The Opening Act: New York Men’s Fashion Week, Day 1

The inaugural New York’s Fashion Week MENS has begun. While a few traveling delays didn’t allow The Urban Gent crew to scope out the first day presentations we were able to immerse ourselves in the post 4pm festivities.
Bloomingdales Men's Fashion Week Tailgate in New York

After walking through the Skylight venue we were asked to join Bloomingdales tailgate festivities… hungry and hype, we of course obliged. They're hooking up all fashion show goers with post show eats… thank you :-). 
Todd Snyder, Steven Kolb at Amazon's NYFWM Launch

The highlight of the evening was the official Amazon Fashion Week Launch in Brooklyn. One moment we were conversing with DJs and Joe Jonas, the next we’re laughing it up with NBA Star Dwayne Wade and his beautiful wife, actress Gabrielle Union.  
Gabrielle steps to the side and let's her husband, Dwayne Wade,  shine

Joe Jonas and DJ Brendan Fallis

The evening was filled with good vibes and well, men’s fashion of course. Although it was easy to get caught up in conversation and champagne. I often took moments to stand to the side and observe… Observe the state of men’s fashion in America because that’s essentially what NYFWM is. It forces us to very directly ask ourselves how we stack up to Milan, London, Paris… I’m happy to report we’re doing just fine.  
NBA Player Rudy Gay at Fashion Week, New York
New York Giant's NFL Player, Victor Cruz at NYFW, Men's. Amazon's Fashion Launch event in Williamsburg, Brooklyn

Day 1 Trends: would like to officially report that
the suit & sneaker is officially  a new American dressing standard
Suits & Sneakers. 
The night was littered with all the trends: skinny fit, harem pants, sockless, white kicks, espadrilles, and more. Hip Hop and the influence of people like Russell Simmons was ever so present since the suit and sneaker combo is no doubt attributed to the original "urban" culture. I’m sure stylist like June Ambrose, who helped define the style of hip hop royalty including men such as Diddy, had a role to play in defining the look as well. The 2015 version of the suit and sneaker is more refined and more popular than ever. Clean lines, body conscious fits, a simple tee or white shirt, mixed with a matching simple sneaker. 

Men in sandals at Fashion Week New York 

Show the Toes – Sandals.
We first brought the topic to the internet and the men’s fashion world back in 2010… “Can Men Wear Sandals?” can they? The answer is still the same, yes, but you just have to know how to work it. Now, 5 years later… we have clearer more defined examples of men getting it right. Amazon’s event was sprinkled with well-dressed sandal wearers. 
Big hats were showcased throughout the night

Hats, on hats, on hats.
Hipsters have been wearing them since forever, so have cowboys, and a ton of southerners. But Pharrell has made it okay for men to be more bold with their head adornment choices… so the 10-gallon hats were in full effect last night. 
A beard in every stage

Babyface or Beard.
On the way home to SoHo the TUG crew discussed the beard. There’s been no other time in history, well, in the last century in which the beard was so strong. When they look back at the 2010s  in 2090 there’s no doubt beards will be portrayed in the mix. What started as a hipster phase, turned into a Movember movement, solidified by a Duck Dynasty bonanza, is now simply a rites of passage for the modern man. At some point, you just have to beard it out… you do. So you find men at either extreme… in the midst of the beard passion or freshly minted back to babyface. Both beautiful, both necessary.

All in all, the opening day to Men’s Fashion Week New York was a win. One day down, three more to go. 

*Check back later to get the looks*
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