Holiday Giveaway #7: Gents Going Green: Sutsu Gear, EvolutionMan, and Sport+Store


I know some of our twitter followers were cheering for the cell phone giveaway to be today, but you know we had to have atleast one giveaway that focuses on being green. So for today's giveaway we teamed up with Sutsu, EvolutionMan, and Sport+Store to offer a few giveaways. #GentsGoingGreen

Sutsu is a European founded boarding brand. They cater to all types of boarding: surfing, snow boarding, skateboarding, windsurfing, kite surfing, and… I think that's all the types of boarding?? Their clothing is made from organic cotton and naturally sustainable Bamboo, and it's produced in a carbon neutral factory. So they're pretty damn green.

Sutsu is going to give one lucky reader any t-shirt and sweatshirt from their site. We of course, suggest you keep the neck crew for both.


And you guys should remember our posts on EvolutionMan and Sport+Store, if not check it out here.


EVOLUTIONMAN is giving away: Cleanse & Shave, Moisture Protect SPF20, and Lip Balm




Sport+Store is giving away one of their bottles. If you're an athlete, this will be very convenient for the gym or field or court.


3 readers will be chosen today. To win you must comment on this post, comment on our Facebook, and/or re-tweet on Twitter. SO link to us on your facebook/twitter pages, tell all your friends, and tweet your heart out… today plenty of you will be #winners.

Let us know your 1st, 2nd, and 3rd choice for prizes.

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  1. i want, i want, i want, especially the crew neck. But I’d settle for the Evolution Man.

  2. Dope that you guys are going green w/ this giveaway!
    #1- Sutsu
    #3- Sport+Store

  3. Let’s do it!

  4. 1. Sutsu
    2. Evolution man
    3. sport+store

  5. 1. EvolutionMan
    2. Crew Neck
    3. Water Bottle

  6. 1. sweater 2. evolution man products 3. waterbottle

    goin green in styleee… right on urbangent

  7. Please TUG let me win something for the holidays! Preference: 1) Sutsu, 2) EvolutionMan, 3)Sport+Store.

  8. I could really use some of Evolution Mans products.

    1. Evolution Man
    2. Sutsu
    3. Sports+Store

  9. 1. Sutsu
    2. Sport+Store
    3. Evolution Man

  10. I wanna win!!

    1. Sutsu
    2. Evolution Man
    3. Sport + Store

  11. Can I have it, Can I, Can I?

  12. I never won anything! I would love to win this pleeease :) My name is Alex L. Order of choice:
    2.Sport and Store
    3. Shaving

  13. Love your blog and appreciate all the cool giveaways!

  14. Happy Holidays!!!
    #1: Sutsu,
    #2 EvolutionMan,
    #3 Sport+Store.

  15. Sign me up!
    1. SUTSU

  16. LEts Give the Gift we all should…TO THE PLANET. GO Green! Ultimately you’ll be giving yourself a Gift..and a Future to your children.

  17. Looks like The Urban Gentleman cares about the environment, Great!!

    #1- Sutsu
    #3- Sport+Store

  18. Love your blog and all of the hot giveaways!!!

    1: Sutsu,
    2 EvolutionMan,
    3 Sport+Store.

  19. Nice, going green!

    1. Sutsu
    2. EvolutionMan
    3. Sport+Store

  20. lovin’ the variety

    1) Sport+Store
    2) Sutsu
    3) Evolution Man

  21. ooooo me me me

  22. I wanted the sweater

  23. Re-tweeted and commented select me, to select some swag “Green” is my color… I mean conscience

  24. I want that hoodie!… followed by the EvolutionMan and Sport&Store.

    If i get that hoodie, everyone on my blog is going to know about it.

  25. Thanks for the cool contest btw.
    1: Sport+Store
    2: Sutsu
    3: Evolution Man

  26. I want the evolutionman kit please

  27. I love Sutsu. And I definitely want to try EvolutionMan.

  28. Thanks again dudes@@
    1. Sutsu
    2. Evolution Man
    3. Sport + Store

  29. #GentsGoingGreen
    2.Evolution Man
    3.Sports + Store

  30. Let’s get it!
    1. Sutsu
    2. Evolution man
    3. sport+store

  31. michelle rosborough

    1. Evolution man
    2. Sutsu
    3. sport+store

  32. 1. Sutsu
    2. Sport+Store
    3. Evolution Man


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