A Versatile Bomber: Marc New York

Andrew Marc all-weather bomber jacket; Perfect for those daily commuters who need something they can pack in a book bag or suitcase
When the folks at Andrew Marc asked us to take a pick from their current line-up, we took it seriously. It’s easy to just go for the most pricey item or the fanciest but, I wanted to stick with something that I actually needed, would buy, and would offer versatility. I landed on their latest creation, a lightweight bomber. 

I’m in the process of restructuring my wardrobe, and with this restructure I need key pieces. I need items that are purposeful as well as stylish. This bomber fit the bill in many ways. (I’ll have the details of my wardrobe in a few months). Here's why I like it…
1. It’s Weatherproof. I say this in the sense of the material will allow me to comfortably go through a day that may go from windy, to rainy, to chilly, then warm. It’s a jacket, so that’s the keep me warm part. It’s lined with a lightweight jersey, that’s the keep me cool part. Then the material is essentially a windbreaker raincoat mashup, so that’s that. 

2. It’s Stylish. Bombers and baseball jackets are timeless. I just can’t even really imagine a world without them. When you choose a size that’s slightly fitted, it actually creates a slimming effect that’s very neat and attractive.
3. It's Portable. I guess you could say all clothing is portable…. but not really. Certain materials are easier than others to fold up and carry on the go — this jacket is made with one. It takes up minimum real estate in your bag, but when you take it out and put it on it gives you great style and protection from the elements. 

You take those three points with a reasonable price tag and this becomes an easy new addition to anyone’s wardrobe. I can see it being worn with a slim fitted suit– to give the formality a pop. I can see it at the beach paired only with trunks– just in case it gets windy. Then of course I see it as a simple daily wearer– maybe for a biker or someone who commutes and wants a lightweight jacket to have in their bag just in case. 

Purchase this versatile Andrew Marc bomber, here. 

Pair the Andrew Marc jacket with Common Projects Achilles Low – navy or white. 

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