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T.U.G Valentine’s Day Giveaway #2: Roses & Chocolates (from Giiv)


T.U.G Valentine's Day Giveaways: Chocolates & Flowers


Try to make her this happy (photo from TV show I Love Lucy). If you're unsure about what to get her, keep it classic with roses and chocolates. Not carnations and a bag of skittles, lol, but the most red roses you can afford (whether it's half a dozen or 10 dozen) and her favorite dessert.

Seriously, there's nothing like the classics. If you do decide to purchase your valentine a unique or "different" gift, it's important to pair atleast once classic element with gift just to be on the safe side (remember our mix of thoughtful and traditional). Well is helping us to keep it classic by giving away Roses from TeleFlora and a $25 DeBrands  Fine Chocolates Giftcard. So if you win this, depending on who you're giving this to, you could actually be done with all your V-Day shopping.

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So what is Giiv? It's a mobile gifting site that lets you text gifts instantly to anyone, anytime and anywhere. Whether it's a gift card to or zappos, flowers from Teleflora, chocolates from DeBrand Fine Chocolates, or spa treatments at Exhale Spa, a gift from Giiv is sure to make your valentine smile. The best part? If you forget (it happens!), you can send a gift anytime and it's delivered instantly, so she doesn't have to know you almost messed up and forgot her gift. Oh, and FYI, "there's an app for that", download our iphone app. Stay Tuned for more Urban Gentleman Giiveaways.

Winterized Street Layers

Let's take a quick break from our Valentine's Day Giveaways to see what's been going on in the streets. (via Scott Schuman and Tommy Ton)


Gotta love seeing that classic American style (jean shirt and pants, canvas vest,aviators) on the streets of Milan


I really love the drama of this photo. The fitted elegant styling and monochromatic hues of dark blue gives me flashes of the style of the men in the Black Panther Party, like Huey Newton, but with the color navy instead of black. (Happy Black History month, btw).


One of my favorite things to see is the mixing of "types" of clothing. A bubble vest, a more rugged type of clothing, layered on top a suit just does it for me on so many levels.

See LOTS more below —> CONTINUE READING MORE >>>

A Hodgepodge of V-Day Gift Ideas: Tokyo Bay DIY Watch, Kings Underwear, RumbaTime Watches, Etc.

Here's another hodgepodge of Valentine's Day Gift Ideas


We meant to post this watch as a great Christmas gift idea, but unfortunately didn't get around to it. So we have our opportunity again with Valentine's Day. Tokyo Bay has a Do-It-Yourself Watch kit that will truly make any guy feel like a man.

The limited edition DIY tool box contains nine quality tools essential for ‘do it yourself’ watch repair, enabling the wearer to become the pro themselves. The DIY watch kit includes two mid size classic watch faces in a cream dial and black dial, alongside four different colored straps in military canvas, sporty nylon and hard wearing leather. Back up batteries and slug pins, which hold the strap onto the watch case, are also included to keep the watch in working order. All components put together create the ultimate in modern hand built watches.

Purchase it, here.


Kings Underwear, we gave away a ton of their stuff for Christmas. And since then we've had a chance to review them ourselves– very soft and comfortable stuff. So if you think your man will be purchasing Victoria's Secret for you, then maybe return the favor and get him King's Underwear.

RumbaTime watches would of course make for great mini V-Day gifts for friends and crushes. Maybe buy a bunch in red, pink, white, and black and just pass them out like the Santa of Valentine's Day.


More Gift Ideas:

Valentine's Day Gifts for Men, $25 or Less, click here.

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Valentine's Day Gifts for Women, click here.

T.U.G Valentine’s Day Giveaway #1: 10 Ultimate Shaving Kits by The Real Shaving Company


T.U.G Valentine's Day Giveaways are here. All the giveaway items we're going to feature this week will make for great Valentine's Day Gifts for friends, crushes, boyfriends, husbands, or even as a gift to yourself.

To win you must comment on this post, comment on our Facebook and/or re-tweet on Twitter. So link to us on your Facebook/Twitter pages, tell all your friends and associates, and tweet/facebook like crazy… (Ladies, if you win, you can score extra points with your "honeybunch"; and Gentlemen, if you win, you can treat yourself… so at the end of the day, everybody can win!)


Today we'll start with Ultimate Shaving Kits by The Real Shaving Company.


Hot Towel Mask – a “hot towel” treatment just like from the barber!! Featuring skin-soothing Vitamin E, zinc oxide and tea tree leaf, this mineral clay mask warms, softens, and lifts facial hair for a better shave. (award-winning pre-shave cleaner)

Face Scrub – formulated with ground walnut shell, this gentle scrub unblocks pores, removing dead skin cells and blackheads, for a closer shave and less irritation.

Shave Cream – this double-concentrated cream, available in two formulas, provides an extra smooth shave with natural almond and coconut oils that soften and smooth skin and help prevent razor dragging and burns.

Soothing Balm – this easily absorbed moisturizer includes natural aloe vera, healing comfrey and anti-inflammatory tea tree oil to help condition skin and reduce discomfort and irritation.

You can purchase The Real Shaving Co. Ultimate Shaving Kit, here.  And you can check our more of their products, by visiting The Real Shaving Company.

We'll be giving away 10 shaving kits total, so your chances of winning are pretty darn high.

 Happy Valentine's Day from The Urban Gentleman…. now get to winning this free stuff! Twitter, Facebook, Comment.

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