#12: The Ultimate Urban Gentleman Holiday Giveaway 2010

This is our final thank you for your support, an ultimate giveaway that not only re-highlights past TUG Holiday Giveaways, but also includes a few bonuses. (Special thanks to all the companies who participated in the giveaways).

To enter you must comment on this post. Include your name and email address. Also follow/like us on Facebook and/or Twitter.

The Ultimate Urban Gentleman Holiday Giveaway.

2 pairs of Monarchy Premium Denim



ElevenEleven Luxury Watch



5 RUMBA watches


 Pantech Laser Touchscreen phone


Phillips Sonicare FlexCare Plus


 MenScience Luxury Grooming Kit


Scott James cashmere cardigan, gingham button-up, and pocket square




2 T.U.G Pinback sets



Duluth Pack Utility Backpack



 Red Wing Classic Work Boots



That's everything an Urban Gentleman needs — premium selvedge denim jeans, luxury clothing, luxury grooming, luxury accessories, touchscreen technology, and a classic backpack and boots that will last you a lifetime. It doesn't get any better.


To enter you must comment on this post. Include your name and email address.

Also be sure to follow Facebook and Twitter to retweet and post.

Winner will be notified via email.

Happy Holidays (Have a very Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!)

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  1. Love this blog, hope you guys continue to do what you do forever! I need some stuff to pass on to my son one day…

  2. Hope I win, I entered

  3. Awsome!!! Nicolas Studer. nico.studer@hotmail.com

  4. This is a pretty awesome giveaway!!

  5. Thanks so much TUG

  6. Great stuff. I’m in.

  7. LIKE OMG! I havent won anything except for the mass Axe Giveaway! I really need this! Im from Greece and the economy here is so so bad. Thats why i dont have the option to buy presents to my family and friends. I really hope I win this so I can thank the people close to me who support me and make me happy.

    Bill Lykesas

  8. damn i love this giveaway

  9. I would love to win…awesome webpage, gorgeous items!! Merry Christmas, I’m very happy I discovered your page!!!!

  10. NICE! Entered. Really enjoy your blog btw, a definite must read

  11. please

  12. If I had to choose between winning this or a Buggati for Christmas, I’d choose this!

  13. Urban Gentleman, you guys never cease to amaze me. That is a overhaul of some good swag. Count me in!

  14. I must say…ya’ll are some of the best when it comes to give a ways…funny how Ive been looking to grab up some of the items you guys posted. It would be the ONLY gift to win this giveaway….*goes to FB and Twitter*

  15. Yeah, in my HASTE I definitely forgot to add my info…. Roger Davis / RDavis622@yahoo.com

  16. all I want for christmas is a new wardrobe

  17. Dayummm IM IN!

  18. this is one epic giveaway, i’d be good for a long time if i won this. (crosses fingers)

    Cameron Frazier

  19. best giveaway in the world right now, good job guys

  20. best giveaway in the world right now, good job guy

  21. Wow, this is unheardof? count me in.

  22. Mitch C. (pick me)

    Without a doubt. The Urban Gentleman has proven again that they are number 1

  23. If I win this I’m rocking that scott james outfit with a big poster that says theurbangent.com and making it my profile pic!
    Awesome giveaway!

  24. lol, this is unprecedented flyness. two claps to the urban gents for staying the best

  25. I don’t need this giveaway, because I am very blessed to be able to purchase just about anything my heart desires, but I just wanted to say thank you for this. The Urban Gentleman always comes through.

  26. I want to win aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaallll of this.

  27. All I want for Christmas is this fckin TUG giveaway
    TUG giveaway.
    TUG giveaway.

  28. I’m in!

  29. The ultimate holiday giveaway. Thank you for the opportunity

  30. Wow these are some swanky gifts! I would really love to win these. Its hard to get such nice things like these being a broke 17 year old, especially in the michigan economy. But this is the best blog for men’s fashion and style there is and i probably have referred to this site a thousands times when i can’t figure out what to wear haha.

  31. good luck to everyone. merry christmas

  32. lovin it. PICK ME. I NEED THIS

  33. this. is. amazing.

    HOPE I WIN!!!!

    Marcus Cooper

  34. Wow! Urban gentleman! If I happen to get this prize, this will definitely be the greatest Christmas present that I have EVER received! Thank you for the opportunities!

  35. My boyfriend would love this

  36. Thanks for this

  37. This would be great for my boyfriend

  38. I want the phone and the toothebrush. I just went to the dentist and they told me to buy one but wasn’t about to spend 200 on a toothebrush, but I would LOVE to win in. One

  39. loves it. needs it

  40. Id love to win this


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