Holiday Giveaway #3: 2 Eleven Eleven Luxury Watches

An exclusive to Barney’s, Bergdorf’s and Neiman Marcus Eleven Eleven watches are the latest entry into the world of fun and colorful, luxury watches. Ranging from $295-$395 Eleven Eleven's motto is "It's 11:11 Make A Wish". I'll admit, at first I didn't get it, but a quick google search filled me in. 11:11 is the best time to make a wish… So if you just so happen to look at the clock at 11:11 and make a wish, it's supposed to come true. (btw: it has to be spontaneous, you can't look at the clock at 11:08 and think "I have 3 minutes!").  Did I mention they're customizable– so you're able to change the straps depending on your attire (or mood).



2 readers will be chosen. 1 will be chosen at random by commenting on the post (you have until 12am pacific time). And the other 1 will be chosen via facebook and twitter. So comment and tweet like craaaazy!

Check out the complete collection of Eleven Eleven watches for men and women, here.


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  1. Sick watches!!

  2. I WANT IT!!

  3. those are good-looking watches!!

  4. These are great watches. Hope I win one !

  5. Sign me up!

  6. Those watches are soooooo dope! SN: I love the new site!

  7. I’m a real big fan of your blog, and I would love to win one of these watches.
    By the way, the new look is awesome. Its very easy on the eyes.

  8. Sleek design! Haha, I could use a watch xD

  9. I want one of these so bad

  10. Guess Im the only one so far to comment haha oh well hope I win anyway :)

  11. I feel like I learn sooo much.
    As a freshman in high school, I felt like I had to mature my way of dress. Thank you very much for teaching everyone with access to the internet the way of being fashionable.
    Love it dude.
    BTW, Giveaways are awesome! ;)

  12. If I comment that the facebook link isn’t working, will that enter me twice for effort?

  13. Those watches are real nice~ I want to win one~ the purple one definitely matches my style

  14. u guys are tooo generous !!!!

  15. Those look really sick, crossing my fingers

  16. I need one of these awesome watches to wear with the selvedge jeans that I’m gonna win.

  17. Would love
    To win one. Awesome looking watches.

  18. man this watch is fresh as fuck

  19. man this watch is fresh

  20. Swags gonna be starin in awe with one of these hater blockers on your wrist :P

  21. These watches are TOO SICK! These are a swag booster most def.

  22. Man these things are dope. i would love to get one of these.

  23. Love these watches!

  24. i think the blue/yellow watch is beat.. these watches are definitely in the ‘now’ wear..

  25. Some people say there’s some effect about 11:11 that makes people look at the clock right at that time. As for me I say hooey but I’d never even heard of 11:11 watches before finding this blog. Pretty cool idea to name a watch company.

  26. is it 11:11 yet?

  27. I am the biggest fan of your blog, and I would love to win one of these watches. You don’t even know how much I use this site to help me keep up my cutting edge style. By the way, the new look is awesome. Its very easy on the eyes.

  28. omg! i love you guy’s blog.. you’re the grestest and i would love to win one of these watches!.. they are sick, dope!

  29. I would love to win one of these watches. This is so cool!!

  30. Love these watches!- Very stylish and affordable….keep up the genius works


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