#12: The Ultimate Urban Gentleman Holiday Giveaway 2010

This is our final thank you for your support, an ultimate giveaway that not only re-highlights past TUG Holiday Giveaways, but also includes a few bonuses. (Special thanks to all the companies who participated in the giveaways).

To enter you must comment on this post. Include your name and email address. Also follow/like us on Facebook and/or Twitter.

The Ultimate Urban Gentleman Holiday Giveaway.

2 pairs of Monarchy Premium Denim



ElevenEleven Luxury Watch



5 RUMBA watches


 Pantech Laser Touchscreen phone


Phillips Sonicare FlexCare Plus


 MenScience Luxury Grooming Kit


Scott James cashmere cardigan, gingham button-up, and pocket square




2 T.U.G Pinback sets



Duluth Pack Utility Backpack



 Red Wing Classic Work Boots



That's everything an Urban Gentleman needs — premium selvedge denim jeans, luxury clothing, luxury grooming, luxury accessories, touchscreen technology, and a classic backpack and boots that will last you a lifetime. It doesn't get any better.


To enter you must comment on this post. Include your name and email address.

Also be sure to follow Facebook and Twitter to retweet and post.

Winner will be notified via email.

Happy Holidays (Have a very Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!)

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  1. IM BACK!!


  2. Would love the shirt and/or sweater. Or any of the tasty giveaways for that matter.


  3. awsome!!!

  4. Please….. need i say more…. yes i do need to say more… I want this!

  5. #TUG Giveaway!!!!! :-)

  6. Stumbled upon this website a while ago and very glad I did. Great style points and I like how you post options for different items, as we can’t all shop at super luxury retailers yet. It’d be nice to be chosen for this awesome giveaway but if not, I’ll keep visiting your site regardless. Can’t go back pre-TUG lol.

    Showin’ some love from Canada,


  7. the eleven watches and the jeans are beautiful

  8. I love this site! It’s a must for anyone’s fashion and lifestyle needs!

  9. Naked otherwise…just kidding

  10. Awesome! Excited to see what is in store the coming year.

  11. Ahhh! I’m trying to have patience as I await the announcement.

    Happy New Year!

  12. Please make this college student’s life better

  13. This is an awesome giveaway.

    Pick me :)

  14. Woop! Love it

  15. Can’t wait til yall start back, this is such a great website

  16. Hey, just wanted to say great blog! Best in the world! for men that is.

  17. this is an awesomely amazing blog! i love the ideas, originality, and sheer genius of your work!! keep doin great work!

    your friend from the south,

  18. Good luck, everyone!

  19. droppin by once more lets see if I win

  20. Gotta love TUG…

  21. This is an awesome giveaway!

  22. Pleaseeeeee pick me! Down with TUG since ’08! Thanks =)

  23. The Jeans are AMAZING. A MUST have! and kick back with them boots…MAN forget about it…it’ll be OVA!!!

    Mathc me with the Scott Janes Buttun up, 11:11 watch….UH hello. Need A say more…Verry sexy…Rock out…pat

  24. Absolutely loving the jeans and the boots!

  25. Long time follower, first time poster.

    Keep up the good work!


  26. I love and appreciate what you guys have done for the “urban gentleman.” You guys have come a long way, and give great insight to everyday fashion forward ideas. Keep up the great work and continue to stay ahead of the pack.
    #TUG = the ultimate holiday appreciation giveaway! *2 thumbs up*

    -Stay blessed

  27. Wicked Awesome Giveaway!!

  28. I want to win

  29. Love it, hence commented!

  30. My goodness!!
    I mean, wow….
    Thats a lot of awesome stuff!!

  31. I’ve been reading this blog for a while now, never bothered with the giveaways before now. Thanks for providing a unique space for us.

  32. Men should wear suits everyday! Should be law! Oh…skinny suits or course chaps…Greetings and good luck for 2011 from Ireland.

  33. Men should wear suits everyday! Should be law! Oh…skinny suits or course chaps…Greetings and good luck for 2011 from Ireland. (Please let me win) :-)

  34. Not sure if this is still going, but I’m in just in case

  35. Nice tips and styles for a TUGgy like me ! hope I win never entered before.

  36. Those Red Wings have been my obsession for the past year.

  37. Fingers crossed….
    Though I guess I shouldn’t be very optimistic coz m up against the luck of the Irish…. lol
    Wishing all the readers of the urban gent a happy and prosperous new year.

  38. nice stuff.. in it to win it!!

  39. was surfing sites for upcoming 2011 men’s fashion trends and stumbled here.. glad I did!

    nice blog about anything and everything about the urban gentleman!

  40. i want one of everything..lol..i want,i want!!

  41. the watches are sickkkkk. holla

  42. how could anyone pass this up

  43. I love these! I think I’m too late though? Backpack and Boots are sick!

  44. I am brand new to the urban gent, but I must say, it is a wonderful read.

  45. I want it all!

  46. Just saw this – still on?

  47. Dominique Davis Jr

    Love everything!! Keep it up. And let me win!! :)

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