Tough Luxury: Top 3 Carbon Fiber Wallets

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Top Three Carbon Fiber Wallet Styles: Money Clip, Front Pocket, and Bi-Fold

In our last post we discussed the 3 Main Types of Wallets for Men: Bi-Fold, Money Clip, and Front Pocket. We broke down which type is best for you depending on various factors like career, habits, and lifestyle. In this post we showcase those three essential wallet styles, but made from carbon fiber. You can also learn more about carbon fiber in general way below. 

Carbon Fiber Bi- Fold Wallet: If you qualified as a classic wallet guy, who is also very organized, then this is the one I'd choose. It mixes both leather and carbon fiber, so it should last for a very long time. 

Carbon Fiber Money Clip: So much better than a rubberband, so much classier. It's pure carbon fiber and holds up to 8 credit cards and 11 bills, but get this– it can also securely hold 1 bill. 

Carbon Fiber Front Pocket Wallet w/ Money Clip: I'm a front pocket wallet type of person myself. This particular model has the added bonus of a magnetized money clip. Not sure if it's the carbon fiber material or the fact that it's brand new (probably both), but I like that it has very tight side pocket. The tight secure pockets are perfect for those who may be shying away from this style because they don't think it's secure enough.

All of the above are just $49.95, so check out the entire Carbon Fiber Wallet Collection HERE

TOUGH LUXURY: The World of Carbon Fiber

Carbon Fiber is a material we've all been hearing about for awhile now. I feel like I first heard Batman's car was made from it as a kid. Then in the past several years as many friends and family members have taken on a the cycling lifestyle; they've upgraded from simple metal bikes to sleek matte black carbon fiber bikes. More recently the material has made its way into fashion, and I think it found it's sweet spot with mens wallets.  It was probably a natural progression to take this "cool" material and make it into a wallet. In fact I get instant flashbacks to high school when certain kids, mostly male, would make everything out of duct tape. I remember Brian breaking it down for me one day in AP Literature, "Duct tape is really really strong, it can pretty much hold anything together." He was one of those kids that shopped at thrift stores, wore the same things everyday, created his own custom made duct tape backpacks and shoes, haha, but lived in a huge mansion, complete with a lake and ducks. Funny how that works right? To me Carbon Fiber is the more refined and streamlined version of this. It's the luxury material option for for those who are, dare I say kinda nerdy, and like unique techy items. I'm sure Brian is cruising around in a carbon fiber super car right now somewhere in Silicon Valley. Hmm, no he's probably on a carbon fiber bike and donating millions to some charity.

You can get Carbon Fiber in more than just bikes and wallets, come to find out there are whole sites dedicated to creating items in this material. At first I thought it was corny, then seconds later I thought to myself, 'Wait that's probably an excellent business move.' So I decided to ask the founder of Carbon Fiber Gear, David Pitlyuk why make a whole website full of carbon fiber?

"When I started the business almost 10 years ago I was a huge car enthusiast and had a project car with a ton of aftermarket carbon fiber products. I came across a few carbon fiber lifestyle accessories and immediately fell in love. I knew there would be others out there who appreciated the characteristics and style of the material and wanted more of it in their lives." Sounds like a damn good reason to me. You can read a longer interview he did here.


For those interested here's a video discussing Carbon Fiber in detail:

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