Holiday Giveaway #5: Heyday x Wrath Arcane Sneakers, Nixon Watch, 10Deep Snapback, (from Trucker Deluxe), and Buckyballs.

It's Friday so we figured let's have a bit more fun with the giveaway. So provided by Trucker Deluxe and Buckyballs we have an array of items for 6 lucky winners.


While The Urban Gentleman often focuses on luxury, classic, and vintage items, we also delight in showing love to other styles, and today… well, this giveaway is for you Jereme Rogers, Terry Kennedy, pro-skater, street-wear loving gents. Checkout the giveaway items:

Heyday x Wrath Arcane Concept Shoes

Photobucket  Photobucket

Heyday teamed up with minimalist streetwear brand Wrath Arcane to create The Concept, which takes the basic design of Heyday's Super Shift and tweaks it to create a sneaker unlike any other. Cost $170, here.

Nixon – The Rubber Re-Run Watch



10Deep – 1995 Snap-Back Hat




All items above are from Trucker Deluxe.

Now for something fun…

Who said adults can't have toys? Buckyballs are the latest craze in addictive and stress-relieving desktoys. So we're giving away 3 executive edition Buckyballs in silver, black, and gold.


Check out this Buckyballs video:

Purchase Buckyballs here.

6 readers will be chosen. To win the Heyday x Wrath Arcane concept sneakers, Nixon watch, 10 Deep snapback, or Buckyballs you must comment on this post, comment on our Facebook, and/or re-tweet on Twitter.

Let us know the order in which you prefer the items. For Example: 1. Nixon watch 2. Heyday shoes, 3. Buckyballs, 4. 10 Deep hat. Depending on the order you're randomly drawn  you'll be given your 1st, 2nd, 3rd, or 4th choice.

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  1. These are pretty fresh!

  2. Those Heyday x Wrath Arcane Concept Shoes!!! Those kicks are fly AF!

  3. 1.Heyday shoes, 2. Nixon Watch 3. Buckyballs, 4. 10 Deep hat.
    LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the site and the giveaways!!!!

  4. I need to get my hands on those shoes. How do I make this possible?

  5. Dying over those kicks!
    1. Heyday Shoes
    2. Nixon Watch
    3. Deep Hat
    4. Buckyballs Cologne
    Thank you URBANGENT!

  6. Awesome giveaway!

    1. Heyday shoes 2. Buckyballs 3. Nixon watch 4. 10 Deep hat


  8. Those shoes look amazing if I were lucky enough to win I would like the 1. Heyday shoes 2. Nixon Watch 3. 10 Deep hat and lastly the Buckyballs Keep up the good work with your site :) I’ve been a fan forever

  9. #Shoutout to T.U.G. for showing love with these giveaways. I’m loving this. Good luck everybody!

  10. Hey, I’d love to win any of these, but here’s my preferred order:
    1) Heyday shoes
    2) 10 Deep hat
    3) Nixon watch
    4) Buckyballs

    Thanks, and keep up the great promos!

  11. I really would like to win the shoes! So I pick number 2.
    PLZ PLZ PLZ! I really want to win the shoes! They are absolutely awesome! I beg of you!

  12. 1. Heyday x Wrath Arcane Concept Shoes
    2. Nixon – The Rubber Re-Run Watch
    3. 10Deep – 1995 Snap-Back Hat
    4. Buckyballs

    #Shoutout to T.U.G. for showing love with these giveaways. I’m loving this. Good luck everybody!

  13. Great contest! Would love to have most of these items. The watch is pretty slick. I haven’t wore a rubber banded watch in a while as I have only wore metal bands for a while. The Hat I thin could be my favorite, Its real classic and throwback like. The shoes are different not exactly my style but i guess id have to see them on me. Keep up the great contests and your great site!

    (1) Nixon Watch (2) 10 Deep Hat (3) Heyday Shoes (4) Buckyballs

  14. Merry Christmas to ME!!!

  15. 1. Nixon watch 2. Heyday shoes, 3.10 Deep Hatts, 4.Buckyballs

  16. Shoes, Watch, Buckys and Hat – gotta love those shoes, so help a brother out TUG!

  17. ahhh! those sneakers are sick!

    1. Heyday Shoes
    2. 10 Deep Hat
    3. Buckyballs,
    4. Nixon Watch

  18. Everything in this giveaway is awesome, especially the sneaks. Hope i win!

  19. Still dying over the sneakers, but mistook buckyballs for cologne! oops.
    1. Heyday Shoes
    2. Nixon Watch
    3. Deep Hat
    4. Buckyballs
    Thx again for spreading the love, guys!

  20. 1. shoes 2. watch 3. buckyballs 4. hat

  21. omg so many nice things 😀 want all of them..haha

    1) Nixon watch 2) heyday shoes 3) buckyballs 4) Deep hat

  22. Come on just let me have it lol u don’t want it

  23. 1. Watch
    2. Buckyballs
    3. Shoes
    4. Hat

  24. I would like to have the Nixon Watch por favor?

  25. Ya’ll made some sick choices on the giveaway.
    The snap back has a lot of options for matching it up.
    The watch Is nice ans simple. And the shoes are just awesome.

  26. TUG all the way.!

    1:HeyDay Shoes
    2: Nixon Watch
    3: 10 Deep Snap-Back

  27. 1-Nixon Watch
    2-10 Deep Snap-Back
    3- Heyday shoes

    Id take anything!

  28. those shoes are hype!

  29. 1. heyday shoes 2. buckyballs 3. nixon watch 4. 10 deep hat

  30. I want:
    1. Those sick shoes.
    2. The nice watch.
    3. The 10Deep Hat
    4. I don’t even want the Buckyballs. Give them to someone else.

  31. 1. Kicks 2. Hat 3. Watch. 4. Balls. Thanks Urbangent.

  32. 1. Shoes
    2. Watch
    3. Buckyball
    4. Hat

  33. those concept shoes are sick and the hat and watch complement them so well. the white watch can basically go with anything

  34. Almost forgot:

    1) Heyday shoes
    2) Nixon Watch
    3)10Deep Hat
    4) Buckyballs

  35. 1. Heyday shoes
    2. Nixon Watch
    3. 10 Deep Hat
    4. Bucky Balls

  36. Pick Me!

    1. Watch
    2. Hat
    3. Shoes
    4. Bucky Balls

  37. 1. Nixon watch 2. Heyday shoes, 3. Buckyballs, 4. 10 Deep hat.

  38. Adam - Nova Scotia

    I’m a broke A$$ student who wants to look fly, help me TUG, help me look flyyyy

  39. oops, forgot the most important part.
    1. Nixon watch
    2. Heyday shoes
    3. 10 Deep Hat
    4. Buckyballs

  40. These are awesome prizes, specially the shoes!!

    1. Heyday shoes 2. Nixon watch, 3. Buckyballs, 4. 10Deep hat.

  41. Great Giveaway ..would love to win and stay fresh

  42. cool stuff man.

  43. when you mentioned “adults and toys” I was thinking you were talking about something else at first lol

    but Dope giveaway:

    1. Wrath Arcane kicks

    2. Nixon watch

    3. 10Deep snapback

    4. Bucky Balls

    My preference is in the same order you posted them.

  44. D.Curry…Demarcus…pick him…he would love it
    1: Heyday Kicks 2: 10 Deep Hat 3: Showstopping Nixon watch 4: Buckyballs

  45. Pick me for the shoes! They look awesome!

  46. 1. Heyday shoes 2. Nixon watch, 3. 10Deep hat, 4. Buckyballs.

  47. The shoes are really cool. I like the watch next and being a magnet freak, that would make it my favorite toy. Hell yeah!


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