Holiday Giveaway #6: 50 RUMBA watches

Just like last week, we're starting off week 2 of The Urban Gentleman Giveaways with trying to make almost everybody a winner.

Today's feature item: RUMBA Watches. (something for our urban gent athletes)


I'm sure you're familiar with them, they're those watches you've probably seen at the checkout desk of some trendy boutiques. You've probably also seen them in a few street style photos this year — many stylish Londoners will buy several and wear them all at once.  I look at these as a great replacement for guys who like to wear those livestrong rubberbands or similar rubbery wrist items.  And since they come in so many different colors and styles, I can also see buying two or three colors to match your favorite team(s). For example, I'll probably have on red, white, and black rumba watches when I'm watching The Falcons kick ass at the Super Bowl in February (ha, ha, ha y'all know we're gonna win it all). And at only $22 a pop, for the original version, they make for great stocking stuffers for everyone from athletes to fashion lovers. (…did I mention they're waterproof?)


30 readers will be chosen today (and we'll be randomly giving away 20 more throughout the week) so 50 total winners. To win you must comment on this post, comment on our Facebook, and/or re-tweet on Twitter. SO link to us on your facebook/twitter pages, tell all your friends, and tweet your heart out… today plenty of you will be #winners.

The 20 random winners will be chosen from entries only, meaning you must comment on the posting. The 20 winners will be emailed directly.


Wearing Rumba watches while riding a Rumba bike… athletics and style


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  1. Let me just win one time!That’s all!

  2. Come TUG I need to win something this week – a nice red rumba watch would do nicely!

  3. I hope I win the watch. It looks so nice!

  4. Hook me UP! AWESOME!

  5. I want one!!=) this is awesome your site is building more community now through these up-for-grabs freebieeesss =)

  6. I love watches. Pick me!

  7. great find as always, urban gent. keep up the blog writing, i love your articles!

  8. I wanna win!!!

  9. These are great. Perfect for the athlete with style

  10. OMG!!!! done tweeting! great!!

  11. Want want want!!!

  12. They look pretty cool!

  13. Adam - Nova Scotia

    black please

  14. Yes Please!

  15. I’d love one of these!**** haha

  16. Ohh! Super sick dude!
    Thank you for givin more people a chance to win! Haha.
    Thanks again!

  17. 50!?!?! dang, okay, hope i win one of these.

  18. I wouldn’t mind winning one šŸ˜‰

  19. Gotta love them Rumbas. I am a marketing major at St. Cloud State and I think you folks are doing a great job at promoting with these gift giveaways!

  20. Rumba, ftwww

  21. I would definitely wear the navy blue one!

  22. I want one.

  23. these watches are a nice switchup from the regular watches i wear. i have one pair already, but wouldn’t mind more!

  24. I want ittttt!

  25. I’d like one of those

  26. These are too nice

  27. looks cool Thx

  28. Sweet! A watch would be nice.

  29. Sweet the red, black or white would be awesome, but the Steelers are going to take the super bowl this year šŸ˜›

  30. Crazy watch, been following the blog for a while, pretty addictive.

  31. Lovin these watches & hoping that I’ll win one!

  32. Hey great prize again. Consider this my entry!!!

  33. No whammy No whammy

  34. I’m diggin these… stylish, unprentious, affordable. Takes me back to my days of buying/swapping a Swatches every couple week. LOL! Have you seen their price points these days, BTW? Madness!! Oh, and no fair on the Twitter contests, man! If we prefer a private Twitter status, we were S.O.L. on everything. Why doesn’t UBG follow anyone?

  35. one for me please!

  36. Awesome little things; cheap, stylish and a variety of colours. I’d recommend for sureeeee.

  37. I love these watches. They are so cool

  38. Those watches are niiice, id love to have one

  39. Sweet watch. For me, please?

  40. Andrew Charles Martin

    I believe I want one :)

  41. I was just peeping these. I collect watches moderately.

  42. I want the black one.

  43. HOOK IT UP!!!!

  44. Totally Awesome. I love watches.

  45. Those watches look awesome, hope I’m lucky…

  46. the classy livestrong. dope watch.


  48. Hope I’ll win one, would be great for when I go jogging.


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