Can Men Wear Rompers? Brompers, Short Jumpsuits, Onesies, One-Pieces for Guys



left to right: Asos slim jumpsuit, Sheehan and Co jumpsuit, RompHim 

I was at my nephew's soccer game several weekends ago when my brother-in-law asked me, "What do you think about guys wearing rompers, like jumpsuits, but with shorts not pants?" "Hmmm" I responded. He went on, "It was a big thing on Facebook this week and everyone was going in about it, making jokes, figured I'd ask the fashion expert".  So how do I feel about men wearing rompers?

My Top Picks: For the summer, if it's in your budget, I'd suggest the preppy Thom Brown jumpsuit in the middle, but cut the sleeves and pants to make it more airy. The raw edges would look stylish or you could take it to a tailor and have them do it so it's sewn properly. Paired with perforated Common Projects  + the perfect pair of shades — it's an easy win. If you try this definitely let us know. 

I think everything is so relative. When asked this question my initial thought was of men in their work uniforms. My family is in the car business (car dealerships, auto shops, custom shops), so I have seen men in logo embroidered one-piece work jumpsuits since I could open my eyes. And of course, there's nothing wrong with that. My grandfather owns lawn and building management service companies, so again I've seen men in overalls my entire life as well.  My next thought jumped to Europe, Germany, The Netherlands, Denmark, Austria countries like that and I envisioned lederhosen— which is traditional to the culture.  After computing that, I thought about an article I briefly read a couple months ago discussing the new trend of rompers for men… and it just didn't quite sit well in my mind. I imagined men in short semi-snuggly fitting body suits, legs very exposed… it felt a little too feminine. This series of thoughts took about 30 seconds or so, and I was finally able to respond to the question my brother-in-law so fervidly inquired. 

"Well, I think it just depends on who's wearing it, the fit, almost anything can look good if it's worn right." While writing this article I decided to peruse the internet a little about this topic and trend. Funny enough there are quite a few very recently written articles and videos about the subject. Most are generally informing us of the trend with the same open-ended conclusion. Esquire went as far as actually putting "5 Real Guys in Rompers", which I think visually made the case for why men should not wear them… I wonder if that was their intention? (See photo of the 5 men in rompers below.) Talk Show host Jimmy Kimmel called them adult sized baby clothes, which to be fair, is pretty much how the rompers look when guys choose to wear their bromper or one-piece in certain colors or prints. 


Esquire Put These 5 Men in Rompers

Let me put it to ya straight, generally speaking No, no I do not feel like the majority of guys would be able to pull off a romper in a masculine way. I love masculinity so as I style guys and build out their wardrobes his masculinity is always in my mind (unless they request otherwise).


I've been asked to narrow down the kind of guys that could get away with wearing male rompers this summer  

1. The Hardcore Fashion Heads – I was going to say fashionistos, but that word doesn't capture the proper essence of who they are. The high style, latest trend, closet full of clothes, reading fashion blogs on a regular type of guy. He's trendy, likes to try out new stuff, and would be down to see if he could make it work. Some will actually make it work and others won't– either way I'm sure several male rompers will be captured by street style photographers during the upcoming men's fashion weeks and general summer style events. This time next year we'll have a better idea of what does and doesn't work when rockin' a one-piece short set

above: A.P.C to Thom Brown, $40 to $1700 (use arrow to see more)

2. The GBTQ in LGBTQ  –  Many of these fellas don't mind bending the curve of feminine and masculine so they'd be totally down to give it a go. Not just that though– slim, chubby, gay or straight, many people like to show off their bodies in the spring and summer. So I could see a guy completely enjoying the fact that he now has yet another way to show off those gams (meaning legs for those that don't know). My friend Michael gave me his two cents "Yes, I know I'll see the boys debuting brompers at parties this summer, trynna show off those chest hairs, lol." 

(use arrow to see more)

3. The Street Goths – These guys sorta fall in line with the fashion heads, but their energy is way more low key, moody, and street inspired. A$AP Rocky is their original style godfather, and he represents quite well. Celebrities like Kanye West and Jaden Smith rock this style too. While the street goth niche emerged to the forefront in 2013, it's still well and alive today. Rick Owens, Raf Simons, Hood by Air, Yeezus, and many other fashion companies were founded upon these dark emotional fashion-pushing vibes. So it's super easy to imagine a trill bottom-grilled street-goth guy in an oversized all black men's short jumpsuit styled in a modern emo swaggy way.

above: ASOS to Rick Owens, $29 to $1100 (use arrow to see more)

4. The Funny Guys – They want a laugh and extra hits on their YouTube channel. If this was a thing back when I was in high school, I know Connor, Mike, Brian and their whole Ridiculousness/Jackass/Nitro Circus type crew would have sported brompers one day just to make us all laugh. And we woulda loved it. So of course there's loads of online and offline comedians rubbing their hands together, ready to pounce on the opportunity to sport their adult short onesies. I feel like I've already seen both Jim Carey and Kevin Hart in one. 

above: Dinosaur Onesie anyone? (use arrow to see more)

I hate to say it, but I totally saw this coming. As the menswear fashion category expands new great and questionable trends will emerge. Technically though, this isn't really anything new men have sported these styles before. Are rompers for men cool or questionable? Well that's for you and only you to decide. Feel free to give your opinions down below. 


credits: esquire . com/style/mens-fashion/a55287/bro-romper-test-in-real-life/, sheehanandcompany .com, RompHim, latimes .com/fashion/la-ig-rompers-for-men-20170525-htmlstory

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