Holiday Giveaway #8: Traditional Luxury: Scott James & Otis Batterbee

Today we have two great traditional luxury giveaways

by Scott James and Otis Batterbee.



Otis Batterbee London specializes in luxury gifts and grooming accessories. They have everything from traditional gentlemen eye mask to cufflinks and pocket squares. Otis Batterbee is giving away one of their popular luxury gift sets ($164). (Travel Eye Mask, Medium Classic Envelope, Small Classic Envelope, 'To Sleep' luxury pillow spray)


Shop more Otis Batterbee, here.



Several years ago, while traveling abroad, Scott James Kuhlman noticed that the great apparel makers of Europe were taking a small-batch, high quality, great value approach to style. He noticed their great attention to fit and details, such as the light wash which gave a slight patina to every garment. Recognizing that this wasn't  as prominent in America, Scott James decided to make it his life’s calling to bring a new, unique American take on this European concept, while using the finest European fabrics.

Scott James is giving away two sets (one today and one next week) of clothing that consists of: 100% cashmere sweater ($300), spread collar gingham shirt ($100), and matching pocket square ($50).

Photobucket Photobucket

Visit Scott James' flagship store in Boston and/or shop Scott James online, Here.

Scott James twitter and facebook.


2 readers will be chosen today. To win you must comment on this post, comment on our Facebook, and/or re-tweet on Twitter. Link to us on your Facebook/Twitter pages, tell all your friends and associates, and tweet /facebook your heart out.

Let us know your 1st and 2nd choice.


Otis Batterbee Inspiration.

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    YOU guys GOTTA get ready for this…..IM excited and would love to WIN…

    Happy Holidays

  2. Whooo lawd! Did you see the pinstrip car coat?? Yessir. And somebody may be giftless on Xmas so I can have that Utilitarian. LOL!

    (Lightning may not strike twice, but here goes: 1.cashmere sweater 2. spread collar gingham shirt 3. Otis Batterbee Luxury Gift Set)

  3. 1st. choice CLOTHING..

    2nd. choice Grooming..

    Both KScott James and Otis Batterbee know how to make good products.

  4. Looks awesome

  5. The giveaways just keep getting better!
    #1 – Scott James
    #2 – Otis Batterbee

  6. That sweater is awesome!


  7. Urban Gent is great – keeping true style alive!

    1. Scott James
    2. Otis Batterbee

  8. yup i would appreciate this #TUGgiveaway too!

  9. My goodness that Scott James sweater is fly. I gotsta get me one of those

  10. nice luxury. i’m ready to relax. hpook me up! thanks for the blog.

  11. Awesome! Scott James is #1 choice.

  12. I don’t know what to say!!! this is just so amazing. .imagine the benefits of having this site at the top of your most visited sites, . .my oh my!!!!! i love this site. .
    Really, I am so grateful, I have told my friends about this site. . soon this site will be even MORE the BOMB!!!!!=)
    Since I like to travel I prefer my first choice
    1. Otis Batterbee London
    then the
    2.Scott James signature stuff ( two sets of clothing )

  13. Definitely hopin to win that Scott James set šŸ˜€

  14. so happy about this site!!!!
    1. Otis Batterbee London
    2.Scott James signature stuff ( two sets of clothing )

  15. COME ON!

    1. Scott James
    2. Otis Batterbee

  16. who can resist the charm of this site?? no one!!been a follower ever since. .keep rocking with or without freebies your site is still the best!!!
    please post more about the sneakers. .just like the usual pair of shoes of zac efron. .it’s really kewll!!!!
    1. Otis Batterbee London
    then the
    2.Scott James signature stuff ( two sets of clothing )

  17. 1 Scott James (sweater is too legit)
    2 Otis Batterbee

  18. TUG is going in – I need that sweater without paying $300 for it (life is hard as a college student!)

    My order of preference:
    1) CHOOSE ME – Otherwise everything below this is pointless!
    2) Scott James
    3) Otis Batterbee

    Gotta love freebies – keep ’em coming

  19. I want these please 1. Otis Batterbee 2. LondonScott James
    Make my holiday please!!

  20. 1) Scott James
    2) Otis Batterbee

    Prizes are sick
    please, make my christmas!!

  21. still lokin good,

    #1 SCOTT JAMES!!



  22. Love these!

    1)Scott James
    2) Otis Batterbee

  23. As a frequent traveler, the Otis Batterbee portion of the giveaway is my top choice, then followed by the Scott James items.

  24. that sweater is incredible… wow. great find

    1. sweater deal
    2. otis

  25. That sweater is nice.
    1)Scott James
    2) Otis Batterbee

  26. I’d like

  27. 1. Scott James
    2.Otis Batterbee

  28. 1. Otis Batterbee
    2. Scott James

  29. That sweater is really amazing,

    1, Scott James.
    2, Otis Batterbee

  30. 1. Otis Batterbee
    2. Scott James

    I love the cashmere sweater!

  31. Lovin’ the look of that gingham shirt. Scott James for me.

  32. Hey guys thanks for doing this! I’m not giving up :)

    1. sweater
    2. grooming

  33. Both of these are wonderful giveaways wow!

    1. Scott James
    2. Otis Batterbee

  34. that sweater is amazing. Definitely Scott

  35. That sweater is incredible. Definitely Scott James at 1, then Otis at 2. Those are both great deals for the season.

  36. 1st- Scott James
    2nd- Otis Batterbee


  37. 1. Scott James
    2. Otis Batterbee

    That sweater…

  38. Seriously sweet sweater.

    1. Scott James
    2. Otis Batterbee

  39. 1) Scott James
    2) Otis Batterbee

  40. 1. SJ!
    2. O t i s

    want want want want want.
    I need winter clothes!

  41. 1)Scott James
    2)Otis Batterbee

    TUG giveaways are awesomeeee! These prizes are unbelievable!

  42. I’ve never owned a cashmere sweater before. I’d love for the Urban Gentleman to make my Christmas!

    1.Scott James
    2. Otis Batterbee

    Thanks a million!

  43. Best one yet!
    1. Scott James
    2. Otis batterbee

    TUG rocks

  44. just woke up, .the best way to start this day is to check the best style of clothes to wear from this site!! I love you’re site =)

  45. done tweeting!!!
    1.otis batterbee
    2.scott james

    let me win please!!!!=)love you urbanGent!!!

  46. #1 – Scott James
    #2 – Otis

    And thanks for the Rumba watch again!

  47. Wow, I really enjoy the colors, patterns, and styles of these….. very stylish! Thumbs up!!

  48. I also really enjoy the combination of the cashmere sweater and the gingham shirt, together as a combination they make a very appealing outfit!!! I’d be more than thrilled to own them! The eye mask and traveling pouches (or envelopes as they are labeled) are very nice as well, I love the pinstripe pattern and the emblem, and the colors are nice as well. These items altogether make for a very luxurious, aesthetically appealing look; I LOVE IT!! :-)

  49. never let a day pass without looking at this site!!=)
    UP fot the WIN!!
    1.otis batterbee
    2.scott james

  50. 1st: Otis set

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