The Man in Cashmere: Naadam and Three Types of Sweaters for Men

Ooo, you feel that breeze— it’s a little chilly outside. Shorts move to the back of the closet and sweaters to the front. Well, actually, we’ve joined the Kondo movement so shorts can stay where they are… but multi-seasonal closet organization aside, sweaters are what we are about to move into our daily rotation. The thing is though, this year is the year of cashmere.  Our crew necks and shawl collars aren’t simply sheepswool or cotton, we’ve upgraded to grown man status. Pass the cashmere please. 
And to get us started on our new winter fabric of choice, we introduce Naadam Cashmere. Naadam is looking to bring out the inner nomad in us all. You see, Naadam isn’t just your typical luxury cashmere sweater. They fall into that category, of those people, you know the ones that insist on being socially responsible and supporting the actual economic growth and livelihood of a particular group of people? Yea, those folks. And in this instance that group of people are nomadic herders. 

So we’ve chosen to experience 3 responsibly sourced Italian-made luxury cashmere sweaters to show our Urban Gent family. The cashmere cardigan, the cashmere high neck (turtle neck alternative), and the cashmere coatigan – all stylish and ready to keep you warm for many winters to come. 
S W E A T E R   O N E

Naadam Cashmere Ribbed Cardigan in gray – Purchase here.  

RIBBED CARDIGAN: A cardigan is an essential in any persons closet. This ribbed cardigan serves as your everyday sweater— dress it up or down. Wear it to walk your dog or to go out on a nice date, it’s versatile, flattering, and super comfortable.  
S W E A T E R   T W O

Naadam Cashmere High Neck Sweater in camouflage – Purchase, here.

HIGH NECK SWEATER: I’m not into v-neck’s right now, I’ve been team #crewneck for the past 5.5 years. I didn’t know how I’d feel about a high neck, but… I like it. It covers your whole chest to keep you warm, but doesn’t go all the way to turtle neck heights. The pattern is what initially drew me in – camouflage cashmere? Yes please.

S W E A T E R   T H R E E
Naadam Cashmere Coatigan in camouflage – Purchase, here.

COATIGAN: So what is a coatigan? A coatigan, noun, is a mix of cardigan + coat. Our female counterparts have been rocking these for the past several seasons, now it’s our turn. Nadaam does us justice. Another winning camouflage pattern, but in winter gray serving as the perfect statement piece for this season. And here’s the the thing— it looks like a tweed jacket from afar, but its actually a soft, very warm, cashmere sweater. This is great if you’re into layering and don’t want to lug around a heavy wool jacket as you move around throughout the day. 

Stay tuned for more cashmere features and be sure to check out more of Nadaam’s collection, here. New customers can get 20% off by signing up for their email list (free shipping and free returns of course). 
EXTRA NAADAM: The packaging of their sweaters are beautiful…
Naadam Cashmere Luxury Product Review

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