. nice collection.i would like to buy………

  3. I completely agree!! you can never have enough cardigans! also fited caps can go a long wayy

  4. one really great cardigan is missing!

    Plain Jane Hommes cotton/cashmere cardigan is great. sick fit and details.

  5. Dog, its funny you brought up the whole fitted caps thing cuz i just bought like 4 of them an hour ago. lol.

  6. Hey!
    First of all, great blog!
    Secondly, cardigans on guyz are SWEET.
    Guyz with cardigans = guyz who care about clothes.
    And that's awesome. =]
    Fitted hat and nerd-glasses are 10points with a Cardigan. šŸ˜€

  7. Men don't have a hard time on how they will look like. A pair of jeans, shoes and a shirt with a cardigan is already enough. That would be completely in for a fashion.

  8. Does anyone know what brand/style of sweater/cardigan he's wearing in the second photo?  It looks like a Nike NSW Varsity cardigan from the back, but I've not found any in white with a black armband.  Would love to get me one like he's got.

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