Holiday Giveaway #10: The American Made Giveaway: Duluth Pack & Stormy Kromer

We've given away alot of stuff so far, but today is one of our favorites… it's The American Made Giveaway. Two of our favorite American companies Duluth Pack and Stormy Kromer are giving away something. And the BEST thing about both of these companies is that all of their items have LIFETIME guarantees. So like I stated in our last posting about Duluth Pack… when your vintage-loving great grandchild decides he wants to go through your closest 50 years from now, he can send it in for a free replacement/repair if needed — now that's a warranty.


Stormy Kromer was founded by George "Stormy" Kromer– who was a semi-pro baseball player and railroad engineer. After playing for several baseball teams in the midwest he worked for the Chicago & Northwestern Railroad, and would take long, cold trips across the plains. As stated on their website, "Stormy was an engineer, and to see where he was headed, he had to stick his head out the window — into the wind. Mother Nature stole his cap more than once, and as the story goes, he set out to get her back. In 1903, he asked Ida (his wife and an excellent seamstress) to modify an old baseball cap to help keep it on in windy weather. The all-cloth cap with the soft, canvas visor was a departure from the traditional fedoras of the day, but it was more comfortable and because of it's six-panel fit, it stayed put. Soon other railroad workers wanted one of Stormy Kromer's caps for themselves, and when Ida could no longer keep up with demand, they hired a few employees and the business was born."

Purchase an original Stormy Kromer, here.


And you should know all about Duluth Pack by now, if you don't learn more here. The scout pack is one of our favorite bags because it's classic, has history, and is different from the usual backpacks/rucksacks we see these days. This would make for a great Christmas gift to someone, so be sure to purchase a bag or two here. (order by Wednesday so you can receive the bag by Christmas Eve).


2 readers will be chosen today. To win you must comment on this post, comment on our Facebook, and/or re-tweet on Twitter. Link to us on your Facebook/Twitter pages, and tell all your friends and associates.

Today's winner will receive a holiday red scout pack. And remember our talks of the grand prize last Friday (that includes several items)? Well, Duluth Pack will be giving away one of their classic utility packs in the color of your choosing. So get ready for that…

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  1. that hat is class


  3. Duluth Pack, yes!

  4. I need to win. I got this in the “bag”.

  5. 1. DulUth pack!!!
    2. Stormy Kromer =)

    love love love!!!

  6. I will take one of those! :)

  7. Good looking bag!

  8. me win this…

  9. Can’t wait for the Grand Prize giveaway!

  10. Would love to win and follow and tweeted @applespice159

  11. Great bag, would love to win this classic!

  12. Man the color of the pack is nice. I’m feeling the hat as well. Good job with these giveaways guys.

  13. What does up to a few times mean lol
    Pack looks sick, hoping I win

  14. Man I want that Duluth Pack, but ill take the Stormy Kromer, looks like a hat my pops would wear. I’m looking forward to getting old for the same reason. :-)

  15. Duluth Pack is the one I was waiting for – just gimme this one and I’m done

  16. i won lol!!!

  17. Stormy Kromer and Duluth Pack! Two great American companies, demonstrating that terrific products can still be made and bought here in the USA. Congratulations to both of them; and I love everything they make and sell!

  18. What a great combination!!! Love our Stormy Kromer’s, unfortunately we have yet to own a Duluth Pack, but would sure be able to use one!!!

  19. woo…1st

    1st time for everything

    almost bought a Duluth Pack a few days ago…hopefully I do not have to

    UrbanGent is too good

  20. Can I win this PLEASE!!!!!

  21. I like this a lot!!!
    1. DulUth pack!!!
    2. Stormy Kromer =)

  22. irresistable offer!!!

  23. Love this site – keep up the style! Would love to get some free holiday things!

  24. Awesome backpacks. Definitely a neat holiday gift.

  25. I’m in again :)

  26. 1. Duluth Pack.
    2. Stormy Kromer

  27. I really like that scout pack.

  28. I really like the Duluth Pack.

  29. Awesome, this rocks. happy holidays.

  30. That Duluth Pack is excellent! Would love to have one :)

  31. I’d really like both

  32. amazing pack! :)

  33. I love this as a set. I hope I can win this.

  34. Once again the Urban Gent puts out the best

  35. I soo love the bag.

  36. That red scout hat is the business! Gimee one please so I can be the flyest brotha out there!

  37. I meant, the back pack …..I really love the backpack!

  38. I really love that Duluth Pack!

  39. Wow I’m a girl, but I’d totally rock both of these items they are some realy fly pieces!..

  40. I want that pack!

  41. That book bag is dope!! Hopefully I will win it this time!!!

  42. That Duluth pack is pretty sick!

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