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Valentine’s Day, For Her: Black and Studded.


Valentine's Day doesn't always have to be gifts in girlier colors, amp it up a bit– go black and studded. We're giving you an array of items at different price points: Vera Wang boots, an Alexander McQueen purse, Rachel Roy earrings and more ranging from $14.99-$1800. If you know your lady's style get her a dress and some shoes, if you're unsure some jewelry and a purse is your best bet…


Valentine’s Day Gifts: Traditional, Thoughtful, or Both


It's that time of year again– Valentine's Day. A day for that special lady in your life. So as always we like to reflect on past ideas and advice… and the words we received a couple years back from a diverse group of women is something you should definitely read.

Generally for Valentine's Day you can go 1 of 2 ways:

1. Traditional

2. Thoughtful

Traditional is basically trying to get her the best you can afford of traditional Valentine's Day gifts like jewelry, candy, flowers, and a date. So depending on your bank account that might be earrings from Forever 21, a bracelet from Macy's, a necklace from Tiffany's, or a Harry Winston diamond ring. The jewelry should be accompanied by flowers, chocolates, and a date (usually dinner, maybe dinner and movie, maybe something random and fun– like paintball, a concert, salsa dancing lessons, etc.). If you're one of those guys that doesn't pay attention, it's definitely better to be safe than sorry– stick with a traditional gift.

Thoughtful is what most women truly want. A thoughtful gift is usually something she's mentioned she needed or wanted, or something you observed she really needs (and no I don't mean a new blow dryer or vacuum cleaner).

If you've constantly heard her mention how her high-heels have been killing her feet… get her a couple pairs of flats (maybe even a pair of sneakers). Maybe she's mentioned being stressed and tense…. book her a day at the spa. If you simply listen to her she's bound to mention something she wants, or if you observe you're bound to see something she needs. Maybe her phone is outdated, or perhaps her computer has been spazing out for months, or maybe she's taken up a certain hobby (cooking, painting, playing an instrument, etc)… skies the limit to the thoughtful gifts you can give her.

And if you're really good– you should mix traditional and thoughtful. That's a win win situation all day. Sometimes, depending on the girl, your thoughtful gift may not seem romantic enough to her. If you think that will be the case, then I highly recommend adding the traditional flowers/chocolate/date to your thoughtful gift.


Check out our first round of Valentine's Day Gifts Ideas below:


Check back for more gift guides.

The Scenic Sweater


How much do you love this sweater? Seriously, it's amazing. My friend Mike sent it to me and he found it on a random website… my question is— who created this? Are there anymore like it? Where can we buy this? If anyone knows anything, let us know. But honestly, I think this photo is from the 70s… maybe 80s. Perhaps a designer will get inspired by this and re-create something similar for their 2012-2013 Fall/Winter collection… let's hope.

Mixed Layers.


A few weeks ago, right before Atlanta's winter storm really hit, I hung out with two friends of T.U.G's expanding crew, Nedu and Jordan. Check  this eclectic mix of traditional/prep, military, and hunting gear with street styling.

Mixed layers. 


Left: Nautica plaid button-down; Carhartt camouflage vest; RRL tee; Gap camouflage thermal; Ralph  Lauren canvas pants; vintage L.L. Bean Boots; Stormy Kromer plaid cap.

Right: Nautica button-down; LRG knit sweater; APC jeans from 2007 (after 36 months of wear and 3 repairs); Supreme shirt; Stormy Kromer cap.

Photobucket Photobucket

Next evening…


Left: Vintage military-issued fishtail parka; LRG knit sweater; vintage duck hunting camo waistcoat; APC jeans; Air Jordan Ones; YSL vintage brooch, T.U.G pinback.

Right: Nautica button-down; Double RL t-shirt; Vintage hunting pants; Church's of England velvet slippers; Vintage turquoise Navajo bolo tie. 

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

Get the Look:


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