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Frederick Benjamin Grooming

While women of color have their Miss Jessie's and Carol's Daughter hair products, their has been a particular lack in products for men of color, created by a person of color (from start to finish), well, Frederick Benjamin has arrived to fill that void.

Inspired by his grandfather, Michael James (founder of Frederick Benjamin) wanted to create a simple, timeless grooming line that evoked the same sense of pride men had in the 40s and 50s. "My grandfather (Frederick Benjamin Schumpert) was the epitome of style, grace and finesse. At an early age, he taught me the importance of looking your best and being prepared for what life has in store for you. When I began developing the line his words and image was the inspiration that helped me bring the brand to life.” Inspiration from your grandfather ,huh? well, we're pretty familiar with that around here (see: T.U.G logo).

Left: Frederick Benjamin Schumpert, Right: Michael James, founder, honed in his hair care expertise by working with companies like L'Oreal and Revlon for over a decade.

As discussed in The Urban Gentleman Grooming Routine, men of color must be particularly sure to use conditioning products that add nutrients to the hair, instead of stripping away its natural oils (which creates dry scalp and dull hair.)  Frederick Benjamin's line of natural products are free from all things that damages hair: drying alcohols, synthetic fragrances, and petroleum distillates: petrolatum & mineral oil.  Instead there are natural ingredients like spearmint, clove, hemp seed, and nettle that cohesively work together to invigorate the scalp, create lasting hydration, restore softness and bring a natural matte shine to the hair. And although created with multicultural men in mind, the products works well with all hair  (curly, straight, wavy) and scalp types.

The Frederick Benjamin line of products is lightweight, grease-free and can be used on a daily basis. Shampoo, Conditioner, and Daily Hydrator. Each product retails for $12.00 each, purchase here.

T.U.G Review: What can I say, I crossed my fingers hoping it would deliver and it did. First off, the smell is great, it's minty so if I wash my hair in the morning it gives me a  relaxing wake-up and if I choose to wash my hair at night, it has a faint calming effect which helps after a stressful day. The immediate results of The Frederick Benjamin line of products is softer hair, then after a few washes you really begin to see the natural shine. All in all I recommend those searching for a new line of products to give it a try.

Of course we want you to experience this new line of products as well, so follow us on Twitter and Facebook for a chance to win a Frederick Benjamin Travel Kit (we'll giveaway 5 total over the next few weeks).

Christian Louboutin Tassel Suede Loafers and Louis Python Sneakers

With his studs retired for a brief moment, here's a little taste of what Christian Louboutin has to offer for Fall/Winter 2011.

Christian Louboutin Tasselissimo Suede Shoes, $1,450. In well-known over indulgent Christian Louboutin style, these tasseled loafers have been taken to the max… and then some. At very first glance, these lingered as off-putting, but then a few more seconds passed and I envisioned these being paired with a well tailored navy suit, worn sockless (down a cobblestone street in Italy, lol).

Christian Louboutin Louis Python Crystal Sneakers, $1,495. Simple all black python snakeskin exotic sneakers, with his signature Louboutin red bottoms. I can easily see these on the red carpet– maybe on Usher, Pharrell?

I must say, Louboutin is making the best crossover from women's shoes to men's, while some of his designs may be a bit ornate for some they definitely stand out as bona fide statement pieces. See More Photos Below, —> CONTINUE READING MORE >>>

S/S Men’s Style Essential: Espadrilles

men's street style espadrilles

Our next featured style essential? Men's espadrilles… the perfect summer kick-around shoe, along with your canvas lace-ups of course.

And this year designers and brands have really expanded their espadrille offerings, they're not just offering the basic slip-on anymore… we've got high-top espadrilles, lace-up espadrilles, suede espadrilles, even leather espadrilles.Check it all out below:



Check out the complete Spring Summer Men's Style Guide, here.

More Espadrille Street Style Below –> CONTINUE READING MORE >>>

Men’s Spring Summer Look Book: Orange and Blue Trend


Michael Bastian

We've gotten a little behind on our men's fashion spring summer trends essentials, so we're going to get back on track today and feature one of the most prominently displayed trends from the S/S 2011 fashion shows– orange and blue.

Get the Look:



More PHOTOS and LOOKS below –>

T.U.G Fitness Challenge Spring 2011, Week 3


This is our final week of the T.U.G Fitness Challenge by CoolSculpting. :)

So let's recap:

Week 1 Workout: Burn Fat

Fitness Health Change: No more fast food (ex. replace all your burgers and milkshakes for sandwiches and smoothies).

Week 2 Workout: Build Muscle

Fitness Health Change: Drink 10 glasses of water daily -and- eat 5 or so healthy meals/snacks a day instead of just 3 big ones.

So for Week 3 we're going to focus on combination– lose fat/gain muscle workouts.

Fitness Health Change: Be more manual-– meaning…don't always take the elevator take the stairs (get a leg workout in), park a little further away from the store/building (a little extra cardio), if it's not too hot walk home instead of taking the subway, do some yardwork, cut the grass and trim the hedges… basically do things the basic, more manual way, you'd be surprised how many extra calories you can burn and muscle you can gain by doing simple things like this.



(burn fat and build muscle)

WORKOUT #1: Push-up/Row/T

1. Hold a light pair of dumbbells with your palms facing each other, and get down into the push-up position.

2. Perform a push-up.

3. Pull one dumbbell off the floor and toward your body until your elbow is above your back.

4. Then lift the Dumbbell toward the ceiling while rotating your torso in the same direction so you face the side. (Your body should resemble a T.)

5. Return to the starting position and repeat on the other side.

· Do 8 to 10 reps.


WORKOUT #2: Push-up/Mountain Climb/Squat Jump

1. Do 10 push-ups

2. Staying in the push-up position bring your feet closer to your head until you body forms an upside down V.

3. Pump your feet and run in place, moving your feet a total of 20 times.

4. Stand up and place your feet shoulders width apart. Bend your legs until your thighs are parallel to the floor. 

5. Push yourself back up and jump. Land softly on your feet. Do 10 reps

· Repeat steps 1 through 5 a total of 3 times.

WORKOUT #3: Squat Shoulder Press

1. Stand holding dumbbells at your sides, with your palms facing each other.

2. Lower your body until your thighs are parallel to the floor. (be sure to bend at the knee and NOT the waist. KEEP YOUR BACK STRAIGHT by keeping your eyes on a focal point on the ceiling)

3. As your push yourself up, forcefully pull the weights upward and catch them in front of your shoulders. The weights should roll to your fingers and your elbows should point forward.

4. Stand, (pause.) Press the dumbbells over your head.

5. Lower the weights to the starting position and repeat.

· Do 8 to 10 reps.

CoolSculpting SWEEPSTAKES:

In celebration of their new launch and the Fitness Challenge, CoolSculpting has a pretty sweet sweepstakes going on. They're giving away 2 free CoolSculpting treatments ($1500 each), REI giftcards, Fitbit, various workout gear (weights, bands, pull-up bars, etc), Nike AirMax kicks, Men's Fitness subscriptions, and much much more. So be sure to enter, HERE.

Checkout more CoolSculpting details below, and check back in 1 day to get started on our T.U.G Fitness ChallengeCONTINUE READING MORE >>>

Fathers Day Gift Guide 2011

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A few gift ideas for Father's Day 2011.



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