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Mini Urban Gent: Dapper Street Style


Leave it to the Sartorialist to capture this awesome baby street style.

Get the look for your kid or as a gift for someone else's below:


Holiday Giveaway #2: 8 Pairs of Monarchy Selvedge Denim Jeans

Luxury rock denim brand Monarchy, known to long time denim connoisseurs for their raw vintage styles and unique deconstructed treatments, is being revitalized. Monarchy's spring collection (featured below) is full of signature looks that capture the brand at its original essence– raw,  luxe, and humbly badass. The band Carney  even has a video fully rocked out in Monarchy threads… pretty sweet, right? check it out below:


You can purchase Monarchy denim (MNRKY) at Revolve Clothing and of course on Monarchy's new website (they're having a crazy huge site-wide sale throughout the holidays to celebrate the website's relaunch– so stock up now).

Oh, and I almost forgot… THE GIVEAWAY:


8 readers will be chosen. To win a pair of slim-straight MNRKY premium selvedge denim you must comment on this post (you have until 12am pacific time), comment on our Facebook, and/or re-tweet on Twitter.  Instead of paying $165 (plus tax and shipping) why not win a great pair for free? getterdone.

Check out a few images from their SS 2011 Look Book:

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

Holiday Giveaway #1: 50 Axe Shower Tools & Shower Gels

Today we want to make almost everybody feel like a winner, so we're going to start off with a lite and simple giveaway.

50 readers will be chosen. 20 will be chosen at random by commenting on the post (you have until 12am pacific time). And the other 30 will be chosen via facebook and twitter. Everybody loves free ish– Let's getterdone!


AXE Rise Shower Gel and AXE Detailer


A hilarious "Clean Your Balls" video…

Review and Purchase Axe RISE here.

More reviews on Axe Products here.

Holiday Giveaways: Like Us, Follow Us

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We have LOTS of giveaways for the holidays: watches, shoes, grooming kits, etc…. just get ready to tweet, facebook, and comment. Because the more you tweet about it– the more chances you'll have to win. Be sure to like us on FACEBOOK and follow us on TWITTER.

Gentlemen Going Green: EVOLUTIONMAN & Sport+Store


Guys, we gotta get greener, and the easier it can be done, the better. So of course that means seamlessly integrating it into our lifestyles. Well, here's two products that will make going green so much easier.



Enjoyed by Jonathan Rhys Meyers, Patrick Dempsey and LeBron James EVOLUTIONMAN is one of the latest greats in the world of men's grooming. Made of post consumer grade plastic, all EVOLUTIONMAN products are visually attractive (with masculine discrete black packaging) and eco-conscious while offering those same benefits as the best grooming products.


We haven't been able to try it out yet because, well, we have to finish enjoying TWINLUXE and HIMistry, but EVOLUTIONMAN's review is coming within the next few weeks… matter fact we'll just update this one and let you know when we do. We're sure EVOLUTIONMAN will work quite well though, especially if both Patrick Dempsey AND LeBron James are using it.


I haven't been jogging in weeks now, but the last time I went I distinctively remember wishing I had a proper place to store my keys, well, this is it. SPORT+STORE is a lightweight sleek water bottle meant for both the versatility of style and function. You're able to store things in the bottom of the bottle. And it's not just for jogging, if you're about to play ball (or any other sport) you can put your cash and anything else that would have otherwise been in your pocket in there too. And unless your associates read The Urban Gent (they should) or keep up with this type stuff then they most likely won't even know you have items stashed in the bottom of your water bottle.

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