T.U.G Fitness Challenge Spring 2011, Week 1

Today we're leaving behind our crazy eating habits and committing to working out on an almost daily basis. Now of course many of you are already hitting the gym 6 days a week, benching 350, walking around swole or lean (whichever you were going for), and you eat damn well for your fitness goals… well, if that's you then maybe you can go even harder during T.U.G's Fitness Challenge Spring 2011. Or even better than that, you can comment/tweet/facebook about your fitness goals, eating habits, and personal workout routines to help others with similar body types and goals. 

So here's our T.U.G Fitness Challenge Breakdown again

1. Commit to one or more small fitness/health change

2. Maintain a daily routine of "quicky" morning calisthenics

3. Complete our focused weekly workouts to Lose Fat, Build Muscle, or Combo (lose fat and build muscle)

LSU graduate, former athlete, and fitness trainer Starvos will be bringing us weekly workouts to burn fat, gain muscle, or both for the next 3 weeks. He knows a little about it all as he went from a 300+ pound lineman, with essentially no definition to a trimmer, body-building fanatic during college. 

His workouts are straight-forward, easy to learn, and don't require going to the gym… so you can easily complete them at home–check out the first workout below. But first, lets go over this weeks Health Change. (Since we started the first week midway through, I'll make the first health change rather easy…) 

WEEK 1 Healthy Change: No more fast foodSo no more #1's, 2's or 3's… if you have to eat out make it Subway, Quiznos, Smoothie King, or something along those lines. Yes, many fast food joints have "healthier options", but for some people it's too tempting and they end up ordering a grilled-chicken sandwich PLUS an order of large fries. So don't even tempt yourself… either cook at home, eat at a restaurant that offers many healthy options, or make the local sandwich shop and smoothie joint your "new fast food" spots.


WORKOUT #1: Step Interval

(Target: Cardiovascular)

1: Find a step. Quickly step onto the step and off again. Do this repeatedly for 1 full minute.



2: Rest for a full minute and repeat the rotation for 12 to 15 minute total. (You may also choose to simply step at a slower pace for this minute.) 


3: These intervals may also be done by rotating sprinting for 1 minute and jogging for 1 minute.


 Essentially it should look like this:

2 min-Warm up
1 min- Sprint/Jog
1 min- Jog/Walk
1 min- Sprint/Jog
1 min- Jog/Walk
1 min- Sprint/Jog
1 min- Jog/Walk
1 min- Sprint/Jog
1 min- Jog/Walk
1 min- Sprint/Jog
1 min- Jog/Walk
1 min- Sprint/Jog
1 min- Jog/Walk
1 min- Sprint/Jog
1 min- Jog/Walk
2 min- Cool Down


This is a form of High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) which burns fat at a higher and more efficient rate than standard steady paced cardio, while also burning fat for up to an hour after you're done.

WORKOUT #2: V-Twist-Up

(Target: Abs)



1: Lie on the floor with your legs straight and arms extended. (starting position)



2: Contract your abs and lift your torso and arms off the floor. Simultaneously bring your legs towards your core and reach out to touch your toes. Try to get your back and legs as far off the floor as possible– this creates the "V" position. Lower yourself to the starting position



3: Similar to step 2, contract your abs and lift your torso and arms off the floor. But this time reach to the left, then to the right. Lower yourself to the starting position



4: Repeat steps 1-3. Go faster or slower depending on your fitness level. Be sure to keep your abs tight during the workout– focusing on technique above all else.


WORKOUT#3: Running Heisman

(Target: Cardiovascular)



1: Run in place for 30 seconds


2: Then hop to your right bringing your left knee up to your chest (like the Heisman Trophy) and tap the side of your left foot with your left hand. Repeat in the other direction.



3: Alternate right to left for a full minute.


4:  Repeat steps 1 through 3. 


Matching diet/food suggestions to come.

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  1. Very interesting workout. I really liked that there are also pictures of it. Thanks :)

  2. This is a fantastic feature! Easy to do workouts that you can do quickly at home. Looking forward to the next workouts!

  3. Pretty good !

  4. So, this is right on time. Just started analyzing my calorie intake because I’m trying to gain weight and stack muscle. Would love to see posts that touch on how slim/skinny guys like myself can add solid weight through a combination of dieting and exercise (strength building).

  5. Amazing tips. Definitely doing this challenge.

  6. Do you guys have any recommended foods to help boast matabolism and increase energy I am about 295 and I looking to lose a great deal of weight. I have no clue on what agents can assist me in workouts, any suggestions???


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