Holiday Giveaway #11: Sonicare FlexCare+ & Equmen Core Precision Underwear

 |  Grooming

Today is another grooming & basics day. Phillip's Sonicare is giving away 2 of their top of the line cleaning systems (it's way more than just a toothebrush) ($189.99) and Equman is giving away a complete set of luxury precision underwear (undershirts are $100 a pop).



We've discussed the importance of one's grill several times before, and we've offered a few solutions. Today we're offering the Maserati of at-home dental care — Sonicare FlexCare+.

It does everything from whitening your smile (in just two weeks) to making your breath fresh as… as… our Urban Gent Pinbacks šŸ˜‰

Random Facts:

· Bad breath and yellow teeth are the biggest turn-offs on a first date, even more than baldness and acne

· The majority of Americans say that a smile is the first characteristic they notice when meeting someone new.

Learn more and purchase Sonicare, here.



From heavy weight boxing champions to NFL players to professional golfers Equmen is being worn but all who not only want high quality underwear, but underwear that will enhance the body and physical performance. Equmen lowers back pain, improves posture, provides balance and better circulation, and provides temperature control with its technically advanced fabric.



Learn more and Purchase, here.


3 readers will be chosen today. To win you must comment on this post, comment on our Facebook, and/or re-tweet on Twitter. Link to us on your Facebook/Twitter pages, and tell all your friends and associates. The Sonicare FlexCare+ is actually sold out almost everywhere these days, so to get your hands on one is a really good look. Good Luck!


Prepare for our Ultimate Holiday Giveaway that includes sooooo much good stuff, probably too much good stuff.



 More information on a survey taken about oral health below:

Americans place a high value on the importance of oral health, yet there is room for improvement when it comes to practicing proper oral hygiene at home, according to a nationwide survey of 1,008 adults released today by Philips Sonicare, the #1 recommended power toothbrush by U.S. dental professionals. The findings suggest that consumers have good intentions toward taking care of their oral health, but need more education and motivation to follow through with standards of care.

Americans value their own personal hygiene and make no exception when it comes to others. When meeting someone new, a person’s smile was cited as the number-one characteristic that attracts positive attention (47 percent). Aspects of oral hygiene such as bad breath (89 percent) and yellow teeth (79 percent) took the lead for major first date turn-offs, outranking other physical traits like acne (52 percent) and baldness (21 percent).

Ninety-seven percent of respondents agree that oral hygiene is as important as or more important than physical health when it comes to leading a healthy lifestyle and the overwhelming majority claim that they follow dental professional guidelines around brushing twice a day (90 percent). However less than half brush their teeth for the dental professional recommended two minutes, which may help to explain why 80 percent of Americans suffer from some form of gum disease, according to the National Institutes of Health.

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  1. Another nice giveaway :)

  2. Would love to win the sonicare!

  3. My teeth/breath would greatly appreciate this gift…as well as my beer gut lol

  4. TUG, keep ’em coming!

  5. good stuff…lovin’ the variety of @theurbangent

  6. I would love to have the that sonic care system..

  7. I would love to have one of those Sonicare systems..

  8. The undershirts are also nice..

  9. This is a giveaway that anyone could use..

  10. So I would love to win this prize, very nice!

  11. the toothbrush looks on point

  12. Pick Me!

  13. Gonna copy and PASTE this article. get it toothPASTE. hahaha

  14. I have a feeling that despite my vast amount of entries I’ll probably lose to someone who has only entered once. However, I will remain sanguine about this opportunity.

  15. all my comments are awaiting moderation. approve them asap please lol

  16. geezz!! sonicare is way to awesomeee then the equmen =P

  17. i hope i win this
    2.then the equmen

  18. suddenly i felt magic!!!! brilliant TUG!!!

  19. Both of those looking good.

  20. awesome!

  21. I just like the concept of luxury grooming

  22. Whoa toothbrush!

  23. Dont’t we love all these give aways. I hope this entry does not knock me out of the running chance for the cell phone. I have been so glued to this site and checking on my status. Please I want to win. Well It would be nice to win the last 3 give aways I entered

    Thank you,

  24. Andrew Charles Martin

    Those undies are mine!!!!!!!!

  25. Would love this please!


  26. I have never won anything in my life!! Please pick me :)

  27. I’m doing what you guys say šŸ˜€ to post more than once, last post promise haha.

  28. I always understood oral care was important but I found it an interesting fact that women tend to be more turned off by poor oral care than skin care.
    That Sonicare looks nice.

  29. this is probably the best giveaway you’ve done yet. I’m a big proponent of oral health and not scaring my dates off with gross teeth/being scared off by theirs, props on the health survey posted.

  30. Do we have to order which we prefer most? I’m going to do it anyway!

    1. Sonicare
    2. Underwear

  31. That’s one crazy toothbrush!

  32. I would love to win a sonicare toothbrush.

  33. Those are also some very nice underwear!

  34. I would love to win actually!

  35. I will retweet and facebook

  36. Hott…Fresh breath and sexy down there too…hehe

    Hey, It’s Pre-Friday ya’ll!!

  37. sonicare!!!!

  38. thanks, the site is awsome


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