Chrome Bags: Sturdy, Tough, Guaranteed for Life. (plus giveaway)

This week we've featured lots of rucksacks/backpacks, and while some of you may mainly carry these for style, we have something for those who  are "hard core" backpack wearers– those who wear them when biking, mountain-climbing, hiking, yanno, stuff like that…




Their Story: Chrome started in Boulder, Colorado 14 years ago when a couple of guys needed bags and couldn't find anything that met their standards. So they got the toughest materials they could find, headed into their garage and started sewing. Functional seatbelts from used car lots were re-purposed into bag straps, and tough vinyl fabric salvaged from old furniture was sewn into bag liners.

Before long, people were knocking on their door. Word was out that Chrome was making the best messenger bags around. What started out of necessity became a business with an ethic: build functional products that people can rely on and do it well.

Eventually they moved to San Francisco, a city with a huge urban cycling scene. The business grew. Bags were joined by clothes, gear and shoes. "Our products showed up from Brooklyn to Berlin to Tokyo. But what matters today is what mattered in the garage – building products that work, and standing behind everything they make."



Our favorite Chrome bag: The Pawn. Their most compact, all purpose pack with a seam-sealed, roll-tight, waterproof compartment (beer cooler). Made in the USA (we like this). Guaranteed for Life (we like this even more). Dontcha just love how so many products Made in the USA have lifetime guarantee these days. We'll be giving away The Pawn, read more below…

The GIVEAWAY: To win: Follow on Twitter, Fan on Facebook, and/or sign-up for T.U.G Mail. Then simply comment or retweet. (winners are chosen via

Check out one of Chrome's many videos below…


View more Chrome videos, here. (also follow @chromebagsSF)

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  1. I really want me a chrome bag….that joint is fresh.

  2. I’ve been using this bag since I received it as Christmas present in ’10 and it is nothing short of amazing. It’s been through drenching rain, mud and accidental drink spills, and it seems as though nothing will be able to get to the contents. Unlike my previous messenger bag, a canvas type from urban outfitters, the strap is padded to the point where I can use it to haul loads over twenty pounds for a short time without my shoulder giving out. Thanks to the chrome team for making such an outstanding product, I would recommend that you buy one as soon as possible.

  3. I could really use that bags šŸ˜‰

  4. Followed on Twitter, liked on Facebook, and subscribed to the mailing list. Been drooling over Chrome bags for a long time.

  5. Not only does it look great, but it would be super-beneficial for overnights. Not to mention carrying all those drinks! I’m underage, so I’ll be filling mine with Arizona tea. Haha.

  6. Bag is not only stylish but also very durable and hardcore. Not to mention i like the history and simple need behind the brand.
    Im most deff T.U.Ging one my way.

  7. Wow, I’ve wanted one of theses bags for a while now. *crosses fingers makes wish* I hope I win.

  8. I would really appreciate this bag for my upcoming travels!

  9. @smtesc

  10. Im still in school and would always enjoy a new bag to carry around these heavy books.

  11. Definitely need this is my life. With all the traveling to conferences and everyone handing me CDs/DVDs/you name it, need something sturdy and stylish. RT’d already: @RealForeignMind

  12. Beautiful bags. I’m in! Crossing my fingers…

  13. These bags need to be on my back!

  14. Want to win, please

  15. Just subscribed to your mailing list to try and win this for my boyfriend (he’s a computer guy and this would fit his laptops perfectly).

  16. Looks very Military-ish! I like it!!

  17. Such a good looking and so practical bag, thanks to you and to Chrome for a fab giveaway.

  18. Following on Twitter

  19. Just signed up to the mailing list and its confirmed

  20. Fanned on Facebook as Jo Bryan

  21. gotta have it.

  22. Yes please! We really want a Chrome bag so we dont have to stuff our pockets all day long.

  23. Natalie J. Vandenberghe

    @Lexiquin follows you on Twitter
    I like you on Facebook
    Subscribed to email
    Thanks for the giveaway.

  24. Really Sweet Bag!!!
    Hope I win!!

  25. Brandon Griffin

    Following on Twitter
    Fan on Facebook
    On Email list

    Really hoping I’m the lucky winner of this bag. Stylish and durable – it’s the perfect bag.

  26. how much do the bags go for?

  27. I’m just waiting for this site to dissapoint me because so far this is a SWAG FACTORY. Stop Wanting A Girlfriend S.W.A.G.

  28. REal T this bag is ill my brother owns one and its not like other urban canvas currier bags. It supports itself doesnt rely on all of your efforts and its SWAGTACULAR SWAG SWAG SWAG SWAG SWAG SWAG SWAG

  29. Christopher Sieker

    I love this bag! It is everything I would look for when buying one. I’m going to look at their other things now!


  1. Winner: Gucci and RYZ Giveaway | The Urban Gentleman | Men's Fashion Blog | Men's Grooming | Men's Style

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